Why Are White People Always Shocked By Blacks Who Speak The Truth About Them?


This morning while checking the posts, I ran across yet another shocked white (female) person who felt that my comments were racist regarding an article I wrote last year, 10 Rules for White Women Who Date/Marry Black Men.  Apparently, she was hurt that her superiority wasn’t esteemed and the audacity of her White Privilege to think that this Black woman would have the nerve to speak her mind about views and issues that frankly, some white people just aren’t aware of.  The child acted as if I had committed the crime of the century by writing an article.

Haven’t you noticed how white folks are always shocked by the bluntness of Black people? We tell it like it is.  And they just can’t handle the fact that many of us aren’t whitewashed by White Supremacy.  It just boggles the mind how offended they get when discovering that we actually see through their hypocrisy and don’t mind throwing it back in their face.

It’s rather comical how most white people seem to think they have to chastise the “bad Negro” for insulting their authority, albeit, White Privilege.  As if…they don’t believe that White Supremacy really exists and we’re so wrong for having the audacity to react to the racism directed at people in our community every single day.

Just because you bought a Beyonce CD and saw the movie, The Help *rolling eyes*, doesn’t absolve you from scrutiny.

Like a Timex watch, that old White Privilege just keeps tickin’.  They still assume that we should just hush.

So, as a community service bulletin, I will extend the following check points for those white folks who just don’t seem to get it.  Let me just highlight a few realities that some of you just aren’t aware of:

Fact 1: Yes.  There are Black people who really don’t like white people.

Fact 2: Yes. Black people will tell you to your face–WHY THEY DON’T LIKE WHITE PEOPLE!  And not give a damn how white people react.

Fact 3:  Yes.  What we say is THE TRUTH about white people.

Fact 4:  Yes.  Racism still exists.

Fact 5:   Yes.  White people are racist!

Fact 6:   We don’t trust you!

Fact 7:  We are our own fact checkers!

Fact 8:  Telling people about how their racism impacts us IS NOT RACIST!

Fact 9:  Black people are very intelligent and know exactly what white people think we don’t know about them!  Most of you are hypocrites!

Fact 10: We don’t need your permission to have an opinion!

Not one time have I ever advertised this blog as being politically correct.  It’s premise is to tell the absolute truth about my culture and experiences–no matter what.

Is that clear?

Are we there yet?

For the slow and naive among you, I’m so sorry that my blog doesn’t esteem you, but you know what?  this isn’t the Wizard of Oz.  It’s real life–and contrary to what some white folks like to think; many don’t know much about who Black people really are, and certainly have no education about our history and contributions nor do they seem to understand how their behavior impacts our lives…even on the most innocent social levels.

Everything we do is watched, scrutinized and judged.  We are not allowed anonymity as white people are.

I know that I’m free and I’m sorry to disappoint these sad Caucasians who have stumbled upon this blog and discovered  to their chagrin, the opinions of an intelligent Black women who could care less if I offend their pride.

So basically, I really do not concern myself with white folks who try to tell me or other Black people what we should think.  I speak the truth–and make no apologies to White America for saying what needs to be said to them–regardless of what the world thinks.



17 comments on “Why Are White People Always Shocked By Blacks Who Speak The Truth About Them?

  1. ion borta says:

    as i can see, black people are more racist than white people. I am black myself and my heart breaks when i see black people being like that. If u were smart, u wouldn’t be here wasting ur time by saying who the fuck is racist or why all white people are racist, NOT all of them are!!! if all white people were racist we would’ve been slaves by now. If u were smart u wouldn’t waste ur time here, if god created black people, where the fuck did white people get from?

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      How old are you? Let me know that. Because if you’re under the age of 50; you have no business telling me anything. I don’t look at life with rose-colored glasses, sweetie.


