Are People Getting Tired of Tyler Perry?

Have you been noticing something a little different about the turnout for Tyler Perry movies of late?  Hhhhhmmm…I started noticing it when he made the stupid mistake to cast Kim KarTRASHian in the movie, Temptation.   Then he did it again when casting Larry The Cable Guy in his last Madea movie, A Madea Christmas.  Why are you resulting to putting white characters in movies that are geared toward a Black audience?

When his last movie, Single Moms Club was released and bombed at the box office., people began to whisper.  It was a dull movie with a cast of women that no one believed would ever be friends in real life, so why make a movie about such and unlikely cast of women?

Lionsgate recently ended its long-term relationship with Perry after 9 years.  It does not mean that they won’t work together on future projects, but Tyler is basically a free agent now and did have issues with the lack of international reach of Lionsgate.  He’s pretty much consolidated operations to his Atlanta headquarters, where 4 of his TV series s are shot.

Basically, I’ve enjoyed the Madea series movies–have seen all of his non-Madea movies except the last 3.  I am a cheerleader for Mr. Perry for achieving success in an arena with very few Blacks, so I will not debase him. However, I do think it’s time for him to grow and the criticism he’s facing has some merit.

Many Black men hate him for his dismal images of them in his movies.  The introduction of white characters in his story lines seems desperate for acceptance by the white audiences, but many Blacks see it as an intrusion to something that was built by Black support.

Then there are people who hate him because of his friendship with Oprah Winfrey, especially Black males, who tired of her male bashing on her now defunct Oprah Winfrey Show, and the general, annoying cry-parties Oprah and Tyler have regarding their histories of physical and sexual abuse.

The controversy Tyler ensued with criticism from notable movie director, Spike Lee for his belief of Tyler using coonery and buffoonery in many of his movies, sparked a lot of debate on Tyler using stereotypical imagery of Black people in his movies.

Whether or not you like Tyler Perry, it’s not so much about people getting tired of Tyler Perry in as much as it is a sign of perhaps people needing more a mental challenge from him.

Hopefully, he will weigh it all in and create more interesting stories.

Love him or hate him, no on can disagree that Tyler Perry has made move Black actors and actresses rich than any Hollywood Producer from any genre.



26 comments on “Are People Getting Tired of Tyler Perry?

  1. Tiffanie says:

    I am sure everyone that has come to your website has appreciated it as much as me, keep up th good informative work.


  2. Bennie says:

    Always my pleasure to find a blog worth reading.


  3. BlueMoonZoe says:

    I’m not into the Medea movies at all. I enjoyed the 1st “Why Did I Get Married.” The problem I have with him is there is too much God and Church talk, and not enough action and suspense in his films. Can a black person make a movie without HIV, Hoes, Pimps, Drugs, Church, sexual abuse, Prison, & Thugs? I’m sick of seeing all that. Tyler has the power to do another movie like “Love Jones.” I’ve been waiting for that for a LONG time. His show on OWN “The Have and Have Nots” would be okay if the acting was good.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I think Tyler’s problem is that he’s gotten too comfortable with certain topics and actors that truly, some just don’t make the transition from gospel plays to the big or small screen very well. His stories are very stale and just don’t challenge the mind at all.

      Hopefully, he’ll listen to the criticism and grow more artistically.


    • KingoftheTeddybears says:

      The Haves and the Have Not’s is a pretty awesome show in my opinion, the only negatives I have is the dirt poor black church woman maid stereotype he has Crystal Fox playing, always blubbering and judgmental and needy and the character Jeffrey Harrington he made him gay, I hate that……


  4. Moanika says:

    He developed nothing but stereotype characters of the black community and remix his old movies for wealth. It’s boring. He got mad at the Creator of Boondocks for the gay episode and threat the company.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m really tired of these gay people who are so damn sensitive when heterosexual people just exercise their freedom of speech–JUST LIKE THEM. However, that only applies to them–if anyone else dares say they don’t approve of the gay lifestyle, it’s a hate crime.

      I’m sick of it…and getting in the face of the arrogance of the LBGT community.


