How Rap Musicians Are Being Manipulated to Aid In The Destruction of Black Males…

Honestly, I stopped listening to rap music after Tupac died.  Even then, rap music was becoming very malevolent and hard–no way out mentality, kill, kill, kill.  That was the message.  When he created Thug Life–it became a movement, and…it cost him his life.

Today’s rap is not what I grew up on.

When you look at the violence in certain areas of the Black community, young Black men are dying every single day.

Everyone is paying attention to the homicides in Chicago, but not paying attention to other parts of the country.  Violence has no preference where it comes from.  It’s created by oppression, ignorance, and self-hatred.

White males seem to think it’s open season on Black men–given recent high profile killings that have stirred this nation, most recent the murder of Michael Brown.

But can we be honest?

What’s fueling this?

“Jails in America are being privatized.  And are now on the stock exchange.  Basically, you don’t build a hotel unless you expect occupancy.”  ~Louis Farrakhan.

There is a conspiracy with record companies to produce rap music marketed to the Black community as a marketing channel to provoke the violence and behavior that will twists the minds of the targeted group whom these investors desire to fill those prisons.

This is Satanic.

But rappers are being manipulated to create beefs with their words with other rappers in order to stir up the attitudes of those who are most likely to commit acts of violence that promote law enforcement to militarize against young Black males.  It’s a set-up for the destruction of young Black males.

You think this is a joke?

Pay attention to this video:

Police departments are literally being issued military type weapons as a measure of defense for this war that is being manipulated by white males who sit in board rooms and concoct evil machinations to kill Black males. They have a desire to kill Black males.

What happened in Ferguson, MO is just a taste of what the government and these men who own these prisons want to happen.  White men have been conspiring for ways to kill Black males since the slaves were freed.

Since the days of Woodstock, the Federal Government has known that music can be used to control the masses.  And rap music is literally being used to hypnotize young Black males and programming them through such manipulation to hate and kill each other.

It’s a conspiracy.

And before you try to write this off, just pay attention to the headlines of late for clarity.

The way the people responded in Ferguson, brought the attention of the world to the violence being directed at young Black males.  It’s barely been 2 years since the Trayvon Martin murder, then Jordon Davis, now Michael Brown, and 2 other incidents (New York and Los Angeles) within a week of each, around the same time Michael Brown was murdered that garnered national attention, and provoked the attention on this issue.  And these deaths are just a fraction of what is actually happening around the nation.  The only difference?  Those murders weren’t conveniently videotaped.

It’s time for Black people to get off of their asses, stop making excuses for what is happening in our communities and open our eyes to the true reality.

There is a price on the heads of young Black men.


Because white men fear them.



17 comments on “How Rap Musicians Are Being Manipulated to Aid In The Destruction of Black Males…

  1. Tyrone says:

    Sis, I bumped to Easy-E, NWA, Snoop Dogg, etc. At the same time, was and still am a fan of KRS-ONE, Brand Nubians, Poor Righteous Teachers, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, and so forth. Unlike many of my peers in the projects, gangsta-rap was just music to me. I never thought for one second that those poppin” off about being thugs were real. I grew up around d-boys, trap-spots, drive-bys, all of that ish here in Miami. For those not black and living on the other side of the tracks, the hood asthetic can be addictive and surreal. We as African people have a flamboyant side that shines thru and thru…Rich or Poor! The gold chains, rims that cost more than a used car, hairstyles, slang, etc. I mention all of this to give context. When we got our so-called freedom in 1964, our lives changed. Now, we could shop at the white folk stores, be like them more or less. In our zeal to keep up with them folks, patience took a backseat. Brothas wanted the good life by any means necessary. In hindsight, this was a fatal misjudgement on our part. Selling drugs and robbing us more than anybody was part of the plan. White males knew that a percentage of us would fall into the trap due to their brainwashing and bleaching of history. Hip-Hop has become what it hates the most…A Sellout! Promoting violence against black people, hating blackwomen, encouraging homosexual behavior via the penal system, supporting communism, Marxism, radical islam, etc. This is present-day black masculinity in hip-hop aka street music. I no longer give money to haters of our people in rap, Hollywood, politics, religion and so forth…Can’t Do It Sis! A self-hating blackman is a crocodile with 2 legs, but just as deadly. We rebuke any among “The Brothahood” that has malice for the chosen on God’s Green Earth!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I too have rebuked the current state of Black America. It’s a false-image of our people. And Tyrone, that’s why I created this blog. We’ve got to get back on track and claim our souls, dignity, and minds back!