  2. rad1913 says:

    Lol! Wow! I guess I would be angry too if I belonged to a group that needs to be held by the hand and led through life by the very people I profess to hate. Tell me something, how did the Caucasoid manage to completely strip your people of all of their dignity and power? The truth is we cannot speak the truth in America today about the state of the black population. I’ll start listening and giving a shit when you start accepting
    “THE TRUTH”…….Angel

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Who are you? You don’t know one damn thing about Black people, our history or the true history of mankind–and where all civilization and life began.

      You don’t come onto my blog, blowing your bullshit with a bullhorn demanding I do anything.

      The truth is my character and as long as I am the author of this blog; I’ll dish out that truth by any means necessary.

      You’re typical of someone who is flip and quick at the sarcasm, but one who values knowledge will assert that sarcasm is not an indicator of intelligence.

      You’ve got one more time to try and disrespect this blog or my people. I promise you, the response will not be nice.


      • Angel, the problem with you is that I assume you come from a generation where racism was very evident and there was a lot of conflict between Whites and Blacks at the time. But we, as a generation today, should not hinder the integration and companionship that could be made by Black children and White children just because we’re too selfish and unforgiving to let go of the terrible things that had happened in the past. I, as a 16 year old boy from London, have an abundance of lifelong Black friends who I’ve grown up with from nursery school all the way up to now as I’m taking my GCSEs. I’ve probably been lucky enough to have been integrated with Black people from a child and I am saying that most people don’t do this nowadays because they’re holding onto the past and inflicting us on the new generation. All I am saying is that if we truly want total peace and equality; we have to pull together, talk and try to move on and forget what has occurred. If not, then our future generations will always be faced with an everlasting conflict that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.

        Just something to think about and I’m interested to hear your thoughts.
        Thank you.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Wisdom trumps idealism. I appreciate your positive attitude but talk to me in another 30 years. And ask yourself, what do you understand about being Black in a White Supremacist world.

        There is no problem with me. I have witnessed the behavior of whites in America all of my life. They are exactly what I say. There is no confusion.

        Character is what makes a person.

        And the character of white people in this world has been horrid.


  3. Truthangel07 says:

    Listen to me, you low, reactive, reptilian brain, Neanderthal! There are no Niggers in this country; and the only trash that is on this planet, are Caucasoid’s like yourself, who can’t seem to figure out, that you are not superior; you are a genetically recessive, humanoid, unable to feel anything, prone to suicide, and self-destruction. Shut up with this bullshit–it’s so tired. No one is listening, craKKKa! You’ve already lost the race war. In 1996, the white population reached negative birthrate (more whites are dying than being born), and with the actions of white females who don’t seem to want to procreate with white males any longer–it’s just speeding up the inevitable. That’s why you people love to have sex with animals! You can’t stand each other.

    Don’t come here spewing your hate. Your problem is with your SELF–an insecure, depraved, low esteemed, hate filled, mentally unstable, psychopath.

    I will never be the creation in your little disturbed mind.

    Black people are God’s first creation, sweetie. We are the parent race. You didn’t make us. You can’t, Caucasoid! YOU CAN’T PRODUCE MELANIN.

    Civilization began in Africa–NOT EUROPE. Please tell me how some THING that emerged from a CAVE 100,000 years after civilization actually became intelligent? Just what do you think Africans were doing? Africans were building pyramids, studying the stars–they INVENTED MATHEMATICS! The first geniuses of the earth came from Africa. We were already evolved! How does something recessive(whites) create something dominant(Black people) genetically? YOU CAN’T BEAT US–AT ANYTHING! Your ancestors had to handicap Black people in order to be this piece of fiction you created in your heads. Superior my ass! The Black man is the originator of creation–everything we do becomes special. That’s why you bastards love to copy us.

    If I were in your face; I’d knock the taste out of your mouth!

    Africa was going through its 3rd Golden period when Europe descended into the Dark Ages. Frankly, in my opinion, the Bubonic plague was nature’s way of trying to remove a mistake; and I tell ya…that natural selection is a mutha.

    Karma is an unforgiving Bounty Hunter!

    Get your stupid ass off of my blog!


