WARNING! The Movie Frozen’s Hidden Gay Message…

Disney’s Frozen and the ‘gay agenda’

Is there a lesbian subtext to the Disney movie Frozen?

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Does “letting go” mean coming out?

To Kevin Swanson, a pastor and host of a right-wing Christian-themed radio show, it does. Swanson slammed Disney’s award-winning animated film Frozen, calling it the work of the devil.

“Friends, this is evil, just evil,” he said. Swanson contends the film indoctrinates young women to be lesbians and convinces people that homosexuality and bestiality are acceptable in society.

While Swanson doesn’t specifically cite what parts of the film he sees as promoting homosexuality, others have drawn parallels between the kingdom’s rejection of the magical powers of one of the main characters, Elsa, and society’s rejection of homosexuality.

“Start Quote

The words to Let it Go are clearly not Christian-values friendly, by any stretch of the imagination, when understood and heard”

Kathryn SkaggsBlogger

Many equate film’s most recognisable song, Let it Go, with the experience of coming out and accepting one’s sexual orientation.

“Disney has a long history of fielding accusations of using its children’s movies to advance one liberal agenda or another – whether it’s gay rights, environmentalism or socialism,” writes the Daily Beast’s Caitlin Dickson.

“However, there seems to be something about Frozen that has attracted more than the usual amount of controversy for a kids’ cartoon.”

Kathryn Skaggs, a Mormon blogger, identifies what she sees as the film’s attempt to normalise homosexuality.

She writes:

When mainstream society comes to the point where it celebrates that which is contrary to the commandments, taught in a movie presumably made for children, by awarding it the highest accolades within its culture, and good parents don’t perceive it, but rather endorse it unwittingly, we are in serious trouble.

She targets much of her fire on Let It Go, which she says hides a “subversive” message beneath a catchy tune:

The words to Let it Go are clearly not Christian-values friendly, by any stretch of the imagination, when understood and heard. This is not an innocent song, with a catchy tune. It is rebellious. It mocks moral absolutes. It is careless. It is unaccountable. It is anti-obedience. It is regardless. It is selfish. And if you still disagree, then by all means, feel free to show me how I’ve misinterpreted the lyrics.

Mark Saal, another Mormon blogger, disagrees with Skaggs’ comments.

Lyrics from Let it GoThe snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen.A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen.The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.

Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be.

Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.

Well, now they know!

“Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar,” he says. If you look hard enough, he says, you can find a hidden homosexual agenda in almost any song, movie or any other work of art.

Meanwhile, some members and allies to the LGBT community are claiming Elsa as their own.

Ryan C Robert, writing for Qodda, argues that the film has given LGBT youth a character with which to empathise. He says the movie portrays unconditional sisterly love, and many LGBT kids need to understand that people will love them regardless of what happens.

“Disney’s Frozen may not have intended for one of the main characters, Elsa, to have a story that is such an easy parallel to the world of growing up in the closet, but it happened,” he writes. “It happened, and now we’re gonna celebrate.”

There isn’t consensus in the LGBT community as to what the movie means, however.

“It’s time for a reality check,” writes the Daily Dot’s Rob Price. “I don’t wish to dismiss anyone’s interpretation, or tell someone they’re watching a film ‘the wrong way’ – but for me at least, these claims just don’t add up.”

While he says he would love Frozen to be a movie about coming out, it’s not, he says. Frozen is a timid step in the right direction, but still sticks to plenty of societal standards.

“Praising the film studio for the meagre animated scraps they’re currently throwing to the LGBTQ community will only breed complacency on their part; it’s about time they ‘let it go’ and come out the celluloid closet for good,” he says.

It seems like just about everyone wants a piece of Elsa. Perhaps the best thing to do is to act like the movie’s lovable snowman, Olaf, and go looking for some warm hugs until the storm blows over.

(By Kierran Petersen)

14 comments on “WARNING! The Movie Frozen’s Hidden Gay Message…

  1. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Truthangel, I watched this movie and to be honest, I have yet to see any homosexual themes in the entire film. Although the film was kinda cheesy, I think religious fanatics just want an excuse to start ranting and raving about nothing, like everyone keeps bagging on the song “Let it Go” I admit it is a bit overrated but it has some very nice lyrics. So basically, the entire movie is about a young woman who was born with cryokinetic powers and accidently hurt her sister with it and because of it, she was isolated from everyone at the behest of her parents and then her powers became known to everyone she got scared and ran away and the song Let It Go was basically about breaking the chains of fear and all the restrictions that were placed on her and just being who she is and being confident and comfortable in that, even if it means away from everyone and in solitude. Everyone can basically draw their own differing opinions and interpretations about the movie but I just feel it’s sad like how some people try to start a fire where there’s no heat, I mean the movie is called Frozen after all…………..

    Now I understand Walt Disney was a freak, like a degenerate lunatic and there’s some weird ass bullshit going on behind closed doors at Disney World but in all honestly I fail to see any connection with the movie and a homosexual agenda. I feel it’s just trifling religious fanatics just looking for an excuse to make a lot of unnecessary noise and make a tsunami out of a puddle.

    So Anyways lemme know your thoughts on this whole situation that’s coming out of our first Favourite State: Ratchet Ass Florida!!!!!!!

    OK Deuces


    • truthangel07 says:

      The homosexual/lesbian agenda right now has everyone on edge.

      Who would have thought that this group of people would be controlling the social and political agenda of this country…but that’s what it appears.

      There is a lot of things going on in a lot of places, but we must be vigilant in keeping our minds and eyes on those things that are evil trying to be passed off as evil.


  2. Tyrone says:

    Disney is not hiding a damn’ thing. Have gay pride events at Disney World, promote it in animated films, etc. Yeah, we’re aware of the stereotypical black characters with their ebonically challenged selves. Gays say they were born gay, i don’t believe that. Evil hides behind children and the weak, keeps them in power. Hating kid friendly film, Who does that? Sarcasm abounds!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’ve never been to Disney World, but I look at some of the recent events as relates to pop stars and actors that have come out of the Disney Camp, Brittney Spears (went nuts, Raven Symone (recently come out as Lesbo), Lee Thompson Young (suicide), Lindsey Lohan (train wreck/bi-sexual),Miley Cyrus (Her behavior of late), Shia Lebeouf (weird behavior), Cristina Aguilera, (pick an issue)…just Google the headlines for all of them.

      Something is going on there…


  3. […] Source: WARNING! The Movie Frozen’s Hidden Gay Message… […]


  4. Moanika says:

    I thought Disney was going stop making princess movies.This is the same place that produce evil stuff


  5. this movie is mad popular and maybe it is by design.


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