Her Adopted 11 Year Old Daughter Pregnant By 17 Year Old Stepson…


Imagine you get a call at work that your son has been arrested.  And when you ask what the charges are, they tell you that your 17 year old has been having sex with an 11 year old–who’s living in your house–and the kicker: SHE’S 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!

Well, this actually happened to a lady I know in my community and everyone is in shock.  She’s goes to church and really cares about children, but how in the world can you not know that a young girl is pregnant and is showing? She has a total of 6 children in the home–2 are her natural children, 1 adopted, and 3 step children.  From what is known, the 17 year old had been having sex with this child for at least 8 months.  The 11 year old told someone about what was happening; and revealed that when her mother would leave the house; the 17 year old would walk around the house naked–all day long.  Now…people have been saying that it was consensual.

I’ve been trying to not judge, but really…it’s sick.  Who gives a damn if the little girl was allowing it–SHE’S ELEVEN.  Where in the hell were the guardians of these children.  It’s obvious some important discussions about sex were not taking place.

The 17 year old was recently arrested and charged with child molestation, statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent purposes and is being held in the county jail pending his bond hearing.  Link.  http://www.statesboroherald.com/section/1/article/60330/

Right now, the woman is taking a leave from work.

Yesterday, she was seen at Wal-Mart with the young girl.  And from what was observed, seemed to be quite casual about the situation.

Honestly, I’m really tired of people like this who have dysfunction in the home and then it turns into something perverted.  All of these children have some kind of “issue” and although I applaud people who have the heart, love, and determination to be proactive in the community and adopt or foster children in need; the issue of child abuse is real, and it’s imperative that such people be more responsible and observant when taking in troubled children.

All we can do is pray for this family…they really need it.

My big question however is…What’s going to happen to the baby?  That’s the really big issue.

16 comments on “Her Adopted 11 Year Old Daughter Pregnant By 17 Year Old Stepson…

  1. The Alchemist says:

    Half of all black teen moms got pregnant by statutory rape. The average age of the rapist is around 29. That 17 year old is a predator. I’m glad he was caught so early in his rapist career.


  2. […] Source: Her Adopted 11 Year Old Daughter Pregnant By 17 Year Old Stepson… […]


  3. Tyrone says:

    Molestation has always been a taboo subject in our race, Why? It’s part of our history in this country, our foremothers and those that came after them have dealt with this scar on our memory bank. Just as with domestic violence, we shut down. Afraid to talk about it, get angry about it, create solutions to solve it, etc. Having a pre-teen girl around a 17 year old is a risky proposition. This is a foster-care dynamic that is all too familiar. Cases like this are a vivid example of why females are a protected class. Sadly, in other parts of the world, young girls, pre-teens, and teens are sexually abused with impunity. When i was in middle-school, grown ass men would proposition girls i went to school with in the open…No Shame! 12, 13, 14 year old sistas who were built like 18 year old women…It’A Mess! This is a big problem that we must confront as a people.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I know…I was one of those girls who was often propostioned by older men–since the age of 12. I know all about it. Thank God though… I had better sense than to allow anyone that old to touch me.


      • Tyrone says:


        The sad reality, is that, this issue will never die completely. A subset of men in all cultures lust pre-teen girls…It’s Reality! Young Women have the right to enjoy their youth, otherwise, every teen girl in school would be pregnant…Not Good! My 2 Sisters kept me on my toes, i feel you Sis.


  4. Adeen says:

    And what she know that this was happening in her own home? Wow! That is crazy


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