A Warning To White Folks: Don’t Bug Black People…

Today, I had to ban–for I believe , it is now the eighth, a woman that goes by the name of CitCat (lovettamichael@yahoo.com  Apparently, she’s obsessed with a blog entry from last year, 10 Rules For White Women Married To Black Men. She’s a 52 year old southern white woman married to a 52 year old Black man, and apparently, in her opinion, I need to be scolded for daring to speak my mind, on MY BLOG about an issue, that if one has even a hint of intelligence, would have sensed the brevity in that article.

I’ve taken the time to address this woman about 3 times, but after it became obvious that she has some kind of issue within herself, I just began “spamming” her comments.  It’s the ADULT thing to do, as opposed to going back and forth with a woman, who has gone out of her way to tell me that I’m being hateful and I need to be corrected for my candor.

Doesn’t this sound like a racist white woman who desperately needs to express her true feelings, because deep down,  she can’t deal with the reality of a Black woman, having the temerity to criticize behavior in white women that many aren’t aware of, mainly, because of this incessant presumption they have, that the African American community must somehow validate them, and give them some honorary pass for marrying a Black man.

I don’t think so.

Yet again, it is another display of not only racist arrogance, but the presumption of White Privilege, that this woman feels she has a duty to scold the impudent Black woman–and put her in her place.  How dare the uppity bitch not recognize her racial superiority–on MY BLOG of all things.

Damnit!  Ain’t I shameful….*Rolling eyes*

So, again, it gave me great pleasure…as I checked my message inbox, to yet again, ban this woman–until she gets it:  She’s not welcome here.

It’s very clear what this blog is about…and she has the right and option to go to a blog that will make her feel good about herself.

No way…now how…will I esteem her whiteness.  Not one damn day!

I, for one, am not an agent-provocateur without purpose, but neither am I her personal psychiatrist–hence, the HINT to Ms. CitCat.

In general, I’d like to use this as a segue to the real heart of the issue: I’m tired of white folks who seem to think their opinion should matter to us, whether we like it or not. You see this at the grocery store, the mall, convenient store, park, or anywhere where they are congregated. It’s like…when they see a Black person, suddenly, you become their focus–and why in the hell do these people stare at people so much?  Whether alone or in a group, seeing brown skinned people, brings out the anthropologist in them,thus, they now must come up to you, ambushing you when you’re reaching for the rice on aisle 4, and choosing to ask you a mundane question, you know the one: “Why do Black People…“or if your particular grocery store sells rotisserie chicken, will make a comment to you, “Boy, I don’t know about you, but the smell of that chicken…” And then, you look at them, trying to figure out, where this is gonna go. It’s always something. Another one that I have to comment on is almost juvenile in its absurdity.  I love it when white chicks get upset if they buy alcohol, and the cashier doesn’t ask them for I.D.  Literally, I’ve seen some get offended and want to complain to a manager because the cashier implied in their attitude that they looked old. Really?

Basically, I’m tired of the Offended White Person Syndrome lately, especially since we now have a brown man in the office.  Seems like they go out of their way to “get us” however they can because they’re mad they couldn’t keep him out of office.  But oh, they love to at least pretend, whey they are objecting to whatever…that they are of course, not trying to be “racial”.  *Rolling eyes*  And after expressing how offended they are, then, they will demand a public apology.  I wish I would.  They just have to inform the offender of their offended-ness, and then, give you pointers on how to be more “sensitive.”  Oh, and my personal favorite, they have to over-articulate themselves when they’re angered.  This is when I come alive…because…deep down, I have a wicked propulsion to tell people off, to the point, I rehearse in my mind, hypothetical situations, and plan responses in advance.  I’m ready for them to explain why they feel that calling a Black person “Nigga” is not offensive–after all, WE USE IT, right?  *ROLLING EYES LIKE BUCKWEAT RIGHT NOW!*  Another is when you’re at lunch, and white people are at the table, for some unknown reason, they have a need to express obscure thoughts about the most mundane shit–interjecting their superiority in every single comment, as you much your cheeseburger.  By the way, do any of you know who the 10th King of Germany was?

What I’m going to say here, may not seem nice to some, but it just needs to be said: Black people, like myself, are sick and tired of white folks directing their racism at us either subliminally, or the masked kind (micro-racism), then having the arrogance to play innocent, or get upset, if we don’t react to you in the way you expect. We are not responsible for your well-being and please stop assuming that we care about your lives. We are not fanatics over dogs like some of you people–We know they are not human beings! Go make a family if you’re lonely. Talk to your neighbor–whatever, just STOP BUGGING THE HELL OUT OF US!



