Getting You Ready For The James Brown Movie…

Godfather of Soul–James Brown 1933-2006


Alright Funksters. The new James Brown Movie, Get on up, is coming out on August 1st, and I’m getting you ready for that.

Take a listen to the Godfather of Soul at his best in this collection of jams.

The JB’s

Alright! Don’t hurt nothin’…

9 comments on “Getting You Ready For The James Brown Movie…

  1. mochamadness says:

    Hi, I’m new here and I recently stumbled upon your blog. Pretty good articles and info you got going on. I’ve seen the previews for the movie Get On Up and I have to admit that it looks as though its gonna be a good one. The music alone will have people dancing in their seats, if not in the aisles of the theater.

    James Brown had soooo many great songs that I can’t pick one favorite so I just say all of them are my favorites. I listen to James Brown all day, all the time, evspecially when I’m cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. I remember when it was said by Dick Clark (I think) that James Brown had 144 top hit songs and as we all know, James was considered the “Hardest Working (Black) Man in Showbiz.” But James also had alot of problems in his personal life.

    As a young boy, James watched as his mother walked out on him. She abandoned her children for unknown reasons. That had to effect James in his love life. I believe that he assumed that black women, in general, will eventually leave him if he were to become involve with any of them. Plus, it should also be noted that a large % of black men considered light-skinned/white women more desirable than black women. Till this very day, some black men still do.

    It’s not to say that James didn’t like/love/respect black people or black women. It was said that he paid black people’s rent with money out of his pockets. Back in those days that was unheard of and very generous of James. I have more to say about James Brown but I’m gonna stop for now.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Welcome to the blog, Mocha.

      I encourage you to get to know many of the followers that post here from time to time. They are a good bunch, and you will learn and grow at the same time.

      You’re more than welcome to speak candidly on topics that interest you.

      I do not allow racists or trolls on my blog and will ban such people immediately.

      So, do not feel inhibited in speaking your mind.




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  3. I saw the trailer for the James Brown film last month. It looks like it might really good! I love these clips you uploaded. He had his flaws but he will always be the Godfather of Soul. I was lucky to see him in person back in 1997. It was at the taping of the Vibe late night show. The crowd went crazy went he came out! He didn’t perform,he just came out during a commercial break.


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