Who Is The Real You Behind The Mask You Wear?


Who’s that behind that mask?  Do you know?  I sure don’t.  So why is she wearing it?  What’s the real mystery?

This is the norm in today’s society.

How often have we been to school with, worked with, partied with, even bedded, people whom when we see them again, it’s like they turn into someone we never met before?

I scratch my head many days at just how people work through their lives building a personality profile of a perfect stranger. They construct this fictitious person, adding the details they admire most; giving a nick or tuck, here or there, a subliminal clone so to speak.  Then, they try it out on the public, hoping to make the “kind of friends” that will make people notice them more.  However, this comes with a caveat: just like in Cinderella, everything that they’ve built will disappear at midnight, and the real person will appear again.  This stranger always takes center stage, commanding the attention of all in the room, but when everyone goes away, the real person can’t find the mic at all.

As time keeps moving, you one day realize that you’ve been an impersonator for most of your life.

Why do so many people invest in being who they are not?

A long time ago, I was in search of myself and I remember putting on a lot of make-up and wearing nice clothes to get the kind of attention I always wanted from people.  It worked, but then, I took a look in the mirror, and I wasn’t sure any longer if all of this was worth it, so, I did some real soul searching, and chose to just be myself.  And guess what…PEOPLE LIKED ME.  Yup.  I didn’t have to be anyone else.

Thus, today, I’m my authentic self.  No strings attached.  And you know what…I like me too.

3 comments on “Who Is The Real You Behind The Mask You Wear?

  1. Tyrone says:

    As it relates to us, most black people in this country have dual sides, Why? We live in a society and global structure that punishes those that dare speak against “The System.” From our perspective, it’s about maneuvering thru the maze that is in place. On the flip-side, others wear a mask as well…Self-Evident! The game is for the thinkers, strategists, plotters, etc. The mask is a necessary evil in these days and times.


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