I Never Knew The Kindleboard Was Filled With So Many Racists!

Today, I went on the KB to post an uplifting message for proactive discussion.    The title of my thread was:  All Writers Unite To Give The World Your Best Words To Empower!  After I published the thread, the comments got bizarre.

The first person that commented seemed to be very sarcastic then a few others were positive and my responses were the same.

This is a writer’s site mind you…

All of a sudden, a comment comes from a woman who apparently has some kind of superiority complex and begins making insulting comments about the topic–then she criticized the fonts I used, giving advice about how it appears “attention seeking” and all of that. The kicker: she then began correcting my punctuation.  Really?   It was clear that this woman was not going to stop and then all of a sudden; a group of people that she knew began making snarky comments.  I responded to them.

What followed basically is my honest response to all of these white writers who must have made insinuations about my signature photos and as they always do; they chose to be condescending and accusatory toward me as though I started a fight or something.  And true to form, true racists try to make you responsible for them being racist.

I stopped it all when I accused them all of being racists!  Oh, they got defensive then…one having the audacity to say that I didn’t have any proof to call them racists, but you start becoming hostile on a positive thread–for what reason?  It was totally bizarre.

Honestly, African Americans are not highly represented on many sites and forums like this and I began to feel as though I was being profiled.  I wasn’t having that and I let them have it.

Well, I am posting the link to the board and you tell me what you think:


*They deleted the thread*

How convenient….


16 comments on “I Never Knew The Kindleboard Was Filled With So Many Racists!

  1. Liz says:

    You make your point but I get the feeling you’d like to kill me because of the color of my skin!


  2. Liz says:

    Are we not all human & made in the image of our creator? Wolves with lipstick? Can’t we be people that aren’t hateful & love each other? Sorry you feel that way about us. I get it, but come on! My ancestors were Cherokee & they were slaughtered by our own government. We are all American regardless of color! Don’t hear us whining about the trail of tears! Get over it!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Liz, don’t you ever tell me or any other Black person on this planet to GET OVER IT.

      Typically, when ignorance is within, what comes out of the ‘mouse’ often is the insignia of an unlearned mind.

      From the backs of Africans, America and other parts of the Caribbean, and Europe, empires were built.

      America alone made over 900 Trillion dollars (estimate) from that labor.

      Slaves weren’t paid, but rich white men passed on that wealth stemming from the exploitation of their labor to their children and future generations.

      Indians were duped. They were lied to–and systematically killed.

      Black people have never told the Indians to GET OVER IT.

      Respect this blog or leave.

      I will not tolerate any disrespect on the Black Family.


  3. Tyrone says:


    This blog is for sane black people who chat with other like-minded individuals. Other races may feel a certain way about this or that, but, their criticisms don’t hold weight…They’re Not Black! As for whitewomen attacking you, that’s interesting? Sometimes, white and blackmen pose as white females to attack black female bloggers. I’ve ran a few over the years, my bs detector is pretty good. I’ve been warning brothas for years about the pitfalls of messing with whitewomen. They’ve gotten bold over the years, now, they feel free to openly taunt blackwomen on The Net and in the streets. Any goodwill they might have gained over time is fading away. Whitewomen have it damn’ good on this planet because of blackwomen, but, they don’t hear you and other sistas. Hating on blackwomen is not making life better for them. Look at the mess they’ve created in Europe and in the US? My mind is yelling…”Becky, Sit Yo’ Ass Down Somewhere?” Back in the day, i gave whitewomen the benefit of the doubt…No Mas! In time, others will see the error of their ways. Continue to be fearless Blackwoman!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      White women are the symbol of everything that is wrong with white people. Malcolm X said that ALL WHITE PEOPLE are depraved. The brother stated it beautifully in an earlier blog post in which he described why white women are so desperate. White men hate white women–and go out of their way to show it. The hatred they perpetrate on their wives, daughters, and even mothers is barbaric. Killing the family unit is natural for the white man. If not that, they are having sex with children or choosing to be with men.

      Black women have a good reason to distrust white women. You said it best: “They are nothing more than wolves with lipstick.” So apropos.


