Will President Barack Obama Be the First and Last Black President?



That title actually was inspired by this article: http://www.ndtv.com/article/offbeat/last-black-president-insult-obama-at-your-own-peril-494771

I forgot.

He doesn’t want to be the “Black President” which would account for his lousy track record for helping the African American community.

Did I say that?

For several months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…and I wonder if the question I asked in the opening is really a prophecy, given the mixed reviews of the president’s record.

Sure, he’s had some successes, but so many failures, in regards to perception of him.

In 2008, Black people were largely responsible for getting him elected, however, it clearly became evident that he was not interested in helping those African Americans who needed the most help. In fact, he went out of his way to distance himself from the African American community;particularly appeasing whites, many of whom had no hesitation to show their disdain for him, even suggesting that he wasn’t even American.

During speeches, many times, when a high visibility of African Americas were present, Obama often would seemingly “talk down to” or scold African Americans, as in the speech he gave at Morehouse. I was so outraged by his tone, I promptly sent him a letter, calling him out on what I felt was a spectacle for every racist white liberal who seems to feel that Black people are responsible for every negative thing in this country. However, many Black people kept silent, as to appear in solidarity in support for the nations fist African American president. Any criticism they had would be kept under tight vault.

Now however, some are speaking bluntly and many are not impressed at all. New Black Panther Party Chairman, Malik Zulu put it this way: “Black peoples are the whores and prostitutes of the Democratic Party, and mistreated mistress that is courted in the late of night, but left hanging when it is time for real change in the light of the post election day,” Shabazz wrote, following a dissertation on the need to “Vote for Revolution.

The black community is at large no better off that (sic) before he was in office. We are curious as to what his agenda is for Black people in America and if he even has one.
Mr. Obama’s policies have not corrected the economic troubles of America, they have gotten worse,” Kweli wrote. “The debt continues to expand [into the trillions], and the administration’s handling of international relations has hardened dialogue with foreign nations. Mr. Obama’s policies have been especially harsh to us the Black community. He [Obama] bailed out Wall Street and the auto makers but kept us at the top of the unemployment ladder.”

If this isn’t enough, just look at his appointments:

Obama Administration Cabinet Members

Back in 2013, Black Caucus Chairman, Marcia Fudge, took Obama to task for having a lack of Blacks in his cabinet. “A month after Fudge’s request, President Obama nominated Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC) to be the Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Â Then, the President nominated former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to be the Secretary of Transportation. Â Today, Jeh Johnson, a Morehouse man whose dad was President of Fisk, was nominated by the President to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security. Â If Johnson is confirmed by the Senate, he will be the third African American member of Obama’s cabinet. – See more at: http://www.crewof42.com/cbc-2/watt-foxx-johnson-3-blacks-nominated-after-fudge-request/#sthash.PoDwmkvs.dpuf

Look at the racial hue. Hhhmmm…is this sending a message of how Obama really thinks?
If a picture is worth a thousand words… He tries to act like he’s one of us, but intrinsically, the man is as white as his late mother. Only “they” should be in charge–certainly not US. Is this the message?

In 2016, We will most definitely get our answer…won’t we?


17 comments on “Will President Barack Obama Be the First and Last Black President?

  1. Tyrone says:


    Exhibit A…Chicago’s streets are overflowing with black blood, and Obama doesn’t comment on any of the senseless violence taking place. Yet, he and Michelle find the time to congratulate gay black athletes at every turn…Jason Collins, Michael Sam, etc. This man can’t leave office fast enuf, it’s getting progressively worse day by day…Pray For Our People Ya’ll! His cabinet speaks for itself…A White Party!


  2. Real sad says:

    Gurl tht is not a real blk man.Tht is a mulatto…stop saying these mixed mofos are blk .This is why his aint shit ass…not helping the blk community…he kiss white ass because he part white.Mulattos are white people little helpers…dont trust them


  3. Tyrone says:

    Tell me about it…Exhibit A! Obama has exposed the mulatto class within our race. This is relevant because Barack was elected based on a lie. “We got a black president, No more racism, sexism, class envy…Kumbaya! In reality, all of the isms have been magnified. Honestly, i’ve never seen it this bad for black folk, globally speaking. Crime in the US, terrorism in Africa, racism in Brazil, self-hatred in the UK(England). Everybody got hoodwinked, more or less.


