Don’t Tell Me My Business…MIND YOURS!

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I called my mother this morning and after brief pleasantries, she begins to tell me how people keep talking about this or that about her…and I’m puzzled as to why at her age, she even cares.  I told her to stop giving power to such trivial mess, but she went on…and on.

Why do people allow the opinions of others to matter in their lives?  Why are we so focused on being actors in life; trying to impress people that honestly, don’t deserve our attention, time, or favor?

When I wake up, I give thanks to God, ask him for protection, then start my day.  At no time do I begin with hurt prayers about folks talking about me.

Let me tell you something, right here…and right now, anyone who thinks that their words will penetrate my psyche and begin to take a stronghold in my life, you’d be better served to ending the struggle in the middle east than waiting for that to happen.  I’m as sassy as a want to be right now…and I will tell you with a quickness what you can do with your opinion about my life…or what I choose to do in my life.

People are a trip sometimes.

My mother objected to my defiance, but I’m not interested in listening to people who have nothing better to do but give un-invited commentary on other people’s lives.  Who asked them?  And why do they always have somebody else’s business on their mind.  Sounds to me like not much is going on in their own lives, thus, the need for drama to fill up all of that emptiness.

If they aren’t paying my bills…nor responsible for my well being; what they think does not even merit a response. I just don’t have time to manage other people’s lives and my own.

My advice to people is that if you are so concerned about what someone is doing, ask WHAT CAN YOU DO to help either better their life or empower them.

If you didn’t offer me any assistance when I needed help–then do me a favor and STFU.

This is one of my greatest pet peeves and if you wan’t to get along with me, don’t put your nose up in my business.  I promise you, I will start digging dirt in your backyard and see what you’re hiding.

Don’t tell me my business–MIND YOURS!

And everything will be copacetic.

If you’re feeling this…HOLLER BACK!!!


One comment on “Don’t Tell Me My Business…MIND YOURS!

  1. swayzeeworld says:

    I definitely agree! It’s absolutely pointless to CARE about how someone feels concerning you. It’s called an opinion for a reason. It actually shows me that some people are so insecure with themselves they have nothing better else to do. I thank God I was exposed to this at a young age to not let it affect me.


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