16 comments on “A Warning To White Folks: Don’t Bug Black People…

  1. Sabrina says:

    They have self entitlement issues.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Craig says:

    “I need to be scolded for daring to speak my mind”

    Because you’re a racist.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Craig, are you an African American?

      If not, I’m going to tell you right here and now, I will not tolerate trolls, disruption, disrespect, hate, or ignorance being directed towards myself and the topics I create nor to the followers that frequent this board.

      Before you label someone, understand where they are coming from.

      This country was founded by racists–its doctrines were created for WHITE PEOPLE, and I really am not interested in listening to the post racial neophytes who do not have the guts to take a deep look at the systemic racism that still exists in this country.

      If you don’t agree with what I write…follow the >>>>EXIT!


  3. […] Source: A Warning To White Folks: Don’t Bug Black People… […]


  4. Some people just can’t take honesty


  5. Tyrone says:

    Annoying black people is commonplace. Too much insanity going on right now, she needs to focus on other things. Her alibi sounds suspect to me. Seems more like a bitter woman with no life. Self-Assured women don’t attack other women for sport.


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s what I think as well. She can’t have a life if she’s obsessed over an article that was written well over a year ago.

      It’s almost juvenile, Tyrone. I just spam her comments–I won’t even bother to read them any longer.

      However, she can’t be too bright if she doesn’t realize that her IP information is displayed each time she comments.

      Things can happen to people…she better be careful.

      What if I was a gangster bitch and took that little piece of information and gave it to “some people”…the kind of people who will locate Ms. CitCat, and pay a little visit to her house…

      Hhmmmm…she better thank God my mama raised me right.



      • Tyrone says:

        If you wanted to make her life hectic, that can happen. Women like this piggyback from the delusional thinking of naive black folk. “Race does not matter, We’re all the same, I’m not black/I’m human, etc.” So, it’s easy for her type to use civility as a shield more or less.


      • truthangel07 says:

        She still keeps posting–and I block her each time.

        It’s very clear she must not have a lot going on in her life…and is obsessed with trying to impose her racial superiority to me: albeit through the superficial prose of “We are all one” mentality. No we are not. And this is just yet another example of how even white folks in IR unions can be racist.

        She really doesn’t get it.


  6. A says:

    It’s ignorance like this that makes me wonder why BM who coon and do everything they can to get a WW do. Also BW who go out of their way to try and be “friends” with them. This sense of entitlement to everything not belonging to them is very common & something I’ve noticed about many of them even from a distance. WM aren’t even as bad.


    • truthangel07 says:

      White men have the power.

      White women are FOREVER VICTIMS. Sounds like a book title frankly. They’re always scared, looking for sympathy, or a reason to be afraid or angry about something, anything…just so they can feel like they matter.

      I guess my blog was chosen by such a pathetic woman. Her behavior is absolutely juvenile.


  7. Jaaylah says:

    Wow that’s crazy that she won’t leave you alone and focus on herself.I just don’t understand people like that.I really enjoy this site because it discusses whites obsession with us blacks.I try to talk about this with people in my circle but no one gets it.I work at an airport in Ca and whites try to engage me in convo everyday.They start off nice and get ignorant real fast.They ask how do you live here it’s so bad and dirty.And they say you talk intelligently all the time.I guess I’m supposed to talk a certain way cuz I’m black.They really believe all the stereotypes about us but they created them in the first place.Their obsession with us is disturbing, look at all the black hate sites that whites have created.It’s sick and a form of their mental illness.Oh and one white man asked me what does one particular city and monkeys have in common.The city is perceived to have lots of blacks.He said it for 2 minutes until a man got mad cuz he was holding up the line.Then he got mad when I said nothing and kept smiling.Im a child of The Creator and I can’t be broken.I just can’t grasp whites ignorance and foolery.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I know what you’re going through, Jaaylah. Believe me. It’s not as isolated as many try to make us think. You can talk to Black people from New York to Cali and we all have stories to tell.

      However, I do hope that the articles I post empower you–and you can respond boldly to such people.

      I’ve always been mentally-quick–having fast responses in those “ambush situations” that all of us deal with on some level. I can shut a mutha down–and have done so…many times.

      Believe it or not, I used to be a quiet little girl…wouldn’t talk for nothing. However, God made me discover my voice, and I soon realized that I had a gift with words. And I do hope those words that come out of my “mouse” enlighten, strengthen, and educate those who may at times, feel as though they are powerless against those forces that try to attack us.


      • Craig says:

        God did not give you a voice to preach racism, that was something given to you by someone else.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Excuse me.

        There is no racism being taught here, but clearly, there is realism–and for some people, that bites.

        As I said on my front page–Only the TRUTH is spoken here–Get used to it.


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