The Essence of Black Love…

What’s love got to do with it?  It has everything to do with it.

We are family…and the Black race was created by Black love.

There is no other group to which I belong nor claim.  Sure, my blood may have many different mixes resulting from the global reality of migration of African people, as well as time, circumstances, and polarity, but nonetheless, I am of African descent.

In the beginning, God spoke existence into being.  Adam was a Black man.  And Eve was created from his rib.  She was his genetic equal.  All Black people and life came from Africa.  We were the first to BE.  And God looked at what he created and knew it was good. From this divine birthing, a race of people came that would be the first to civilize the earth.

We were born in the image of God, and to not love one another, is to hate our creator.

Growing up, I never once had any reaction to seeing Black men and women married to each other or with each other romantically. However, today, with the reality of interracial dating and marriage impacting society; many Black men and women are often shocked to see a Black couple.

The media distorts the image of the Black family and thus, creates a false image of dysfunction to the masses, that becomes the new paradigm.  But why do so many of us believe what is false?

I am all for love in our community.  When Black fathers were in the home, our families were strong.  The image of a proud, strong Black man, gave confidence to all Black sons in the community. Being married to a good Black woman was the norm.

The beautiful Black women that I saw every day in my old neighborhood in Chicago would make some fashion models look like somebody’s house pet. They were fierce.  The essence of femininity and creation.  Blessed with beauty, brains, and the poetic grace of gazelles, I remember how when these ladies walked down the street, it was as if even the sun stood still in respect.

There aren’t many memories I have of Black men and women hating one another.  I witnessed the opposite.  The Black men bragged on Black women.  They loved to look at them, flirt with them, be with them, marry them, and put them on pedestals.  Yes!  I am a witness to Black love in all of its essence.

Being married to a Black man/woman shouldn’t shock anyone who is right in their mind.  It is the only normal to me, and to me, that is divine.




14 comments on “The Essence of Black Love…

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  3. originalwoman13 says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Black love is a revolutionary act! I would hope that the lost Negros who have given up on black love someday overstand this, but this may be wishful thinking. The white media has stepped up its game to promote anti-blackness in all forms and too many are fallin for the hype.

    The main objectives being to maintain the system of white supremacy and white genetic survival. Negros need to grow up, wise up, and stop foolishly handing over our dna to the enemy; as long as they stay upon this earth they will bedevil us. White supremacy is NOT going away until many of us stop supporting it through anti-blackness and IR dating, marrying, and breeding. I have no melanin to give away.


    • truthangel07 says:

      “Black love is a revolutionary act!” This is a great statement. Raising fist.

      And great points: To love a Black person is the ultimate denunciation of White Supremacy. I dare Black people to say it to the faces of white folks. 🙂


  4. Tyrone says:

    White Media is not gonna highlight black love, not their objective. This issue will nag us because non-blacks want our dna…The Truth! Why are whitemen pushing their daughters to breed with blackmen? Simple Answer, they need to get darker. The sun is getting hotter…i can’t recall a summer like this in Miami…Sahara Desert Hot! Always look below, not on top. A lot of foul ish is taking place, many within the fam will have to choose a side at some point. Until now, many could jump back and forth…No Mas! Black Love…A Necessity In Life!


    • truthangel07 says:


      60 years ago, white men would go crazy at just the insinuation of they precious white daughters being with a Black man–and sexually? That was a case for cold-blooded murder.


  5. […] Source: The Essence of Black Love… […]


  6. Great post Angel. 🙂


  7. Real sad says:

    Media distorts the image? So you dont agree that the blk community has alot of out of wedlock babies?theyre only speaking the truth.Do most bm marry bw? Nope not no more..but they used to.Like my parents got married and my grandparents got married.But to be honest i think marriage in this society today actually is put on the back burner in society as a whole.Alot of men dont want to marry in general.. i have no idea why because marriage always benefits men


    • truthangel07 says:

      The Women’s lib movement and changing social norms also contributed to the downward spiral of marriage.

      When your grandparents were young, it was unacceptable for a young man and woman to live together, have a baby, and not be married.

      That changed in the 70’s.


    • A says:

      Last I checked about 89% of married BM were married to BW and most people get married at least once. The decline in marriage & 2 parent homes is based on government programs & lack of economics. Feminism aside women still expect men to provide & since BM are one of the biggest targets for employment discrimination many wait until their finances are set to marry. To do so before would actually be putting your family in danger, not something a leader would do.

      The government also gives poor BW affordable housing with the only stipulation being no man shall ever be present. For middle class & wealthy women the courts use custody bias & the prospect of getting the home & other properties as a carrot to dangle in front of them to make divorce attractive. Between the 2 they’ve all but pushed the men out of the homes & got the women to believe we’re obsolete. BM didn’t put these institutions in place, we & our children only get victimized by them.


      • truthangel07 says:

        My grandparents generation saw welfare for what it was: Slavery. Taking the man out of the house was absolute victimization of a family–being that the man is the natural protector, bread winner, and teacher who keeps the family together.


    • originalwoman13 says:

      @ Real Sad
      While there is a high percentage of oow babies in the black community; white supremacy (racism) had a lot to do with it. There is no denying that fact. The white supremacist media DOES distorts the image of black people period. Does every black woman have several babies and several baby daddies? No, but the white supremacist media would have any weak minded person believing that.


      • Real sad says:

        Yea i get what you are saying.Whitey tends to blow everything outta porportion..but we do have oow babies just not as much as they say we do.Just white people being dicks again


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