How To Attract A Quality Man…And Become His Bride!


When I was a child, my mother gave me three basic rules: to Respect Myself, Value my name (reputation), and NEVER play with a man’s money or his emotions. I listened to that.

Over they years, I’ve had at least most of the men I’ve dated or had encounters with want to marry me–or to consider me marriage material.  No.  I’m not bragging.  Just saying…

There was no secret to attracting these type of men. I just listened to my mother’s advice and I’d like to share with some women why some of them can’t attract the “right men.”

Women today are too easy to give up the very thing that attracts a man. Her mystery. Or let me just be more blunt, you give up the punanny too quick. Men want a respectable woman who carries herself with dignity. Not one that will embarrass him. If you’re the type of chick that likes to get drunk in the bar or club and then do a strip-tease, chances are, you will get men’s attention, but not the man that wants to marry you. Being too loose in the public eyes devalues women in the eyes of men. It’s true…men treat a woman according to how she carries herself. The thing that goes through a man’s mind, basically, is that women like this are whores and if a woman doesn’t care about herself, and debases herself in public, she’s probably easy, and will do it with any man.

The feminist movement, in my opinion, was a failure. Frankly, it achieved nothing in relation to women being treated with more respect. It had good intentions, but honestly, it has become destructive to women and how they are viewed by men in general.

Women today have cheapened themselves to the level of cheap pick-ups. Men don’t feel they have to treat women with any type of respect and give women what they ask for: bad treatment.

If you want to be the one-night stand the rest of your life, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you want to attract the right man, I suggest you start understanding that with men, they have 4 basic needs in a woman: A devoted woman who enjoys his company, A woman who is domestic–yes, men love a good cook and a woman who will make his home happy, as well as keep it organized, and clean.  A woman he can trust. Let’s face it, some women talk too much. Many men complain that the reason why they don’t tell their wives or girlfriends anything is that when they do, everyone in town will know their business. And lastly, A woman that respects him. The smart woman knows how to please her man with compliments–not put-downs.  If you want anything from a man, make him THINK he’s the only man on earth that can accomplish what you desire. Yes, ladies. Men really do want to be Superman.

If you want to attract a rich man, please don’t make a big deal about his money. Rich men automatically are distrustful of people, particularly women who seem to be attracted to their money more than them. If you do give too much attention to what he has as opposed to who he is, you have given that man all the power in the world to look down on you and treat you like a cheap commodity or slut. If you want to be treated special by this type of man–and become the woman of his dreams, you must give him the impression that you are being sought after by other men like himself.

Men most often will marry the woman they consider to be “wife material”.  Logically speaking, if you want to be chosen, then you need to study what makes a good wife in the eyes of a man.

Most men of importance already feel as though they are special–it’s all about them, and rich men even moreso, but the kicker here is for the woman that lands this type of man, you must give him the impression that you’re special and IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU. You are the absolute catch. Don’t make that man think you’re a dime a dozen. Don’t act like he’s all that either. If you make him think of you as inferior, you can hang it up. Men who think highly of themselves will not stoop to a woman that treats herself badly and thinks of herself as inferior. He’ll discard you quickly.

I learned this at a young age. I never was the type to go crazy over the popular guys, I’d act like I wasn’t interested. Per usual, this attracted them to me–they viewed me as someone who they had to chase. Men are natural hunters and when a man feels that a woman is getting away, it will naturally set off his hunting instincts. He will think of you as some type of It Girl, who has men under a spell, and he has to have you–by any means necessary. Wink-wink.

It’s really that simple.

But sadly, far too many women today treat themselves like rental cars; anyone who can pay to drive, can have a ride. They become common.

Men love to dig for gold. They love what is valuable and rare. The woman who carries herself like she is the finest jewel, will most definitely become the interest of the man who feels he deserves to have something so rare.


12 comments on “How To Attract A Quality Man…And Become His Bride!

  1. Natacha says:

    I agree. Women need to hold themselves up more so that the men will treat them with more respect. Stop being so desperate, whorish acting, needy and loud. Black women are dealing with enough negativity in terms of negative media stereotypes. We don’t need to play into this with negative behaviors.


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  4. Tyrone says:

    Sis…You On The Money With This One! Men don’t respect unrefined women, Classy over trashy wins the race every time. All men are not slaves to their family jewels, some of us actually have standards. The perception is that most blackmen just want t&a from a woman…Yes & No! Of course, we want to get physical with a woman. But, respecting a woman and seeing her as an easy lay are not the same thing. If a brotha wants to slap skin, plenty of women around to make that happen. At this juncture in history, healthy relationships with sistas is a necessity!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m waiting from the ladies to respond with this one, Tyrone.

      You know, women can’t stand being held accountable for anything…it’s always the man’s fault.

      I actually work with a lady who had the nerve to say that 90% of relationship failures are the man’s fault. Really?



      • Tyrone says:

        Don’t hold your breath Truth. Women see themselves as the prize, therefore, they can do no wrong. Too many sistas subscribe to this mindset. No woman is perfect, but, how she carries herself matters. Either way, we love ya’ll still…Bottomline!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Absolutely…but then, they run into a chick like me who makes them face the gremlin staring back at them in the mirror! 🙂


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  6. Partylikearock says:

    Can I get a reading?


  7. and the golden rule: where you going? Ain’t nothing open this time of night but your legs.


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