Why White Women Date Black Men: A White Chick Explains…

Have you finished listening?

What did you think?

The first thing she said as to why she liked to date Black men (Tyrones), it’s the fact that Black men dress well…hhhmmm, ok.  Smells good.  Wow.  Validates what Black people say in general, white people stink.  Next, Confidence.  White men are wimps. Comfort-ability.  She’s comfortable being around Black people.  Heard that one before.  Most Black men can dance Most, i.e. Black folks have rhythm.…hhhmmm…another one.  SEX (Black men can PUT IT DOWN…). That had to come.  Not a surprise here.  She keeps going.  Their build. Genetically more well developed.  “She thinks they go back to slavery…” Wow.  “The strongest male slave were used to bred with the strongest female slaves.”    Not because perhaps they just take pride in their physiques because of hard work?  and our history spans before slavery, Sarah.  Check out many Africans for reference.  Nice Asses.  Full Lips.  They’re not racist. Skin Contrast.  Another fettish. Swag.  “The walk. The talk. The style.”  She likes the edge in Black men.  Not as hairy as white men.

So, Sarah is attracted to the superficial in Black men.

Not once did this trick mention anything referring to Black men being good fathers.  And certainly not intelligent. Everything she said connotes a mythical ideology of her attraction to the Black male and absolutely no common thread as to being IN LOVE as the main reason for being with any man.

Any conscious minded Black man will see through this dumb bitch’s comments and expose the racist cliche’s, generalities, pure cultural ignorance of Black culture, people, and history.  Not once did she mention anything about the most important reason for being with any man: LOVE. And certainly not because she felt Black men were intelligent. Obviously she has a fettish and is just in it for kicks.  Sadly, many screwed up biracial children come from these type of hook-ups.  Dare I call them actual relationships.  Shaking my head.

And she calls her boyfriend, Tyrone...CALL HIM.  Did anyone catch that one?

Every comment that she made insulted the intelligence of Black men and exposed just how much ignorance and racism is within her to assume that her comments would not be challenged.

She acknowledges how white people have stolen a lot from Black culture.   An interesting comment she made acknowledges the known fact of this and how she solidifies that yes, white people do suppress Black people, but yet, want to be like us.

Don’t we all say that?

Overall, as a Black woman, as I listened to this, all I could do was shake my head.

This chick is just in it for kicks…nothing more.

So basically, if you’re a Black dude that can entertain white women with racist, stereotypical behavior–YOU’RE IN.



15 comments on “Why White Women Date Black Men: A White Chick Explains…

  1. originalwoman13 says:

    I did not view the video, but reading the post this she-devil has said the things we have heard white women say about black men millions of times over the years. I blame the Negro males who keep running at white women when white women have made it clear over and over that they are nothing more than a live dildo that can be disposed of when the fun is over. One of my black women bloggers who has written a book called the Interracial Con Game (check it out on amazon) printed a statement within the her book made by a white female white supremacist saying, “white women don’t like black men, they like black d**k!”


  2. I have never in my life dated, touched, wanted, married, had sex with a woman that wasn’t Black. I was raised in such a way that was not friendly to those situations.

    Now, I only watched a few minutes of that chicks video because I just didn’t feel like hearing it. Yeah, you got a bunch of coons that well break their necks for anything that ain’t Black. They can have each other. I went to her channel and she has almost a half million views for that clap trap of a video. Guest who’s following her?

    Negroes disgust me sometimes and they are the reason we are stuck right here getting killed in the streets and doing the same bullshit we did 10 years ago. They love them white women more than they love themselves. I would rather be castrated than to ever turn my back on the women that the most high put here for me. Now take that however you want.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Michael Brown is yet another example of the white power structure in this country that targets young Black men–and those white men that are doing the killing are married to who? WHITE WOMEN. Which in my opinion, are co-conspirators.

      Everything that chick said reaked of not only ignorance, but a subtle form of racism that is rooted in presumption about us as a people. Her arrogance is such, she actually probably believed her own words, not even overstanding the insult; “the big black slave mated with the big female slave.” Really? So, in her view, all strong Black men come from slavery? Obviously she isn’t familiar with the fact that history, time, civilization, and ALL HUMANITY began in Africa.

      The audacity of white privilege.

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  3. Kitten says:

    I went on YouTube to see the responses…Why do our men feel they have to put us down to justify their actions. If this is what you want don’t worry about us. Don’t discuss us, don’t blame us, leave us out of it. This then makes her feel real comfortable spewing her stereotypical rants against us. What these type of unintelligible black men and white women don’t understand is that they are disposable in America.

    If he is not being the man he was born to be, he can’t dominate us and no matter how many, ” I grew up around black people” she will never be us. I think white women always fear he will go back home and him putting us down reassures her that her place is secure. To these guys we are just collateral damage.

    If you work in the corporate world look around, who are the connected men taking to lunch…each other and… the black woman. Who do they confide in and take advice from…the black woman. Regardless of his motives we are taking the knowledge and utilizing it to our advantage.

    Black women have lived in and understand both worlds and know how to maneuver through them in a ways that a black man, white woman or white man will never truly know…I would hate on me too.

    I really hope that someday our men will understand that they could achieve their goals and be accomplished in their own right, if they work with us instead of against us. We have a lot to offer.


