The Album That Changed My Life…

Hey old heads!

Remember this one?

1988.  The summer that changed Black music–I like to call it.

Seems like yesterday…remembering the time I went to the record store (Camelot) and picked up this album by chance.  It changed my life.

Guy set the standard for all R & B groups to come and when you listen to their first album, you’ll understand why…


Side: Also posting their 2nd album.

They released a third and final album in 2000 entitled, Guy III.

The Future 1990

5 comments on “The Album That Changed My Life…

  1. That’s a good one, but the one that had me wide open was Off The Wall by Michael Jackson. I would play that record over and over and over some more. My pops was an audiophile and had the best stereo equipment. He put it on a reel to reel for me and I would put no his headphone and be gone for hours at a time.


  2. Believe me! I enjoyed it! Thank you!


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