Know Thy Enemy!


This is the first rule of engagement.

A good hunter studies its prey. And thus, learning the ways of your foe, allows one to build a proper offense/defense.

Life is war; either you fight or die.

When declaring war on an enemy, one must know directly who their enemy clearly is.

Understand: the word ‘enemy’–from the Latin inimicus, “not a friend”. And you have a real definitive to operate and build your strategy. But who is your enemy? Do you know?

As we look at this country and where it’s going socially, politically, economically, and even spiritually, it would appear that there is some kind of hidden puppet master calling the shots and everyone is just reacting. There is no clear cut territory or ground that is to be defended.

When looking at the relationship of Black people with white people, historically and currently, it’s very clear that whites really do have hatred toward Black people and want to destroy us by any means necessary.

However, the response of Black people is often peculiar. Some Black people really feel it’s correct to pray for our enemies.

I shake my head at this many times…I see the behavior in operation. Then I get angry.

Basically, I have a killer instinct and by nature, I’m very territorial. And I stake mine clearly and boldly. I’m practical minded and I understand behavior very clearly. Either one is an enemy or a friend. Those who are friends, act like it. Those who are enemies, ACT LIKE IT. And one better know the difference.

In today’s world, people try to fit in with the crowd out of fear. Our enemies now use subtle ways to attack us. Imagery or media is a very powerful tool. Also, language, creating a false narrative of who we are through mis-education, mis-information and deliberate falsification of facts. These two are weapons and have proven to be even more effective than using weapons.

So, what to do?

We need to be clear that we actually have an enemy and be proactive in building security measures (procedures) and responses.

It’s only intelligent to respond properly when someone continues to act in a manner of hostility.

As Malcolm X once said: By Any Means Necessary.

2 comments on “Know Thy Enemy!

  1. One of your most important post thus far. IMHO!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      It’s real, Hung.

      Ferguson, MO. Los Angeles. New York. Three cases of police brutality that ended the lives of yet 3 more young Black males.

      I will be writing about this.

      Stay tuned.


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