Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women…

Can’t believe a Black man wrote a book about this:

The system of White Supremacy is hard at work these days.  For at least the length of the Obama presidency, people have been hating on Black women. Such paternalism.  Wow!

If some of you have been paying attention, you’ll notice many social websites marketing IR dating to Black women.  Really…hhhmmm… One I found even had the audacity to advise Black women to find love in Europe

Why are people so concerned with who Black women date and marry?  I asked this question when thinking about this topic.

Racism and white supremacy has been ingrained in this society to the extent, white people still feel they have to tell us what to do.

But what about a Black woman involved with a non-Black man.  It’s her choice, right?

That’s what we tell the numerous Black males who date outside, but for Black women, being single is not of liberation; it’s a conviction of sorts.  People assume nobody wants us–not even our own men.

I took the liberty to search the web and find some articles that are addressing this issue:

Honestly, I never knew it was so hard for Black women to find men.  Hell, all of my life, I’ve been approached.  I’ve never once felt undesired and if I were single, that’s my damn choice.  I don’t lay up with just any man and there is a time in life when we need to be alone to reflect and grow spiritually.

When I hear people make comments as to what they perceive to be the reason why many Black women are single, my reaction is one of annoyance more than anger.

Black women do not need to be told who to date or marry.  Most Black women date and marry Black men and have BLACK CHILDREN.  Obviously we aren’t infertile, as are many white women nor desperate.

The only thing I can say is that Black women can date or marry whom they choose and if some decide to remain single–that’s their damn business.

The last time I checked, Black women did not ruin the economy and we are not terrorist killers.

If they can’t control us, then I guess it’s assumed that they must control our wombs.  Why?  Because of the fear of white genetic annihilation.  That’s right–we have the power to destroy white people, simply by having MORE BLACK BABIES.  And this must be stopped.  It’s about survival.  We are a threat to them. The system of racism was designed for the survival of a small minority of people who classify themselves as white.

Psychological warfare is real.  And all of the things that we’re seeing is a part of that system of White Supremacy: Neutralize us–than remove us as a threat.  It’s all part of that.

So, if you see an advertisement somewhere that is promoting interracial love unions for Black women–rip it down.

The only reason Black men and women aren’t marrying each other, is because far too many have believed the lies of the white controlled media who convinced them not to.  It’s all about provoking self-hatred in our people.

This is all a matter of chess.  And we need to learn how to counter our opponents correctly.


Study videos: 

45 comments on “Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women…

  1. Cyprus Adam says:

    If we as a people don’t emphasize black love and black unity white supremacist have it understood that using interracial dating/marriage is a war tactic deployed to exterminate black unity. It’s come to my understanding that there is a overwhelming amount of black women/ white men couples because displaying a form of dominance and superiority in the form of a sexual manifestation has been what tv and media outlets try to propose often. Tv shows like: Scandal which is played by olivia pope and the actor kerry washington plays a sex slave to a white president, How to get away with murder further exploits this, newly weds does this too, bold and the beautiful does this too, private practice, quadrico, greys anatomy among more. These all try to eliminate the black agenda by using tv propoganda in the hopes of eliminating us.

    We have little disney tv shows like princess tiana who is married to a white prince (nasheed) being used as a form of brainwashing. So we need to speak out because there is nothing more important in the black progressive movement than preserving our own race.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Absolutely…I saw through this years ago. No white man can perpetuate US. We have the strongest genes on earth; it’s genetic suicide to marry them. That’s what they want to provoke because currently, white people are at negative birthrate. We can eliminate them.


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  4. Holmes says:
    This sums up Black Women Empowerment (BWE), Kola Boof teaching them well comments from Neecy, from Neecy’Nest who quickly went back and edited the post, when realizing the magnitude of what she was saying not before Google cached it though.

