Micheal Brown’s Funeral: Wondering What Will It Mean Tomorrow…

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Michael Brown has been dead for three weeks but was buried on August 25, 2014.

I listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show and he went, along with Sybil Wilkes And Jay Anthony Brown.  They re-capped the funeral as though talking about a sports event.  Tom admitted he cried and commented on how touching it was.  Sybil admitted that she was texting before the funeral started.  And all commented on how well Al Sharpton did at the funeral.  Why was he there anyway?

Immediately, I began to think if I were Michael Brown’s mother.  No way in hell would I allow people like Al Sharpton to make a spectacle of my child’s life and death.  It’s unacceptable.


There were other celebrities at the funeral and I just couldn’t help but to wonder WHY?

A lot of mourners attended who didn’t even know him but the infamy of the case drew them–and nothing more.


Micheal Brown was just another Black kid who got caught in the crossfire of an over-zealous white cop’s attitude and gun.

He joins Trayvon Martin, Jason Davis, former Florida A & M football player, 24 year old, Johnathan Ferrell, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner (New York man who died from banned choke hold from cop) Ezell Ford (shot in back by LA police), and more notably,Micheal Brown, who, like him, were all killed by white cops and citizens who thought that being black was an act of crime, and the threat of being a victim was so much, they couldn’t help but to defend themselves, prompted by racist thoughts far too deep for any sane person to understand.  With exception to Eric Garner, most of the shooting victims were under the age of 25.  Why did they have to die?  What was the purpose behind their deaths?  Is God trying to get our attention through them?

What is an African American to think after listening to back to back cases of senseless violence and predator profiling that has cost the lives of young people who didn’t have a chance to fulfill their lives?

Are African American youth being targeted?

What if these victims had been white?  What would be the reaction?

Police don’t target white males like they do Black males.  It is a proven fact that Black males are targeted more for arrest more than any group.  There are many social factors that aid this, but the bottom line is that if you are an African American male, chances are, violence is the next to follow–including death.  Basically, cops are more likely to shoot an African American male, even when there is no threat.

Let’s just get right to it: Since the election of Barack Obama as our nation’s first African American president, we’ve seen an incredible amount of hatred being directed at him and that has literally bounced off onto African Americans by proxy.

What has been happening is whites in America who for some reason, seem to feel as though everything is coming apart and the Laws of Economics are working against them–as it typically has for people of color.  But they are not used to it, and they need a scapegoat.

Just this morning, it has been reported that CNN will be laying off 500 people before the end of the year.

That’s more white folks unemployed and unable to live their American Dream.

Honestly, I was skeptical at all of the celebrity attention toward the funeral of Micheal Brown, but the change that must come…does not happen through marching, but people in the African American community to realize first, we are not unified as a people.  We bought into a lie and it’s backfiring big time.  Racism never ended. And we got side-tracked by pursuing bling-bling, artificial intelligence, and cosmetic buffoonery.  Hair weave replaced African pride.  And young Black males were literally conditioned for emasculation through the actions of welfare mothers without a clue of first, becoming housewives, instead of babymommas without a 10-year plan.  It takes a man to raise a man.  The images of fatherless young Black males is all too common–and our communities are paying a high price for it.

So, Micheal Brown has been buried.  His body is at rest.  People will put flowers on his grave.  And then…one day, they will stop coming.  The leaves will blow and fall on his tombstone.  Years will pass, then…no one will ask any more, Who was Michael Brown? He’ll just be another memory that will fade away with time.

Again, I ask, what will happen tomorrow?


2 comments on “Micheal Brown’s Funeral: Wondering What Will It Mean Tomorrow…

  1. Truthangel says:

    Truthangel: I’m using my proper name today due to my phone being serviced. My blog is under SMS security; a message has to be sent to my cellphone to input before logging on. I can’t do th at today, thus, I have to come to the back door.

    Response: Defending Obama? I’m not defending him. Look o n this blog and you will see that, Tyrone. What on earth gives you this perception.

    As relates to the current media response to the Michael Brown shooting; typical. And when it blows over, as I said, everyone will go home and DO NOTHING.

    Life is a verb, Tyrone. It gives us exactly the same measure of our input.

    The truth of the matter is: Many Black people today are cowards–and a lot of groups know this.

    Is this God trying to awaken our people?

    I’ve been wondering about that.


  2. Tyrone says:

    As blackmen, we need to be brutally honest about what’s going on. Other men fear us, this fact of life needs to be acknowledged. Young black males engage in crime and violence disproportionate to our population, so, this creates irrational fear in white cops and other non-black men. As to police-officers, they show no mercy when the bullets fly. For example, a knife-wielding black suspect was shot and killed by cops because he would not put the knife down. On the flip side, white/other suspects are shot in the lower body and survive…Not Us! In the eyes of other men, a dead blackman is a good blackman…Wipe Out The Competition! What makes this even worse than it already is, other blackmen kill us as if they were kkk members. It sends a signal to others that our lives don’t matter…Bang Bang Bang! As to Sharpton and the other black celebs who showed up, It’s Hollow. We keep voting for the same lame politicians, same bs parties, attend the same bankrupt churches, attack the good and defend the bad. Our behavior never changes. We get outraged for a time, protest, riot, etc. As was the case with Treyvon, his death was exploited for political gain. Same with Michael Brown. As to Obama, he has done nothing to decrease gun violence in the inner-city since he took office. Black folk are dying all over the place since he came on the scene. Why do you keep defending his phony ass Truth, he spits in our faces with impunity?


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