When You Just Stop Giving A Damn…What People Think!

As a child, I was very quiet, and it would take many years for me to find my voice. But once I did, I just let go.  Sometimes, I was shocked that I actually had thoughts that I had no fear saying out loud.  And then to add to all of this, I discovered that I had a very quick wit.  This was a true revelation but it empowered me in ways that no one could ever understand.  When you have been silent as long as I was silent…and you finally begin to speak; it’s like the force of Mt. Vesuvius erupting in your life.  I liked it.  It gave me power.

People actually listened to what I had to say.  And many would ask for my advice over the years.  I never wanted to violate anyone’s intelligence, so, I made it my business to always have the answers.

I spent a lot of time in the library.  I learned a lot.  Some of the books I read took me to far-away lands.  Others educated me about those who had achieved great things or those who inspired and motivated men and women of other nations.  Or great generals that inspired men to fight and win great battles.  These things would grow my mind to elevations of imagination to such levels, I had to inform others.

To be as candid as I am on this blog, one must nullify reticence and fear and put duct tape on ignorance.  You must not hesitate to educate empty minds–not just to satisfy pseudo-intellectualism, but with the audacity of empowering the weak minds that are just not informed and need to be notified of it.

Of course, when you speak your mind, there will be those who object to what you say and try to silence your voice, but you must not be deterred.  As a lion is determined to hunt, so must the messenger in his/her quest for the truth.

To be a success, you can’t listen to everybody’s opinions about who they think you should be–how you should act–who your friends should be–and whether or not you should even serve God.

Powerful people listen to the voice within.  Like a sea captain, as they guide their ship; storm winds are going to blow, but a good seaman knows no matter what, you must keep the ship on its right course.

In life, many people get side-tracked because they allow other people to get them off course and then their ship wrecks.  Stranded, abandoned, and left alone, the mistakes they made haunt and torture them.

Be true to yourself always.  Never allow the opinions of others to become your reality.

This is the true test in life.

Someone said it best: I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.

That sums me up perfectly.

6 comments on “When You Just Stop Giving A Damn…What People Think!

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  2. Tyrone says:

    Sis… Free human beings don’t live for the approval of other people, Why? We don’t love everybody, and everybody don’t love us. I love myself, family, and our people… Simple As That! True freedom takes hold when you stop caring about the bulls**t.


  3. […] Source: When You Just Stop Giving A Damn…What People Think! […]


  4. syinly says:

    I love this post. I was silent when I was younger too. It was until college that I spoke loud enough outside the house for people to hear. I am still shy but I try and push myself. Domestic violence had and impact on me. It made me think my words didn’t matter. I feel loud and powerful when I write. I can totally relate. We need to encourage others to speak up.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Yes we do. Our voice is the most powerful tool that God gave us, but the Bible also instructs us to use our words carefully and guide our tongues.

      We are not to speak to hurt or injure others, but the right words can make a hurt person smile and empower those who feel defeated.

      This is how I choose to use words.

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