Black Man! Wake Up And Realize Your African Power!

Africa. Birthplace of man. Land of the lion–king of all beasts. “Land of the Blacks.” A title given by the ancient Greeks, speaking in reverence of the wondrous sights they observed on the continent, prompting adulation and respect.

And God spoke: “Let There Be.” And all creation was born. When the Master of the universe thought of man–we were born in his image. And thus, when I look at myself in the mirror, naturally, I see God staring back at me.

The lion–superior to all beasts; the chosen symbol of strength, courage, and pride. Black pharaohs built their image on its body on the sphinx and great pyramids that rose to the sky. Great men of such magnitude would build greater civilizations that would astonish the earth, but one day, this magnificent history would be hidden through slavery, and thus, Black men would be conditioned to see themselves through the eyes of white men who were jealous of them and would use machination from the depths of hell to destroy what God created for perfection.

Africa did birth civilization, but slavery, bigotry, and the deliberate enforcement of systemic hatred toward Black people, caused those who would become descendants of African slaves, to be condemned to see themselves through the lens of the enemy: White Supremacy.  They could not believe the greatness that was once the inheritance of our people, and were taught to hate themselves, as their true knowledge of self was hidden from them in order to keep them in bondage.

One day, I woke up and wondered: Do Black men really know who they are? Do they know how necessary they are? Do they understand how much they matter to the Black woman–his natural ally, friend, and mate? His sister. His grandmother. His daughter. Every Black man in America has been impacted by racism, directly and indirectly; but how has this impacted them psychologically, spiritually, and mentally?

Black men must realize they are valued, and as a Black woman, I am conscious of the insidious behavior and subliminal messages that promote violence against my brothers. As a Black women, I make it my mission to empower the Black man and encourage my sisters out there to see him for his true purpose–and that is, to be the LEADER of what manhood should be.


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