Black People Should Stop Sparing White Folk’s Feelings…They Don’t Spare Ours!


And it’s high time for Black folks to stop trying to be “polite” when white folks say or do something that offends, irritates, or angers us–which is almost daily.

From New York to California, most African Americans somewhere in this country has to work with or have interactions or confrontations with white folks who seem to think that we value their opinions or something.

How many of us have been at work and a white co-worker will come up to you–out of nowhere and have to ask you a “Why do Black people….” question, or make some remark that intellectually, “we know” is meant to mask their innate bigotry or racism.

Seems like yesterday, but it was actually over 20 years ago now when I remember this white girl named Heather who had the audacity to ask me if, get this: “Do all Black people know each other?”  She had observed me talking to a friend and after the friend left, she felt the need to inquire.  I just looked at the girl like she had lost her mind.  I told her quite bluntly that her question was the stupidest question anyone had ever asked me.  Quite naturally, per usual, the chick had the temerity to get offended, then typically, had the gall to try and defend her bigotry.

At the same company, another white woman was obsessed with this young Black woman, named Sheryl, who was a sharp-dresser. She was mystified how Sheryl could dress so well and just to suit herself, in a comment to another white coworker, she quipped that the only reason why Sheryl could dress like that was…get this: her husband had to be a drug dealer.


None of that was true of course, but Sheryl could have sued this woman for slander.

How often do Black people go through this on a daily basis?

White people seem to be obsessed with Black people.  What we wear, how we wear our hair, where we buy our clothes–how much we pay for our clothes, where we live, how can we afford to live in certain neighborhoods, etc.  They are always interjecting their comments and ignorance onto us, overtly as well as subliminally.

And don’t get me started on how many Black people have been casually asked by the white chick or white guy if they would ever date a white person…then stare you down to see how you’ll answer.

It’s just my attitude that many white people are pathologically racist or insane, to the point of it being so deeply intrinsic in them, having any type of positive encounters with them is virtually impossible.

I learned as a child that you have to hit white folks with the [b]ABSOLUTE TRUTH[/b]–and don’t apologize for it. *Rolling eyes* It would appear that it’s always OUR JOB to educate them about something–well, don’t spare them what they truly need: CLARITY of why you shouldn’t disturb Black people with intrusive comments, innuendo, and lack of cultural education about things you’ve never experienced most of your life or deliberately avoided.

Remember that Diversity Training was created FOR THEM–not us.

There is a part of me that I purposely keep in a cage, but I’m telling you…I’ve come close many times to becoming the domino that begins the demise of many clueless Caucasians.

Stop sparing their feelings, Black people.  Tell it like it is–and walk away.



22 comments on “Black People Should Stop Sparing White Folk’s Feelings…They Don’t Spare Ours!

  1. Sabrina says:

    The slave owners use to think we couldn’t feel anything and they performed illegal medical apartheid on us without sedation or medicine. They probably still think we can’t retaliate.

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  2. Ms.A says:

    Yes! I done started a war with some white friends because I’ve been exposing the the bs they do! And I’m not even black, I’m Hispanic. My man and my son are black though. Anything that affects them affects me too.. So as I was saying, many people got offended and called me “one sided” but white people dont understand and I tried explaining to one of my white co worker friends that whites folks will never understand how everything they do, from stealing the culture to the shootings/murders of black man and women. But she just got offended about the whole thing. And her husband and kids are black too! This is why I agree with this post. It’s time to speak out about the bs they put minorities in general through ! And guys, It doesn’t matter if you have a black man and mixed kids. If you are not a minority you will NEVER understand period. All I have to say is.. Children of Israel get ready for your deliverance. It’s time to unite and speak out. God bless. ❤️

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Thank you, Ms. A. I’m very glad that you do over-stand the importance to hold white people accountable. They’ve gotten away with too much–and their narcissism and arrogance is psychopathic. I’m sure you’re raising your children to know both sides of their culture. Because Lord knows, that the Black community is tired of biracial children with identity issues. I do not judge you and you are most welcome on my blog. God Bless.


  3. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.


  4. Sheeeedd!!! I know this one ain’t steppin’ on my toes. This tongue is never bitten.


  5. Appalling, and this type of policing in inter raccial marriages or relationships is inhumane, a loved one she’s brown and married to a white man has to go through this type of interrogation and judgement by his friends and family who openly tell her she’s got all this stuff and can live well off due to his money.
    On my part, I am into a career dominated by white people and am a fucking lab experiment for the 4W and 1H. That’s intrusive levels keep me stressed out and angry on a daily basis. Pls see:
    Thanks and keep writing , in solidarity.


