White Women Think Black Women Are Jealous of Them…


A few days ago on Twitter,  a comment was made by a white girl, in response to something I tweeted regarding Blacks responding to racism by whites.  She said Black women were jealous of white women.

Honestly, it took me aback because in all my years, most of the Black women I’ve ever known, actually felt supremely superior to white women.  Yet, this child has a different perception.

The audacity and arrogance of White Privilege makes many white folks blind to their behavior and impact on POC’s.

Let’s be real, shall we.  With all due respect, given the constant media and historical images of white women, they are more a construct of what femininity should be through the eyes of white males.  In their desire to exalt white women, they did it at the expense of Black women, and the forcible removal of the Black male as her natural protector.

There is no Black woman who has any sense who could be jealous of white women.  Why?  How can you be jealous of women that use Barbie dolls and Mannequins as their beauty standards?  Are these not some of the most ghoulish photos you’ve ever seen?

Barbie girls Olga Oleinik and Valeria Lukianova


These are actual white women who had plastic surgery to look this way…

Who remembers this clown?  My god.  Tanning is a religion to some white people.

And the plastic surgery nightmares as the last two indicate…

When I first saw this on Inside Edition, honestly, I was shocked but then again…it just exposed how deeply white women are obsessed with youth, beauty, and the superficial.  They are as empty as the dolls they emulate, yet, white men want the world to emulate them as a standard?  What man wants to wake up to these freaks?

More like a warning of what happens when you don’t realize your self worth beyond your face, hips, and thighs.

Black women just know better, and that is really the correct assessment of how Black women see themselves.  We are culturally more spiritual, and have a unique sense of self-expression, style, and presentation than most white women. That is just a fact.  We dress sharp and we use various means of aesthetics to enhance the naturalness of our beauty.  When white women look in the mirror, they look for wrinkles and get depressed that they look 45 at 30.  When we look in the mirror, we smile, put our hands on our hips and snap our fingers because we’re 45 and look 30.  God is good.  The various brown tones of our skin reminds the casual observer of fine gold, bronze, and copper–everything valued and prized.

How can we relate to women who do everything to destroy their natural self? Lip injections, extreme tanning,  botox, butt implants, breast augmentation, etc., it’s self-hatred to the extreme?

We are the real beauty standard.

And to the dumb white girl who made the comment on Twitter: Why would we be jealous of women who by all accounts, spend millions of dollars to make themselves look like anything but who they were born to be.

No.  Black women aren’t jealous of white women.  We pity them and THANK GOD we are not them.

33 comments on “White Women Think Black Women Are Jealous of Them…

  1. Dabigdogg says:

    Black women are the most beautiful women on the planet…they set the standard for sensuality and inside and out. When it comes to being desired by men (for me) there’s no comparison between white women and black women. Why would I want a vanilla ice cream cone when I can have a hot fudge caramel sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top???

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  2. Fasta Hs. says:

    Yea.. Agree sist…


  3. Layla says:

    I agree they still believe we are jealous about them. Black women try to copy them if they are weak no stronger! A claver black woman never desire to have white skin and straight hair,but who wants to look like a racist?those who want to have their attitude to racist they are?
    ! They have the fortune this racist white supremacist society that favours them and just put in last stage otherwise black women black women were the most beautiful! In a league that I read on the internet they put women as less desiderate and not least the “black women!” There are a lot of YouTube videos and rankings crap on the internet! For survivor these pieces of shit if they invent one more of the devil, shall ensure that a greater number of people belonging to other ethnic groups to mate with them! So the white genes that represent evil can ever survive! Because they do not want to settle! So as well as white men as they put more and more men want! With these pieces of shit other people avoid it,…


  4. Moanika says:

    It’s funny you brought Valeria Lukyanova – Human Barbie up on this topic. Some people remember her as m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5106405

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  5. team66 says:

    Truth. I’ve been reading both you and DOAN’s blog for quite some time now. I am on my spiritual journey. Could I contact you through email?


  6. nidotopianwarrior says:

    hello Truth, listen, I probably neglected to mention that I run my own blog. it’s mostly a hub that I will post my black superhero novel on. it’s currently in progress, so far I only have my first chapter which I just posted. Not sure if you’re into that kinda stuff but just thought I’d let you know.. ok Deuces

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  7. […] Source: White Women Think Black Women Are Jealous of Them… […]


  8. Tyrone says:

    Caucasian women don’t wanna take it there, will lose every time. Of course, some of them are attractive, but that’s deceptive. Pure-Blooded white females are less attractive than those that are mixed. Context is important when discussing this issue. Middle-Eastern, Spanish, and Southern whitewomen accrue their beauty from the dna of our foremothers. These 3 are what we see on the idiot box, not pale-skinned blondes that look like ghosts. Sistas have no equal on this planet, other women know this. All blackmen are not slow in that way, we know the value of our women. Whiteness is supposed to be better, but these women don’t wanna birth white babies…Jealous of Who? Truth can never stay hidden, has to break free. Great post Truth!!!


  9. Bibi Queen says:

    Everything we have they want, nothing at all to be jealous of..we are the original, anything less is only a copy.


  10. Hear! Hear! Well said! So TRUE!!!!


  11. This just too ridiculous for me to even take seriously. Look, the only thing a white chick can do for me is tell me where them sistas at. Period.

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  12. nidotopianwarrior says:

    “They are as empty as the dolls they emulate, yet, white men want the world to emulate them as a standard? What man wants to wake up to these freaks?”

    Honey angel, it’s no surprise because white men are just as superficial and shallow as white women. They’re obsessed with having perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect biceps, perfect abs and the list goes on. Most are focused on being the next Adonis or Fabio or Pierre….. Shallow people all think alike, ever watched shows like Gossip Girl? There’s a clear example…..

    Another thing that’s funny is that most of these people who are hot stuff end up a pile of steaming hot shit… Truth,

    OK Deuces


    • truthangel07 says:

      Black men are waking up. It’s hard being taken seriously as a man if the woman you’re sleeping with thinks that looking like a doll is what being a real woman is.


      • Truth says:

        Nice judgement of all white women. Funny the article says ‘no black woman would be jealous’. That is utter bs. 99% of black women are hair hatted, obese, nappy, ashy haters. If this was not true, explain why over 75% are chronically single, only good for knocking up, and unemployed? Those are pure facts. Sux to be you I bet.


  13. A says:

    Jealous of what? Self-entitled victim complex having women who have no idea how much privilege they actually have? Why would anyone be jealous of that?


    • truthangel07 says:

      White Privilege, like a Timex watch, just keeps on ticking…


      • A says:

        I had a white teacher in high school who actually stated that BM made more money than WW because male privilege was so far reaching it went across racial lines. I almost spat out what I was drinking because what she said was so stupid. I pointed out to her that these things could easily be countered with facts and we could look up the census & see the average wage of both. She still held onto her point until I pulled it up to show her. WW on average make more than Black, Hispanic & Native men in America yet the white feminists use the pay gap as a constant talking point, this is the constant victimhood & subsequent blindness to their own privilege I’m referring to.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Yet another lie of white feminism. And to believe that some naive sisters bought into it…Lawd!


    • Truth says:

      You are a complete idiot. Everyone the world over knows black women are haters of every other race ESPECIALLY mixed race and white. I get it everyday from them yet kindness and compliments from everyone else. Please stop lying to yourself


      • Truthangel07 says:


        Women of other races copy Black women daily. From hair to fashion, we set the trends.

        Why are plastic surgeons rich? Because most white women want to have the physical attributes that Black women have naturally.


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