How The Devil Was Made: Why Caucasians Are Violent…

This is very interesting and I felt compelled to post it for some true intellectual discourse on the matter of understanding White Supremacy, racism, and the history of behavior of white people over time.

Do you agree with this?


11 comments on “How The Devil Was Made: Why Caucasians Are Violent…

  1. Nat Turner's Revenge says:

    Farrakhan is a scientologist now. Please refrain from posting his likeness.


  2. Tyrone says:

    They’re violence towards us is envy wrapped in guns and tanks. Folk that love themselves, don’t sail all over the map enslaving and raping another group of human beings. Scholars tell us slavery was only about money and greed, it was more than that. Seeing what they saw in our homeland, the gold, diamonds, textiles, language, music, dance, sexuality…Made Them Mad As Hell! Today, the same mindset is still active. Jealous white males are killing blackmen over stupid ish, racist cops in New York are abusing mothers, pregnant women, teens with a lil’ weed, etc. Obviously, seeing us makes them feel some type of way…Too Bad!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      They must be destroyed.

      White people are evil incarnate, Tyrone.

      Last week, a tweet I made on October 5th, went viral and numerous white people began making racist comments about my statement–having the audacity to call me a reverse racist. What was the tweet? Just because Black people talk about racism, doesn’t make them racist.

      It stirred the nest.

      The truth hurts.


      • Tyrone says:

        Sis… They’re doing a bang-up job already. Abortion, Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, Atheism, etc. In the past, i used to think albinos(caucasians) were capable of being saved. Today, i feel differently about this paradigm. Envy will never allow them to coexist with us in sane fashion…A Pipedream!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        They’re agents of Satan.

        I actually said this to a white girl, boldly stating how white people are more likely to join the occult/Satanic worship, etc. You should have seen the look on her face, but it’s true.


  3. I’m not completely sure if I agree with this or not, but what other opinion is there? Arrogance of white people is stifling and talk about entitled. They say Black people are entitled, but have you seen a more entitled people than one who thinks any Black person that has the nerve to disobey a power drunk cop needs shot? Let’s talk entitled: the fact that I show up means – off the top that I’m second or third because surely first is reserved for the master race. Please.


  4. […] Source: How The Devil Was Made: Why Caucasians Are Violent… […]


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