  5. I can proudly say I have never seen any film made by or staring Tyler Perry.


  6. Tyrone says:

    Tyler Perry is symbolic of what’s wrong with us in 2014. A gay blackman that is in the closet, working in an industry that is shoving their worldview down our collective throats. Oprah is cheerleading all of this, as always. So, we have the sellouts that keep us from going to theaters, now, we have to worry about these brothas being gay and so forth. I refuse to give my money to either side. Black folk run to see movies more than anybody, but are still second-class in the eyes of those with power… It’s Deflating! I’ve gotten so disgusted with a lot of this, cut out movies, hip-hop, watching sports, etc. Blackmen in hollywood gotta tighten up in a major way… Seriously!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Oprah Winfrey is not who people think she is. I got bad vibes from her when myself and my cousin and his girlfriend went to a taping of her show over 20 years ago now…I’ve never forgotten that. And given the secrets that have come out about her within recent years, my instincts perhaps came from God.

      However, as relates to Tyler Perry, I’m grateful he’s a talent that’s out there, but he is not being honest about who he really is.

      Being gay is not the new normal–it is evil and against nature.

      The gay agenda has a lot of deceptive intentions and that’s what I tried to highlight in the article.


      • Tyrone says:


        Oprah is not on our team, her loyalties are elsewhere. She does not have to like us, but, don’t be fake about it. Tyler Perry is successful at what he does, i give him his props. But, the bs that comes out of hollyweird is counterproductive to say the least. The world is a hurricane right now, trying not to get swept away by the tide.


  7. this post and the subsequent comments are certainly thought inspiring. At the end of the day, Perry, toes the line and pays homage to white supremacy via his representation (or misrepresentation) of black folk. I’m a firm believer that in order to reach the heights he has, white supremacy has to be at the center/foundation of his messages. We can look no further than his Madea character. Femininization of black man and masculizing the black female; killing 2 birds with one stone. I understand he, like others, are just entertainers but they strongly influence the masses. After all, life really does imitate art.


  8. I’ve been tired of him for a looooong time! Another self-hating coon that needs to come out of the closet! It’s okay Tyler,we already know!lol


    • truthangel07 says:

      Behave, K-man. 🙂

      I like Tyler but he never struck me as a Ladies Man either.

      However, I do hope he gets better as a writer and producer of movies that highlight, market, and develops great Black talent.

      On this, we both can agree?



      • Okay,okay. I’ll calm down. I was about to go


      • truthangel07 says:

        Please, go all-in, baby. You have a right to speak your mind.

        I can handle it.



      • Maybe later. I’m a little busy right now. Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of black men running around in drag. I also didn’t like the film Precious which he produced. I also went to see his play Medea Goes to Jail ten years ago. I was not very impressed. I went only because my girlfriend at the time dragged me I didn’t like Colored Girls either. It was full of stories of rape,domestic abuse,adultery,religious fanatics and AIDS. It was so over the top with negative stereotypes. Just horrible film all around. We as black people have to be aware of the way films portray our people. These films are seen by millions of people around the world. And people like Perry,Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey love to portray our people in a negative light. That’s why I’m not a big fan of any of them. What they do is counter-productive. That’s it in a nutshell but I can go deeper at a later time.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Please do so.

        But a lot of Black men don’t like Tyler Perry.

        I’m all ears when you get the time…to expand.




    • @ Kushite Prince. So you really do not like Oprah Winfrey? I mean I know she may sometimes portrayed black people in a negative way, but can you really blame here?


      • Are you here to start some drama? I checked out your blog. I see you have nothing on your blog. Nothing but a “ghost account”.Were you hired by the government to create a blog to create division and confusion? I’m on to your type. You’re not slick.


      • truthangel07 says:

        I had some woman from Pakistan comment on one of the topics. We chatted for a few minutes and when I asked her where she was located, she told me Pakistan. She then asked if she could interview me–and I gave her my e-mail address. I haven’t heard from her since.

        You wonder sometimes just who is behind the computer.

        I make sure to be careful…so I understand your response.


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