    *looking around* Hmph! Your secret is safe with me!
    ………………..And I do not *NECESSARILY* disagree with Non Black gene hypergamy as long as the woman sets herself and child up for success by being partnered with a man who is going to be a part of the child’s life and support and help raise him/her. Any other scenario FOR ME, is just not good, because even if the child is lighter and whiter looking, it still (more than anything) needs that father figure support in their lives
    Yeah, yeah, no Black Woman can admit this publicly or even privately without receiving some kind of verbal flogging or pearl clutching or pffer for psychological evaluation – but I GETS IT! Here at the NEST we can talk about these things openly without being judged
    But hey, at this point, I say a BW has every right to do whatever SHE personally feels will set her or her children up for success. And frankly, quiet as kept, if certain BW want whiter and lighter kids, I say it’s her own personal choice to do that, and as long as she is a good nurturing mother who made the best choice for a quality husband and father of her child, OH WELL go for it!
    Black women have been through so much that I will be the last to tell another BW that she is “WRONG” for feeling this way. Everyone else on this planet can have preferences and certain traits they like in others, but the minute a Black woman does (that doesn’t fall in line with what Black people expect) then it’s a problem? PSSH!
    But I have NEVER cared if a BW is colorstruck. That is because why shouldn’t BW be?? With all the crap BW have put up with from their race and culture that has placed any and all things far from Black and closest to White on a pedestal, I personally feel BW have the right to do the same damn thing.

    If a BW decides she doesn’t want to have her potential future Black daughters be shunned and treated poorly because she is not light enough, her hair is not straight enough, etc., then I feel she has a right to seek to pro create with men who will give her children that will not suffer with that. And really how can any Black person today chastise a BW for doing this, when the community has done nothing but put down and step on BW who do not look mixed or who are not light?

    So yes, here at the NEST, you have my blessing to deep down seek out men who are going to give you children who will not deal with the nonsense colorism that you or other BW have had to deal with.

    Your secret is safe with me.


  5. Rochelle says:

    This is a great blog. I plan on submitting my comments. Yes the media does promote interracial dating and marriage to black women, they don’t do that for other groups of people. They are always targeting us, no one else. They sure as well don’t target white women, but they look at us under a microscope.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Absolutely. And it’s only intelligent to call them on it–and challenge the motive of it.


    • truthangel07 says:

      And there is a reason for that; the motivation of global white supremacy is to target the one group that threatens its power and impact–US! And do Black people even understand why white people fear us. Not only do they know OUR HISTORY of our ancient ancestors, they know we have the power to kill off their seed. Our DNA is just that powerful.


  6. Layla says:

    One thing I’ve noticed there are a lot of black women who are really weak and frail!
    I am shocked when I hear girls who misunderstand their own. These women are descriminate had unhealthy relationships with white men, have been discriminated against by other whites, the family of their patners not wanted and they continue to constantly seek husbands as white men!
    How is it that the truly black women have lost their pride? Recently I talked to this girl, she told me she does not like her hair and stretch and from what I saw he had problems with the color of his skin! She told me she has been discriminated against by whites but would like has a relationship with white men.These women want to completely destroy its side black and white men marry for mulattoes children! When I see these interracial couples as black men and women with white men and women I see only the bad especially I feel this people changed their attitude completely become white and discriminate against their own race! For the simple fact of destroy the black side they have inside of them!


  7. Ok Twait says:

    Its difficult to find educated people for this topic, but you seem like you know what youre talking about! Thanks


  8. Holmes says:

    BWE Comment of the century: I will breed out and sleep well’

    Posted on Kola Boof ‘s page by a black woman, if a black man said the same they would be hell to pay.

    JaeJae UppityN’HiFalutin Turner

    I know I will be making biracial babies and I know I will not be reproducing blackness. We can not under any circumstances pretend that this is NOT what we are doing. However, I have no tribe and no male collective that is loyal to me therefore, I will breed out and sleep well. I adore all babies and black ones are my favs, but I’ll damned if I birth them into dysfunction. They don’t deserve. It

    16 October at 05:07
    this comment received 15 likes


  9. Holmes says:

    BWE’s LorMarie ain’t got no love for her fellow Black Woman Cecile Kyenge.
    Cecile Kyenye standing up for black people in Italy is messing up the game it may make white Italian lose their ‘black woman fetish’ and LorMarie cannot have that.
    The words of LorMarie:
    Cecile Kyenge: A lesson for black women that want to escape to Europe. ‘………………………….When black women go to Europe , I firmly believe it is in our best interest to respect the culture, traditions etc, in other words assimilation is the way to go at least in public. In the privacy of your own home do as you wish but don’t go to Italy, Belgium, Denmark, etc and start a Black this and a Black that organisation. Don’t give anyone a reason to perceive you as a threat to their way of life………………… advice to black women relocating to Europe definitely go, but please do not rock the boat.We do not need anymore negative perceptions than we already have.’
    Yep scores of black women in Italy acting Italian will not make the Indiegeous Italians feel threaten about the perservation of their genotype and phenotype, white Italian women will just say nothing.