      America can’t afford to lose our people! White people are too dependent on our buying power and if only Black people realized just how much power we had; we could literally change this whole world overnight.

      When will the awakening occur? That is the big question.


      • Tyrone says:

        Don’t Fret Sis, This Too Shall Pass! America can’t survive without us, and Africa needs our aid and concern to get over the hump…Inter-Dependent! Honestly, we strayed away from you…Our Backbone! Righteous blackmen love their reflection. Gangsta-Rap showed us what happens when we forsake you…Genocide!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Well, they better get with it.

        God is talking real loud right now.

        And we better start listening.


  2. I’ll admit sis that I didn’t read this post because I have such strong feeling about how “rap” has absolutely destroyed Black people. I’m not gonna get into a long screed, but it’ll suffice to say that I refuse to listen to any ignorant music and that means no radio or anything on the charts.

    When I was younger and much, much dumber I needed some money because of silly decisions I made. My idea was to rob someone of their money that I figured I deserved for whatever reason. My cousin and I got in the car and blasted NWA and let that play as loud as possible for as long as it took for my nerves to get right. I’ll cut to the chase and say my upbringing kicked in and I left that idea on that same curb where I sat waiting for my victim. Did the music influence me? No. Did the music give me the idea? No. Did the music put me in the mind frame I needed to do this deed? YES!!! And that is all it needed to do and if you think there’s nothing to the influence of music on you – you better think again. Ever been in the club and jam comes on calling women all kinds bitches and the rest? Who beats everyone to the floor? Those same women and they’ll be quick to tell you – they ain’t talking about me. Whateva.


  3. originalwoman13 says:

    And let’s not forget to mention how rappers are also being manipulated to continue the degradation of the black woman on a global scale. Many of these rappers are pedestal placing white/non-black women and helping the white supremacist to market non-black women as more desirable than black women; especially the dark skinned black woman;the mother of the black race. Look at the women in many of the videos nowadays; do they look like me and you, sis?The purpose of this is very clear to kill the black man’s natural preference for the black woman so that he will have no desire to mate with her, share his riches with her ( which the black woman greatly deserves), and ultimately weaken and kill black DNA…the degradation of the black woman needs to be addressed more often because it is getting worse by the day.


  4. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Which is why I do not listen to current rap or anything current anymore except maybe for a little Adele or Emeli Sande…


  5. Music isn’t like it used to be. It’s mostly mental pollution on the radio nowadays.


  6. […] Source: How Rap Musicians Are Being Manipulated to Aid In The Destruction of Black Males… […]


  7. I remember Heavy D & The Boyz and Rapper’s Delight, Kurtis Blow, 2 Live Crew, Whodini and Sir Mix-A-Lot, those rappers were my favorites. Two songs by Tupac, I dearly love, Keep Ya Head Up and Better Dayz. But most rappers of today, I can’t pick up what they’re putting down. No way, no how.

    …and you are right, it is a conspiracy to set up our young Black men to head right inside a for profit prison and what’s going on inside the prisons? They are emasculating the Black male. They are raping them and sodomizing them and encouraging homosexuality because that’s mainly been a white thang. The whites have always been vile and filthy and now they’re attempting to spread that very vileness and filth onto Black men. It’s obscene what the whites are getting away with.

    Yes, we do need to get up off our asses and figure out that we as a Black race have been under attack since day one in this hell hole and unless we intend to be taken down and stay down, we need to recognize just what we’re up against ’cause they ain’t playing with us!

    Great post btw!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Shelby…Black people must return back to God.

      Everything that has been happening to us of late is all because of rebellion and disobedience.

      We know what white people are. Come on. But why are so many still trying to attach themselves to the thing that is contaminating us?

      That’s complete stupidity.


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