  4. layla Lewis says:

    Dear Truthangel 07
    I want to tell you that not only Americans white are racist with African Americans in general and with blacks living in the US.
    Whites living in the world the majority are racist with blacks! I understood one thing in life they like it when a black person suffers, is insulted openly in public because so no one will take your defences! If you fight for your rights they recognize they do everything to hinder you because you’re stupid for being black!
    If a black is nice and polite with a white and licks their ass are a good black but you’re not you submit this because they want then you are a black villain! I have seen horrible things and hear things that you can not imagine! Although I was not born in the US I am Afro Brazilian but I can understand the suffering of all blacks living anywhere!
    There are sites on the internet about some countries that blacks don’t want to!
    These countries make fun of us and insult us, we are continually targeting of racist cartoons, movies racists and racist caricatures are a tide of things!
    I’ve never heard newspapers or news that speak well of us, we are constantly humiliated, mocked and reviewed by the world! Every day it’s getting worse!
    Scientists and statisticians who do not see them to insult us and to throw down, showing only the negative side of us! White people want other countries hate us so they can continue their supremacy, they just want to destroy us ! In their eyes we are just slaves who continue to work in the cotton fields!
    Black women for them aren’t women! We aren’t respected like other women, defended or protected!
    We are only prostitutes, stupid, ugly women that we do not need respect!
    There are some blacks who are strong but others who resort to suicide to not hear the crap that comes spat in the face!
    I don’t like white people , I’m not jealous of them because I can not find anything to be jealous of people who insult you and I can’t find anything to admire in them!
    The white people came to the world to torture us and persecute us until


  5. Why Are White People Always Shocked By Blacks Who Speak The Truth About Them?

    For the same reason Vampires are always shocked when they get burned by sunlight. I mean it’s a really simple concept really, we are “sun people” thanks to our melanin and they are frigid cold, melanin deficient soul sucking vampires. Anyone with a brain and basic knowledge of science and dare I say it, a love of pokemon knows that ice is weak to fire. You do the math


    • truthangel07 says:

      “For the same reason Vampires are always shocked when they get burned by sunlight.

      Holding stake in my hand–rushing creature with merciless conviction…

      Great statement!



  6. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the response. I understand and support you!! I have an account at that place (after getting waived) but rarely log in.


  7. Jennifer says:

    Hello Truth Angel!!! I read your blog weekly. What happen to the Lipstick Alley section? Did you remove it? Please provide details. I was reading TODAY (10/1) comments from some crazy waived font named “really girl” who made various outlandished allegations in support of Condi and POOF the section was gone. Whats up?


    • truthangel07 says:

      I removed it because it was becoming outlandish and this is not a sub-site for Lipstick Alley. The article is over a year old and I just felt it was time for people to move on.

      You’re more than welcome to respond to articles on my blog–there is a lot to read and grow from.

      I’m sorry…but I just got tired of the redundant posts.


  8. Number 1, I don’t like white people.

    Number 2, I let them know in no uncertain terms why I don’t like their ass.

    3. I don’t require that they like the truth, but they’ll get it from me.

    4 and 5. Yes, racism still exits and it’s not going anywhere and they are all racist, every single one of them.

    6. Hell no, I don’t trust them, not a bit of it!

    7. Exactly! I do my own thinking and I fact check for myself. Never let it be said that I simply believe everything that I am told.

    8. Telling them what they already know, that they are indeed, racists, is telling them the truth. If they can’t handle it, that’s their problem. I call it like I see it and make no apologies.

    9. Indeed! They think we’re stupid AND clueless because when they smile at us and tell us about their ‘Black’ friend, and how they work with Black people and have no problem with us. Like hell they don’t as I’ve worked with plenty of whites and I was called a “nigger” to my face. Let’s just say that I was handed a golden opportunity that has enabled me to become my own boss.

    10. You’ve got that right! I wish the hell I thought I’d be needing all up on some whites’ permission for a damn thing. I am going to maintain respect for your blog and that is why I shall refrain from typing a few choice words because whites are vile and disgusting.