    LorMarie is a black woman who got artificially inseminated with white sperm to have designer biracial, she has written for Beyond Black and White. LorMarie used to post on a white supremacist website. She was called an “honorary” white woman for her opinions on Black men and was congratulated for her racial choice of donor sperm by bloggers at the white supremacist website she used to visit regularly.…-her-baby.html
    ‘Awwww a bundle of babycry and joy! Our Honorary Aryan has found her a guy with a 160 IQ to procreate with and now she’s the proud mother of a little baby girl! We here at Access St. Louis, while urging our own women to find a good man and have lots of babies for the coming new White Nation, would like to congratulate Lormarie on her new family. As Lormarie herself said, it’s better to have 3 million quality blacks than to have 33 million worthless ones. I think Lormarie, from my dealings with her on JCE, belongs to that 1 percent. She’s intelligent, thoughful, calm and collected even when she’s viciously attacked as was the case with Apollonian. She understands what it means to live among our people and I think she appreciates it in a white way, not a black. Above all, she’s honest and isn’t afraid to tell the truth, even if it makes others mad. We here at ASTL prize that highly.

    So, Congratulations, Lormarie. Who knows? You may be the Mother Lucy of a whole new race of Blacks that will build a civilization to the stars!’

    This is a person proudly accepted on many IR and BWE blogs.


  10. Holmes says:

    sorry truthangel07 but you are behind the times, don’t be racist and accept the truth,

    Black Women Empowerment
    Black Women’s Empowerment (c. 2007- ), or BWE for short, is a movement of black female writers and bloggers in North America and Britain that seeks to wake up black women from their narrow, unhappy and dead-end lives of service and loyalty to family, church and the black community and put themselves first for once. They are best known for pushing the idea that marrying white is a more promising road to happiness than marrying black.

    Another way of putting it: Black Women’s Empowerment is a subculture of black women that believe in separating from the black community, which they view as a cesspool of nihilism and death, by intermarrying with white men.

    Another way of putting it: A way for black women to “leave” the black race via a new race she created called “FASUM”. FASUM stands for Females Acting for our Survival United by Melanin. The goal of FASUM is to have black women marry anything but a black man so as to “clean up” the gene pool.

    Black men beat, rape, sodomize. cheat on, disrespect, publicly humiliate, pimp, divorce and abandon black women at a rate unseen in any other race of men! But when it comes to other races of women, well – they know how to behave themselves! [insert who’s zooming who] . Just look at the first Presidents of Senegal, Angola, Nigeria and Botswana, C.L.R. James, Cheikh Ante Diop, Richard Wright, James Farmer, W.E.B DuBois, Thurgood Marshall….. At the same time, they use black women as sacrificial mules for their little ‘movements ‘ , using black women’s labour for their own personal advancement, and to gain access to… a better class of woman.

    BWE websites – Evia Moore – Khadija Nassif – Khadija Nassif – Halima Sal-Anderson – Christelyn ‘Beautiful Biracial Children’ Karazin Faith Dow
    Everything said by Kola Boof
    And an overview website:

    BWE blogs/websites jargon: DBR, Rainbeau,NBAB, GATDL and Blackistan

    Damaged Beyond Repair (DBR) Refers to all (and only) black men. The idea is the for whatever reason, black men who are not these women’s kin are troubled misogynists, who are verbally abusive at best and serial rapists [insert white male police link] at worst. This is of course, backed up using confirmation bias ad highly circumstantial statistics.

    Rainbeau – A handsome non-black (but almost always white) man who is interested in an interracial relationship with a black woman. A portmanteau of Rainbow and beau.

    Nothing but a brother (NBAB) – a designation given to black women whose relationships are exclusively with black men, and who enthusiastically . [insert drink cat piss that date a white man] The BWE ‘movement’ sees these women as a threat to their cause, as they put out the message that black women wish to have nothing to do with white, meaning , non-black men.