  4. Tyrone says:

    @Real Sad

    Racism is about power, skin color has nothing to do with it. Whites see our race as their “Gravy Train.” Look at all the ways they enrich themselves from black suffering? Why give it all up? Our mindset is still in the dumps, in other words, don’t change a flat tire if you can make it back to the Crib. Yeah, they’re cracking up big time now…Be Aware! No matter how much we try to befriend them, it’s never enuf. Can’t control what don’t make sense…Carry On! Our sacred obligation is to love ourselves and the black family without apology…Nuff Said!


    • Jay in the Black Dimension says:

      It’s not just whites that look at us as their “Gravy Train.” Look around your neighborhood. Just thought I’d throw that in there.


      • Tyrone says:

        @Jay In The Black Dimension

        What’s Good Blackman! Thanks for reminding me, can’t forget about the Arabs, East-Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Mexicans, etc. Other races see the obvious gaps in our race, and plug those holes to benefit themselves. Why is this so? We’re the most tolerant people on the planet, which is good and bad. I live in the hood, born and raised. My section of town was once majority black, but, it’s mixed with black and spanish folk. A lot of cheap homes came on-line, and got snatched up by immigrants from Central America. Culturally speaking, other groups are drawn to black culture as well, which gives them an incentive to set up shop in our neighborhoods. They see the potential that we have, but, don’t want us to see it for ourselves. Basically, we allow whites and non-blacks to pimp us because we still think it’s about skin color. No, it’s about the money stupid. Blackness=Wealth…Fact of Life! Imagine how broke whites and others would be if they couldn’t do vampire tricks as per usual? Black Is Good 24/7365…We’re Straight! Until we see our plight in economic terms, we’ll never get over the hump. Appreciate the feedback brotha…Always!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Very true, Tyrone. Indeed.

        Sidebar: White women have been attracted to my blog. And per usual, they just don’t get it…and begin accusing me of spreading hate. Really? No. This blog is not about hate–it’s about exposing the reality of Black people who have had to live in this country with hate being directed at us from every direction.

        If we were like them; none of us would be blogging; there would be a true revolution–and many of them would be DEAD.


  5. Real sad says:

    White people are racist all the time…even when it has nothing to do with race at all.Like for example…people could be talking about the weather ..mowing the lawn or taking a nap..then they will mention something about black people out of no where…i swear im not making this shit up…they try to insult us by saying we have low 85 iqs…lol little do they know i have a 140 iq which is considered gifted and they say theirs is around 100. Which is average….yea right…then why do i see so much retarted crazy white people always shooting up innocent people for ..if they are so damn smart?crackers are fucking obsessed with us…its SICK.Then its hilarious when u call them out on their racist bullshit …then u are called the racist lol…their shit never works with me.Im a proud racist so i can care less.And u ever notice they always go on the blk websites to fucking “snoop” around to check what black people are doing?they DISGUST me and they are nasty creepy stalkers…ewww just thinking about them makes me wanna puke


    • truthangel07 says:

      Everything you said has been experienced by so many Black people, white folks aren’t ready to hear THE REAL TRUTH.

      I’ve always said that there is something intrinsically evil and demented in them. They have no spiritual base or moral foundation.

      Malcolm X said they are inherently depraved. This is very true.


  6. Tyrone says:

    This may come as a shock to some in our race…Whitewomen Are Racist Too! We love to talk about “The Man” in normal discourse. Who’s the bigger villain of the 2? It’s 50/50 in my opinion. A false narrative has been promoted by some in our community to suit themselves. We’re hated because of who we are…The Chosen! Insecure, jealous folk hate those that are different from themselves. The darts are always pointed in our direction, as per usual. My basic point to our people, it’s not our fault. If somebody else got beef with us, it’s their baggage…Not Ours!


  7. absentfathers says:

    Too bad they deleted thread since I wanted to check out what you were talking about ; nonetheless, write on and right on!


  8. Adeen says:

    I am not shocked.


  9. These bastards are everywhere! They’re like roaches!!!


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