    Those dirty depraved snakes have crossed oceans to steal, rape, pillage, decimate and indoctrinate other cultures. They have had the audacity to label other people as savages when no one on this planet could be more savage than the whites are. No other group of dare I say, ‘people’ have managed to ‘muck’ up this entire planet like the whites have done. It is my opinion that this world would not be in the condition it is in if whites were not allowed.

    “An entire continent could not escape the thieving ways of the white man.
    They plundered Africa’s wealth and stole its people for their plan.

    With blood dripping everywhere, the savage whipped the broken slave.
    We know who fucked the world up and who no good could ever save.

    White savages will forever enslave all Black and Brown folk,
    and if they rise to try to fight, they’re hindered by their yoke.

    No good did ever come from the white savages rule on earth,
    as they seek, destroy and kill amidst such peals of mirth.

    Is it funny to this day, what those savages have wrought?
    Do you find the time to laugh since in slavery, you’ve been caught?

    When they finally destroy this world with their nukes and fracking sites,
    and since the people have been cowed and deprived of all their rights

    will the last to close their eyes see beyond the mushroom cloud,
    to what this world could have been like if ‘whites’ were not allowed?”

    One thing I do know, it wouldn’t be the snake pit it is now!

    Thanks TruthAngel07 for posting this! You always speak the truth!

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    • truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Shelby.


      Girl, I’m in between taking care of my mother (staying with me recuperating) and remembering one of my old high school deans who recently passed.

      The woman’s post ticked me off and I gave her a very curt response.

      I’m sick and tired, as most Black people are, of white people seemingly taking the time to visit Black blogs–only when they come across something that doesn’t esteem them. And then have the temerity to try and dictate at “you’re a reverse racist” shit. No. I’m throwing your dirt back in your faces.

      There is a woman by the name of CitCat (whom I’ve banned and spammed) well over 50 or more times now, but she has been stalking my blog in regards to that very article mentioned in this piece. Apparently, she just doesn’t understand racism and where I’m coming from, however, the irony of her telling me she’s a southern white woman married to a Black man.

      It’s this type of behavior that never gets scrutinized but I made a vow to expose every single racist act, word or person who seemed to think they were going to escape confrontation for how they think.

      All I’m saying to white folks is that we don’t care about what you think about us but please stop insulting our intelligence with the insistence that their actions aren’t racist.


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      • TruthAngel, my hat is off to you. I moved back to my hometown(in the south) a couple of years ago to take care of my ailing mother(congestive heart failure)she is now doing quite well and I have since been able to move back to where I now live. So, I hope your mother is on the road to regaining her health and I am sorry for the loss of your high school dean. My favorite dean passed away also, quite a few years ago and he was such a nice man as was the very first teacher that taught me how to type(dead also), both were Black men and they took no shit and that’s a fact.

        You know it is a shame that so many fine Black men have passed on, the ones who stood up and refused to sit down amidst the shit that was thrown at them by the nasty ass whites. Hopefully, our Black brothers can stand tall and proud once again and stop buying into the “I’m dating a white girl, look at me!” bullshit. Puleeez! They got nothing! And that IS the damn truth! I don’t understand why some cannot see their Black brothers being herded into for profit prisons on bullshit charges and those who don’t make it to prison are shot dead on any street in AmeriKKKa by murderous ass racist skinheads and Klan members because they make up the police force, the military and they’re the COs in prisons. Some of our people need to wake the hell up to what’s going down. Seriously!

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      • truthangel07 says:

        Oh, I agree wholeheartedly.

        And my old dean, Mr. Clark was indeed a tough man. He was just like Joe Clark in the movie, Lean on me, only he actually played as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

        We just had our class reunion this summer and he was there. I was shocked to hear of him getting ill and passing so quickly. He was the picture of health.

        So far, I’ve lost quite teachers in the last year.

        Time is moving on…

        As relates to what you said about Black men these days being so clueless; I don’t think they are that…they choose to be irresponsible. And their choices are coming back to bite them in the behind.

        Life is short and it’s shorter for those who refuse to read between the lines.


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