What’s Worse? Racism or Economic Ignorance?

Malcolm X once said that if someone keeps getting ahead of you, then perhaps, that person knows something you don’t.

Black people have a spending power of almost a trillion dollars, but how much of that is coming back to the community.

Dame Dash of the now defunct Roccafella records said that some Jewish businessmen once told him that they call Black people “liquid money”.  http://keediescorner.com/2013/12/27/damon-dash-says-jewish-businessman-calls-black-people-liquid-money/

Now that’s something to think about. The comments weren’t off base when you think about the reality of it.  It’s very true.  That’s exactly what many Black people do.  We hardly re-invest our money back into our own businesses and the harshness of that factor makes one wonder as to why poverty still permeates many of our communities.

Donald Sterling actually publicly confronted this attitude even more in his infamous interview in which he tried to criticize Magic Johnson by saying that many rich or famous Black people don’t help their own people.  Of course, many knew he was being ignorant in his assumption of Magic’s indifference–he’s one of the most respected Black athletes because of his support and creation of many businesses in the Black community.  But Donald Sterling still had a stereotype of Blacks in positions of power who do nothing for their people.

This past few weeks have been very introspective for me.

While watching PBS, I was watching a special about the new oil being found in Kenya.  And guess who was there?  White Europeans and a white Texan, whom they featured.  As I watched the program, I just couldn’t help but wonder why in the hell aren’t any African American businessmen there?  This is major wealth distribution and only white people are trying to profit?  There was something wrong with that picture.  During the segment with the Texas oil man, he made a statement that I made a mental note of: “I just want my kids to have more than I did.  And I want to pass on something to them.”  For all we criticize white people for, not even I can criticize someone who understand the importance of passing on family wealth.

Do whites understand posterity moreso than Black people?

If you look at statistics, that would be an easy, yes.

However, taking into effect, the reality of slavery, and the generations that passed in which Black people were denied their place in the wealth distribution of this world; it’s very clear that racism played a part in retarding the economic empowerment of Black people, but still, I digress…

A young Black lady that I know who’s attending Georgia Southern University, told me that her parents won’t help her financially.  The mother can’t…and the father simply won’t.  They just threw her out into the world without any type of foundation to stand on. She said that she has to pay her own way, but she tried to buffer the sad reality of financial abandonment with the statement: “But, it will  only make me stronger.”


This is the paradigm for many young Black people.  They have to continue to start over…every generation, simply because their parents didn’t understand the basics of economic empowerment.

Even the bible (Proverbs 13:22) states, “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

So, if God gives wisdom for economic wealth distribution, why aren’t many Black people getting the message?



12 comments on “What’s Worse? Racism or Economic Ignorance?

  1. Sabrina says:

    We wouldn’t have to worry about racist co-workers on the job if we had “economic prosperity.” We could easily set up our own physical therapy centers, spa’s, nail salons, laundry mats, stores, flea markets, fruit & vegetable stands, shoe cleaners, gas stations, and etc..

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  2. Kitten says:

    Please check out Facebook page “Dave Cavanaugh” he is from New Zealand but there are video post from African-Americans. It Is about a socIal medIa movement “45 MIllIon Strong” the number of blacks in America and utilizing our buying power to make a change…See post on Sept 8. “Black People are Dangerous”..not what you think.


  3. Lucius says:

    Our people truly do not recognize the power we possess. We have about 40 million black people in this country. If half of us could give 5 dollars a week that equates to 100 million dollars. Over the course of a year that is 5.2 billion dollars. The amount of good and change we could make would be astounding.


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s true and I’ve tried to explain that to people but many just don’t want to give up the dollar for a higher cause–it’s all about SELF–I GOT MINE, NOW YOU GET YOURS. It’s killing us as a people.


  4. I have been saying these things for years. Black people will buy anything and no matter the price. It reminds me of the young man that got profiled after he spent $350.00 on a fuckin’ belt. I often wonder if he took it back, but probably not. Anyway, I’m rebloggin this over at tumblr.


    • Tyrone says:

      Keeping Up With The Jones’ Is The Catalyst of Our Monetary Enslavement. Whitefolk got this this and that, so, we deserve it to. Losing sight of the fact that whites live comfortable because our foreparents made it possible for them to build an economic infrastructure that is still intact. Caucasian people can’t survive without black ignorance. Sports is a vivid example of our stupidity. Brothas don’t need sports agents to negotiate the details of a contract. Brothaman forking over 10-15% of his income for no reason to a bunch of Jhewish whitemen… It’s Beyond Embarrassing! Entertainment is the new slavery, and we stay losing. Non-Blacks are deathly afraid of black economic independence. Our culture is dominant, and if we get our money game right…It’s A Wrap!


      • truthangel07 says:

        My mother has always said to me while growing up that if a person sees you as a fool, they’ll play you for one.

        That about sums up the mentality of our economic situation, but I do feel some of us are waking up.

        Time will tell just how much.

        There’s so much potential for reviving our communities and whites in particular fear this more than nuclear war.


      • That is so correct


    • truthangel07 says:

      There was never any more info on that. That was at Barney’s, right?


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