Biracial People Who Love To Tell Us What They Are Mixed With…


I’ve got Indian in my family“…We all have known this person.  You made the mistake of complimenting their hair and you got this response.  You looked at them quizzically and then just chose to walk away…not saying what you really were thinking.  The sad truth here is that only 5% of African Americans can claim Indian ancestry and the hard truth here is that there were Indian tribes that owned slaves.

What I have been noticing for quite some time are the number of Black people who seem to think that it’s some badge of honor to tell people that they are mixed with Chinese, Russian, and Black.  Really?  Say something in Chinese or Russian then.  And are you African American, African or Jamaican when you say Black?  It becomes like a game of Guess.

So many Black people have developed such a low self-esteem complex, they need to attach themselves to a group of people that they esteem in order to feel good about themselves.  Subliminally, it’s like they are saying…’I’m almost white.’  And they know it.  I’m not going to spare anyone’s feelings.

Let’s just be real: many people of mixed race know that being biracial is like being in a secret society; they have access to both sides.  They operate covertly but for those who are discerning, it’s very clear they know exactly what they are doing when they say the things they say.

Today on Black Twitter, there was a young biracial lady who posted a picture of herself and labeled it, Black, Russian, and Czech.  I responded, “People who need to dissect their ancestry have low self-esteem.  Does a proud lion need to call itself a tiger?”  I’m waiting for the response.

There are some Black people who actually feel that biracial people are more attractive and I guess those who are of this lineage, will try to play the race car to their advantage, using both sides to win favor and acceptance, but in regards to African Americans, it is a scary tactic of Divide and Conquer extending from the global system of White Supremacy, that is consciously used as a weapon to further oppress Black people from loving themselves.  The system of White Supremacy must destroy the one thing that threatens its white genetic survival: US.  It’s psychological warfare.  They want us to hate ourselves in order to negate Black love and unity.

And I’m just waiting to see what happens when you raise Black children to believe they have been extended  White Privilege because one parent happens to be white.  The real world is waiting for them.  For such people, I dare them to ask those white people what they say when Black people aren’t around.

When you hear biracial people trying to up their ancestry mixtures, they’re talking in code to white people (validating their white supremacy) and us (demeaning the part of them they secretly hate).  Saying, ‘I’m mixed is just another way to say: I’M NOT BLACK!

It’s up to us to call them out and not be concerned if they are offended.

Self-respect is more powerful than any nuclear weapon.



14 comments on “Biracial People Who Love To Tell Us What They Are Mixed With…

  1. Sabrina says:

    Another great topic. I like that your conversations vary. I like being a full blooded black person. Honestly, black people, especially African-Americans are fine just the way that they are and the way they look.

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  2. Moanika says:

    People are systematic made to hate and ignore black blood.Once I overheard a conversation on Biracial Beauty. One Biracial Woman,White Man and Black Man in this conversation. She was telling them-Her father is black nigerian and her mother is a white german. The white man was wow by her german blood. And black man drooling about her european features. It was shameful. They correctly forgot her blackside. She enjoy the attention


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m not surprised…and for the most part, I was not raised to hate any group of people, but when you are observing the behavior of people over a long period of time; and you notice certain traits, actions, attitudes, rituals, etc., logically, you will make an assessment of your perceptions. And that’s all I’ve done.

      Let the chips fall where they may….


  3. Biracial people who love to tell us who they are mixed with!

    Now these are another set of Klorbag Varglornilks I can’t stand. Especially those that have Italian in their family tree, and it’s common knowledge that Italians are very haughty and full of themselves. I also hate when half-breed mulattoes puff-up their pride and go like “I’m half-Italian on my mother’s side” like it’s some badge of honour or a trophy….. gaaah it’s disgusting I’m glad I’m full black


    • truthangel07 says:

      This doesn’t just impact African Americans. I know of two cases involving Mexicans who hated themselves so much; one family actually were going around telling themselves they were Italian and an ex-co-worker of mine years ago (Cindy Perez) loved to fish for compliments from people who said she looked Italian. The irony here? Italians are known to hate Mexicans.

      Go figure…

      Why would a proud lion need to call itself a tiger?

      The quandary of it all…


  4. […] Source: Biracial People Who Love To Tell Us What They Are Mixed With… […]


  5. I took this sista from work out ONCE and during the course of the meal I started with my Black pride talk and this chick told me something that stopped me cold. She looked at me with a straight face and said, “I’m not Black, I’m Indian.” I dropped my fork and my mouth hung open – I was silent for a minute and thought to myself “I’m gonna die single.” This chick was as dark as any other black person, but her hair was a bit finer than average, but far from straight. **as an aside the more course your hair is the more versatile it is**

    It’s this low self-esteem that has been bred in us which manifest in all kinds of different ways. Like us putting generations of Koreans through college because we gotta slip some ridiculous bone straight hair on our heads like we foolin’ somebody. It’s what keeps the skin bleaching industry on fire because self-hate is billion dollar business. I’ve seen and experience the hurt of little dark skinned babies being ignored because a little Halfican is in view.

    And for the record my people are from the Lowcountry of SC Gullah/Geech direct descendants of Afrikans brought from Sierra Leone. That makes me very proud, but my great grandmother was somewhat Indian. My grandmother, her daughter told me it was not something she was proud of and didn’t speak about it often.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Thanks for revealing this, Hung. I’m just trying to unlock the ignorance in so many of us that keeps the global White Supremacy system alive. When you do things that validate racism and color hatred against yourself; you’re in effect a co-conspirator of that system.

      I just hope I can get through…the rest is up to God.


      • Tyrone says:


        Informed black folk don’t care about that foolishness. It’s very simple and to the point. Blackness is what we be about on this side of the tracks. Telling us about fractions of this and that are accomplishing what for our people? This is the interracial fallacy that keeps us backsliding. Every other race keeps the mixed ones at a distance, except us. I don’t understand black people who partake in these genocidal theatrical…Get Some Pride For Christ Sake! As you correctly stated, Native Americans enslaved us as well. Other races have and still do exploit our people, and we desire to claim them…Hell No! They don’t love us. Wanna lay in bed with us and kill us at the same time. Travel to any nation populated with blacks and non-blacks, and you will see the pimp/hoe paradigm in effect…Seeing is Believing!


      • truthangel07 says:

        You only can be a slave when you allow someone to be your master.

        Sadly, too many of us have a slave mentality and this must be killed.


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