  4. I wouldn’t touch this tramp with a 10 foot pole!lol


  5. nidotopianwarrior says:

    White people have a never ending fascination with black people because everytime they look at us, they are reminded of everything they do not nor will ever have or be. Very few white people (I’m talking about a miniscule minority) are truly friends of black people, most whites like the woman in the above clip only pander to black folks when there is something of benefit in it for them. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, no self aware, self respecting black person should ever put themselves with a white person, a white person first and foremost is not black (obviously), they cannot truly understand or empathize with a black person, they cannot uplift or empower a black person and by extension equip that person to empower their own community, and they cannot truly love or respect a black person as a black person ought to be loved. Because in the mind of a white person, they see themselves as a saviour and master and black people must submit to them. Bull Shit!!!! Another thing, white people only view black folks as a guilty pleasure, a fetish to experiment with. Which is why whenever I see brothas or sistahs with a snow man or a snow queen on their arm I feel nothing but disgust….. Truthangel have you ever seen the movie Lakeview Terrace? That’s kinda how I feel when I watched that ice queen up above

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    • truthangel07 says:

      What I do believe, Nido, is that there is a spiritual deficit in white people–they are incarnately evil, and as the late Malcolm X said, they are depraved by nature.

      This is very true and any Black person that doesn’t see that is lost and blind to the truth.

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      • Amy says:

        I suspect I’m not going to get a reply with any kind of compassion, but I’m going to respond nonetheless. Didn’t Malcolm X recant those views after he converted and experienced a society where he felt the color of his skin not being the determining factor in how others saw him as a person? I can’t fault you for believing that all white people are evil. I think that, if I was black, I’d probably feel the same way as my eyes have been opened to the oppression of racism and the continued negative implications of a long racist history in this country. I’m not looking for applause as one of the “not so bad” ones. What I would like, honestly, is for all people to see the inherent worth that one another possess as human beings. I’m sad that you think I’m pure evil because I am white. I hope for a world where there isn’t racism and accompanying white privilege, though, I’m not very optimistic about it. Peace be with you.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Amy, although your words are written with what you perceive to be as compassionate, there is a naivete’ in the context. First of all, most white people see themselves as “the nice ones” but when you break it all down; you’ve collectively benefited from a racist system and can’t for one second understand the inherent after-effects of that on those who can’t benefit from White Privilege. Yes, Amy. You are a beneficiary of White Privilege. It’s like having a cushion to protect you from the social, economic, and political blows of reality that many minorities face.

        It would be lovely to live in a society where the color of one’s skin shouldn’t be the determining factor of the quality of one’s life, but frankly, it is that very reality that will forever condemn whites. Like it or not, racism was a tool created to fuel White Supremacy.

        The world that you speak of being will happen one day, but sadly, it will be at the demise of many white people, who have used hatred, oppression, violence, and evil against innocent people to build empires that even “nice white people” live in.

        What goes around comes around, and in less than 40 years, whites will be the minority in this country for the first time in its history. How that will impact you and your ancestors is all in the hands of God, who judges all men according to their works, and if white people suffer in the future, it will be because of the evil white men perpetrated on innocent people around the world violated human rights of those people and for that, his sins, must be repayed on his offspring.

        This is divine reciprocity.

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      • Amy says:

        I know I can’t actually experience the effects of racism because I’m shielded in white privilege. I don’t deny it nor do I apologize for it. It’s not something that I asked for or personally caused. However, because I benefit from it at the expense of my fellow man, and because I’m in the position to do more about it than someone who doesn’t benefit from the unfair upper hand, I do feel it my obligation to do what I can to bring about its demise. Where we part ways in thinking is that the sins of one’s ancestors should cause punishment for later generations. I don’t wish the horrors of persecution bestowed on anyone. I think many white people confuse this with believing that they don’t owe restoration for the negative economic, political and social disadvantages still at play because of the past – to be clear, I think we do. But I don’t see the benefit to anyone in returning the same grief suffered by them and their ancestors on those who didn’t actually carry out those horrific acts. Isn’t this the stuff that makes for never ending vendettas? (Yes, very easy for me to say and you could legitimately argue that that view is self serving.) Equality causing the demise of those who are hateful, oppressive and violent is a good thing, to my mind. I also think that racism benefits, mostly, those with actual power and money. Views such as the ones you express (in wanting vengeance on all white people), while understandable, are saddening to me because they absolutely play into the divide and conquer strategy of those possessing real power. Should we common people come to our collective senses and have each other’s backs, murders like that of Michael Brown would not happen and would not be tolerated. As best I can tell, the things that separate you and I are fewer than those that separate me and the likes of people like the Koch brothers. As I see it, allowing one group to feel superior at the expense of another allows for those possessing power to continue to push worsening conditions on everyone. It leaves the (dwindling) white majority complacent (because, hey, we’ve still got it better than them), (rightly) enrages and leaves the disenfranchised more estranged from those with who they have commonality because those assholes are complicit in their oppression and seriously benefits those whose obscene wealth and power comes at the expense of the well being of the two groups they’re playing against each other. I’ve gotten off topic here a bit, but, it is my sincere hope that one day we all live in a world that truly is fair and just for all.


  6. Ms. says:

    Post-disegregation “black” people have been commodified. Not to say that they weren’t commodified before or that this has not happened to all non-europeans, but is more pronounced with so-called black people today because the lack of cultural preservation.

    There is no reason to be upset with this “white” woman. She is doing just what she has been programmed to do which is to be a customer. If you cannot tell that she is placing an order and telling “white” men to serve it her, there’s nothing that can be explained.

    “Black” men are not stupid. You alluded to that in your post. If they didn’t want to be a “product” they wouldn’t be.

    Pass me an email address please…


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