Dr. Dre…You’ve Come A Long Way Baby…


Andre Young, the man the world knows as Dr. Dre was born to a 16 year old teenage mother.  He co-founded what became one of raps most influential groups of all time, NWA.  He discovered and produced the groundbreaking Hip Hop album, Doggystyle with Snoop Dogg, then went on to become a founding partner of one of the greatest rap labels in history, Death Row Records.  After leaving Death Row, he founded his own label, Aftermath, in which he again, produced two of the most influential rappers in Hip Hop, Eminem and 50 cent.

It seems like it was destiny for this man to go on to further greatness.

He recently sold his popular Beats headphones in a deal with Apple for 3.2 billion dollars.   http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dr-dre-rap-billionaire-apple-beats-electronics-3-2b-deal-article-1.1786118

Congratulations dude!


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