  4. I really don’t care that much about the president and I’m sure that feeling is mutual. Just remember party people; the president came out of a white womb, and if you think he’s here for Black people, well just check his resume.


    • Tyrone says:

      Obama was chosen because of his racial makeup…black father/white mother. As we know, a lot of biracial men with white mothers tend to swerve toward whiteness. They date and marry whitewomen more so than blackwomen. Party bosses knew that both groups of women would fall into the trap. Blackwomen saw a mixed man with a blackwoman, Say What? Caucasian women took pride in the fact that our so-called first black president was born from their stock…A Lie! In reality, whitewomen who lust brothas hate blackwomen. So, we wonder why mixed dudes act shady in relation to us? A self-hating black father and a jealous, spiteful non-black mother…Bad Combo!


      • That could very well be the case. But you do know mulattoes have always been used against Black people.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Absolutely. And their children often become a thorn in their side because they don’t have an identity of either parent. I’d never date or marry a man of mixed heritage. I don’t care how fine he was. Basically, I was procreated from a black man and woman, I look for my mate with the same parentage.


  5. Tyrone says:

    Obama was chosen by democrat party bosses, not elected by rank and file supporters. Hillary was deemed not liberal enuf, so, they wanted Obama. Truth, black folk need to realize that the party of George Wallace is killing us literally and figuratively! The bloodshed and senseless violence that took place in Chicago over the 4th of July Weekend is a warning to all of us. He was elected because many assumed it was reparations for slavery, which is naive. No way in hell this man should have sniffed the White House. Unlike a lot of blackmen, democrats don’t control me. I knew the truth about Obama from the jump, didn’t vote for him. However, i had no earthly idea he would be this bad. As far as him being the first and last, i can’t vouch for that. Barack is half-black, so, he’s technically not a blackman. Some may be offended by my sentiments, but, i don’t like Obama…I Don’t! His marxist/communist ways i rebuke with passion. I”m not claiming him as part of the brothahood…Period!


  6. Adeen says:

    I really like this article. I agree with you. President Obama has not done anything for African Americans at all or for America at large. I am disappointed in him because he hasn’t kept any of his campaign promises and the National Debt has risen to 16 trillion, Black Unemployment has risen to 15 percent and he had not closed down Guanatanmo Bay like he promised he would. Also he has done nothing to improve the economy and focuses on the Middle East way too much just like his former President George W Bush.

    I want to trust and believe in this man but at this point, I don’t think I can


    • truthangel07 says:

      The irony is that he’s kept many of the Bush initiatives in place.

      I’ve seen no creativity or any signs of a true leader.
      Obama has done nothing but give white folks a reason why they won’t support another Black man for the office of president.

      Essentially, Adeen, he’s a weak man–and they know it.

      Not a brother–just the same color.


      • Adeen says:

        Well said! I am so disappointed in this man but like you said he is a weak man.


      • KingoftheTeddybears says:


        remember also Obama has to do as the White Elites who appointed him say. Even if he wanted to help the black community, the powers that be will not allow that. He is just a figure head, an image that was just raised up to placate the black community, because for a long time our sentiments have been “When will there be a black president?” as you said White people study us carefully. Another point, every black US politician, whether republican or democrat, are whitewashed beyond recognition, from Clarence Thomas to Tim Scott, to Allen West, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love (who is a Mormon, married to a white man and has biracial daughters), Anita Hill, they’re all white washed. If either of them were elected president tomorrow or next week or next month, it would be the same scenario. Because their duties, their policies and their actions are always gonna favour the white elite and white society at large, no matter how loudly they roar about black power and black community….. that’s all for now


      • truthangel07 says:

        As I have said, the greatest achievement of White enslavement was to convince the slave to participate in his own destruction.

        Malcolm X predicted that the only salvation for Black people in this country would be for Black folks in the mainsteam/grassroots level to realize how the Black Elite works in tandem with White Supremacy doctrines and their own salvation would come by those in the ranks of regular folks.

        Malcolm X hated the Black Elite and it’s clear why.


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