    • truthangel07 says:

      This is very typical, but the late, great, Malcolm X said it best: White people are depraved. Yes they are! I’ve never worshiped them and recognized from a small child their innate spiritual deficit and natural psycopathic tendencies.

      Afterall, they eat human flesh and kill their own families for god sake.

      Never drank the Kool-Aid.

      Thank you for your support! 🙂


  6. Real sad says:

    Yea i agree.And those uncle tom mofos be answering them too.Like if a cracka says”why blk people like chicken and watermelon”? Their coon asses say “cuz its good” or “its cuz im blk i cant help it” fucking coons man i swear.Or someone says why are blks so loud or why do they sag their pants? And blk people be like “yea we blk people do be loud” “oh yes thats how alot of blk people are ..i agree with white people” i cant stand these uncle tom niggas.Answering those fucking crackers like a damn good nigger.Massa like..”now thats a good nigger” .It makes me sick


  7. BlueMoonZoe says:

    I’ve stopped sparing their feelings. I am so sick of white folks and their bullshit. I will cuss their ass out if they same some crazy shit to me. Black people need to always be ready to get in their ass about the slick & racist shit they say. Whites have become too comfortable. There are too many black people who want to be good & not make any waves … too many GOOD Negros. But I’m not one of them. I will slap the shit out of you if you say the wrong thing to me.


    • truthangel07 says:

      The ‘Good Negro’, Enemy of the REAL NEGRO.

      Ya think….


      • mswanda says:

        You are so right on that. These good negros will be the death of us. I’m so sick of black people telling me that they don’t want to hear about racist things and can’t we all get along bs. I’m accused of being sensitive and a shit starter when I try to point out when black people are being mistreated. I want to scream if I hear one more time “black people are just as racist as white people.”


      • truthangel07 says:

        Sometimes, MsWanda, you have to allow people like that to get bit in the ass by life.

        No matter what you do, you can’t talk to a fool.


  8. originalwoman13 says:

    “It’s just my attitude that many white people are pathologically racist or insane, to the point of it being so deeply intrinsic in them, having any type of positive encounters with them is virtually impossible.”

    Absolutely, and despite what some sleeping black folk say the historical evidence is there to back this statement up one hundred.


    • mswanda says:

      It’s not just you. I work in a salon doing nails and the white girl I work with is always pointing out that she sees my tracks or something is off about my hair color. When she mentioned something about my hair I had to tell her about herself. I said “why are white women always have to say something about a black woman appearance?” She appeared flustered and upset and said that is she had tp on her shoe she would want me to tell her. First of all that is not the same thing. When I was coming my hair that morning getting ready for work I said to myself “that bitch is gonna say something about my hair.” How dare I come to work with beautiful hair! I get most of my insults from ww when I look my best. With in a 2 month period I had 3 ww ask me if I was my child’s grandmother. She was 11 at the time, now 12. I’m 43 years old and a skin care specialist also and I don’t have a wrinkle in my face. They know I’m not her grandmother! The kicker here is these women were at least 65 or 70 years old. These bitches are sneaky. The ww is work with is also in a relationship with a bm and she tries to make me jealous but I get the last laugh. He beats her and takes all the money she makes and makes her pay all the bills. Oh yeah I’m so jealous.


  9. […] Source: Black People Should Stop Sparing White Folk’s Feelings…They Don’t Spare Ours! […]


  10. Tyrone says:

    “A Golden Mouthpiece”

    I notice this as well, particularly among whitewomen. No whiteman has ever said dumb ish to my face, only behind my back. I don’t give whites fuel to sting me like that. I do my job and go home…That’s It! All of the chit-chat can blow like the wind. There are many ways to chop a tree down to size, lest we forget. A Golden Tongue For Freedom…Chop Chop!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Amen to that.

      It’s my opinion that whenever whites talk to Black people, there is always an intent of being “intrusive”, as to find out what we’re thinking…as opposed to truly being interested in what we have to say.

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      • Tyrone says:

        Black people have to wear 2 faces in society, this does not apply to others. For some odd reason, strength and righteousness is seen as something to fear in black people. As you stated, other folk wanna pick our brains. Is Anita a so-called open-minded blackwoman, We need to find out? Basically, they wanna see where our head is at. All of us deal with this charade, regardless of status. In actuality, other folk respect blacks who don’t brown-nose…Personal Experience!


      • truthangel07 says:

        I keep it real. Every day…

        And people who know me will tell you that. And yes, I am respected for that.

        I’ll tell white people where to go in a heartbeat.



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