Musings From a Cool Sister…

As you gaze into my eyes, you’ll feel free-er than ever before…never looking behind–never having any regrets; only embracing tomorrows, because you know you belong right here.

*Listening to Jill Scott–5:00 a.m.*

And all of a sudden, as from out of nowhere, I started to lift up from where I was, traveling, no, floating above, grooving to the rhythm in my ears, and thinking about the meaning of my life. You see, I’m not normal. No. Not in the typical human way of assessment, I’m just a different mind, participating in this arena of life, but not being a part of it at the same time. As I said, I’m traveling, floating, and grooving to rhythms not yet heard by mortal ears.

I awake early each morning, thinking about what impact I will have on my earth. Can I impact the ignorance, violence, ambivalence, or crack the secret codes, memorized by sinister minds, who think of ways, each and every second of the day, that will destroy life, in order to perpetuate their sick fantasies?

Is is all about control or are we willing participants of our abuse? Do we really want to be slaves? Is freedom too much for some of us, so we seek out things, unnatural and impure that will damage our connecting wires to the higher source of power, known as God? He is the creator of the power many seek, but many dismiss him. Still, he tries to get our attention.

I’m reveling as I travel in mid air, staring down at the mortals going in billions of directions and thinking they have found the right exit or entrance that will lead them to some form of paradise. But if they get there, will they want to stay or will they get bored, as most humans do, and look for yet another oasis, higher and more alluring than the one they want to leave?

Our minds are filled with questions, but life only reveals so much of the answers to them. We have to pay attention, but at times, this is too hard. There is a constant battle for our attention, yet, a force, higher than ourselves never tires of chasing us; challenging us to face each new trick with the real TRUTH in order to wake up the masses.

As for this Sister, she is never tired or bored of the thinking that is required for spiritual growth. And as you follow her lead, you too will find yourself mounting up on wings of eagles, flying high above the clouds, so high, you ride above the storms.

I descend now…listening to Isaac Hayes–shaking my hips; the music settles, and yet another voice, sings…


3 comments on “Musings From a Cool Sister…

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  2. this was beautiful and I really related to it. I often get lost in music as well and often I question my impact and what impact I can make. Though my sun is low in the sky I still look forward to the next day.


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