Dear Ms. Thing…


“Yeah, baby. I’m worth it. And much, much, more.”

Dear ItGirl of the Millenium,

Word to your ears…Everyone is not trying to be you.

How presumptuous of you to think that everything is ABOUT YOU.

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not, Boo.

Your hair weave is spectacular and your designer clothes are smashing, but you never thought of buying a house and your kid can’t even spell P-R-A-D-A.    Hhhmmm…isn’t that counter-intuitive?

The I’m-all-there-is-and-you-will-never-be me’s of the world, I’m talking to you!

The world is not here to serve you.  And you put your own trash in the garbage.

It’s not about you, sweet pea.

Never was…never will be.

Get the memo and stop kissing your mirror.

We all are tired of your kind.

The Housewives of Atlanta is not quality programming–it’s a warning what can happen to women who lose track and start thinking that they aren’t accountable to certain standards of behavior, and glaring examples of extreme arrested development, coupled by enabling of glamorous sociopaths who obviously have untreated behavioral disorders.

And then the music will play…and people will scream and holler when you call someone a bitch, slap her, and then you get into a fight.  Two grown ass women, acting like 16 year old girls.  We only wonder which one is going to pull out the box cutter.

Earth to you, Boo.  Get a clue.  Face yourself, girl.  You are ugly as they come and need to expand mentally and spiritually.  You’re as empty as air and could provoke one to personally dial 911 before you become a missing person.

Basically, I’m tired of empty-headed women with nothing to prove but who they f*ck, take money from, and what they can buy with their child support check(s).

The world needs people who care and will make it better.

And frankly, no one has time for those who don’t take the time to think about that.


10 comments on “Dear Ms. Thing…

  1. Kitten says:

    Remind me not to piss you off…then I thought TruthAngel sounds just like me…


  2. Tyrone says:

    Your comments are on point…Women Define A People. If the ladies are a hot mess, the tribe will suffer. I don’t blame Sistas for our apathy, men are supposed to keep the train on the tracks. But, it does not help the cause when blackwomen behave in trifling fashion. All of us must do better in this day and time.


    • Truthangel says:

      And you see Black women just looking a hot mess these days–even the ones who think they are fly.

      Men are the leaders of society and if men don’t give women the impression that they must keep themselves up–you see the result.

      When I was coming up, guys would check their sisters before they went outside and schooled them about the “what-what.” Today, that’s hardly a reality.

      Where I live in Georgia, some of these women are really sick. It’s sad.

      Perhaps, that’s why many are turning lesbian.

      I don’t know…but whatever the case, I feel that women today really need to look in the mirror.


      • CitKat says:

        The fact that you think women “turn lesbian” just shows how uneducated you really are, again, I feel so sorry for you – Yes, this is CitCat


      • truthangel07 says:

        Bitch! This is your last damn post on my blog. I’m sick of this bullshit! What the fuck is your damn problem, woman?

        Turn Lesbian? Do you realize what topic you posted on, idiot?–and you dare challenge my intelligence?

        I’m a published author and have won awards for my writing, including poetry, and you have the temerity to try and degrade me in this manner? Coming here every damn week with ignorant crap, thinking you’re making a point, and the only thing you are doing is exposing just why I write what I write on my blog–TO EXPOSE THE HYPOCRISY OF RACIST WHITE MOTHERFUCKERS WHO JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THEIR BEHAVIOR IS BEING INTERPRETED BY THOSE NOT LIKE THEM!!! Then to top it, you exacerbate your behavior and comments as if on steroids, like people are supposed to take your shit, sprinkle it with some Parmesan and eat it like it’s a damn pizza. And then have the nerve to think I’m supposed to just take it?

        You do not come here and violate me or my blog and think you will get a pass.

        Let me tell you about yourself, Chienne (That’s French for Bitch BTW)! Apparenly, you think you matter, so much so, you keep haunting this blog as if your opinion is supposed to have some superiority and value over African Americans who live the issues we discuss. You keep riding that train honey, but let me be even more clear; your responses are not of a woman, but more like a 12 year old child who got her feelings hurt, so she keeps saying stupid shit just for attention–definitely not for intellectual purposes.

        GET A FUCKING LIFE, Ms. CITCAT! Do you overstand?

        I’m not a child and you will not disrespect my blog.

        This is ridiculous and your very last post.

        I’ve given your I.P. address to a friend of mine and will have your address by the end of the day. When that information comes, you will be getting a little visit–and we will see just how tough you are in person. Yeah, girl…every post, you leave your I-print: *Snap*

        I’m from Chicago, bitch! You wanna get down…we gon’ get down!!!

        You pick your battles wisely because if you make the mistake of starting a war with an enemy you aren’t prepared to fight, you run the risk of termination.



  3. KingoftheTeddybears says:

    Lol @ the mention of Housewives of Atlanta, my mother watches that show religiously, and there’s this one called, Sisterhood of Hip-hop, a bunch of weave wearing, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj wannabe ratchet drama queens.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I refuse to watch those shows. They are absolutely insulting to Black women–and those sistahs out there who’ve achieved great things without all of the ratchetness. Those women are not worth being respected.

      Most of them got laid–then got paid.

      Not the same thing…


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