The Thoughts Come As I Jam To My Music….

No. This isn’t me…

For the casual curious that come to the blog, I just bet some of you are wondering, ‘Where does she get her inspiration?’ Well, truthfully, my mind is a constant leaderboard when it comes to topics to discuss, but honestly, a lot of the time, I’m jamming to my playlist as I post–as in RIGHT NOW.

*Boogey-Oogey-Oogey…* A Taste of Honey is playing right now.  

And as I type the words to this piece, I’m eating a little breakfast.  Just finished my sausage/bacon croissanwich and hashrounds from Burger King.

I’m thinking about this guy from my old neighborhood in Chicago.  His name was Scott Foster.  One of the finest guys I’ve ever seen.  Had a big crush on him.  I wonder what he’s doing now…I wish I had did him.  Oops.  Sorry.  TOL (TalkingOutLoud).

Oh, and did I mention that some crazy white dude has been following me all over the internet lately, broadcasting that I’m a racist.  He’s apparently upset because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is about the covert nature of white supremacy and how most white folks are in denial about their racism, so they surf the net, ease-dropping on Black talk forums, monitoring Black people, and having the audacity to tell Black folks they are reverse-racists for speaking the truth about the racism they experience from nice white people who think they are not racist because Beyonce is in their playlist and they voted for Obama.

*I Need A Ride or Die Bitch..*  The Lox,  y’all.  

I don’t really know what I’m going to say to Mr. Mann.  He even tried to friend me on facebook.  Should I call Anderson Cooper.  You think he might want to scoop this.  I can just see the lead-in: Black blogger stalked by unknown white man on the internet.  Thinks she’s a racist for telling the truth about racism.  Her truth.  His fear. Love it!  The dude then went as far as to trash my 2011  book publication, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose.  Now, it’s official. My book has pissed a white man off.  Thank You, Mr. Mann…what you meant for evil will provoke good.

*One in a Million…* HEY!!!  My jam!  Aaliyah…we still miss you, girl.   Bobbing head.

It’s a pretty day.  The weather is good and I’m always looking forward to tomorrow.

*Play That Funky Music…* Wild Cherry.

And sticky note to the mad white dude: Don’t ever call Black People racist for speaking the truth about the racism they’ve experienced from racists who deny racism exists.

*Fade out*

…As I ponder of yet another topic to make your minds flip.


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