    Guardian of all Things Dark and Lovely (GATDL) – A person or organization that refutes the stereotypes about blacks through empirical, statistical or rational arguments, while at the same time taking pride in their blackness. The phrase is of course, used sarcastically.

    Blackistan – a region where black people are numerous the aim of BWE is to remove oneself to suburbs with a white male and biracial kids in tow.

    Initally the movement was headed by Evia Sharon Moore, Khadija Nassif and Faith Dow however a latecomer came along Christelyn ‘Beautiful Biracial Children’ Karazin stole they work and tried to present herself as spokesperson for BWE the other three got mad!! and ran her out CW owner of BlackWomenDeserveBetter BROKE RANK and married a black man though she still has her website up in order to publish her book, oh yes the BWE ladies all have books mostly self published save for Christelyn ‘Beautiful Biracial Children’ Karazin who got a major publisher Simon and Schluster to back, to minimal sales I might add.


  11. Brian Odom says:

    It’s promoted because people (unfairly) target black males as the problem. The moment a black man goes elsewhere, he’s accused of “stepping over the sistas” or “not giving the sistas a chance”. He’s then targeted as a “self hater” and “his momma black”.

    Yet, if a black woman does it, then it’s revenge! “If he can do it, so can you!”. It’s seen as a badge of honor or empowerment by the black woman. For whatever reason, if the black man dates interracially, he’s stepping down, but if the black woman does it, she’s dating up.

    Ironically, if you check the stats, there are a greater percentage of single black men, then single black women. In a nutshell, black women are single, because black men AREN’T ASKING for their hand in marriage. She’s single, but so is he. But there is no concern for the high level of singleness for the black male; just concentrate on black women.

    I’m going to let you in on a BIG secret. The biggest promoter of interracial dating? TRAVEL. For whatever reason, there’s a double standard here. If a black man leaves his neighborhood, travels, and falls in love, he’s a traitor. But if the black woman does it, she’s “expanding her horizons”.

    The interracial pairings explode once you take a look at the other side and leave home, especially when traveling abroad. They promote and push this agenda.

    I watch a lot of youtube videos and read a lot of travel blogs. NOT ONE black woman who travels or lives abroad goes with a black man. Not one. They become indoctrinated in the culture, and hence their men too. They may even travel alone, or even with a group of other females. But not a black man.

    But if a black man travels and sees the world, he’s vilified for finding love elsewhere (see documentary on black brothas in Brazil).


    • truthangel07 says:

      My response: Interracial marriage does not make the Black community wealthy or prouder; it exposes how many Black people still desire to be “chosen” by their master/oppressor as an object of desire, simply because they don’t love themselves enough.

      Now that’s something to think about…


  12. Moanika says:

    Some black pawns play the role to destroy black love.Angry DL brothers/sisters,house negro and brainwash ignorance sheep sell their souls for attention and dollar.When black men quit or runaway to get a good life with ww. WW get bore or hardship of black struggle is too much to handleThat’s why you see the DR between BM/WW is the second highest.When the black men return back to his originalspots.Half of the women-ppl is gone.We don’t got or can’t offer protection. Half these women run to the maker/destroyer


    • truthangel07 says:

      What is wrong with Black people is what Malcolm X referred to as the House Negro/Field Negro syndrome. It’s a mental virus/illness that has been taught through generational behavior in many African American people. You saw this in the movie Django.

      What will destroy it? Only the collective force of cultural evolution and intolerance of the people.

      Basically, it’s time to clean house–get rid of this bacteria and restore dignity to the people.


  13. […] Source: Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women… […]


  14. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    It’s very ironic that mainstream media is pushing IRs on Black women, given our painful history. When we push back against it, we’re being called “racist”, or “bigoted”, blind to their own prejudices. They just project their longstanding racism/ethnocentricism onto us, scapegoating us while they believe in their arrogance and lies with ease.


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  15. Sophia Nelson has written an article regarding society’s pushing IRs on Black women:

    “My nieces (the apple of my eye) are the product of a black father (my brother) and a white mother. Sure, my preference in life was always to marry a black man, and to see my brother with a black woman. That is normal. I think all of us if we are honest envision that we will marry someone who is most like us in terms of our culture, faith, values, and life goals. I always cringe when people are not honest that we are all basically raised to stick with our own kind. Particularly black women more than any group on the planet.”

    “Lest I find my own Peter Edelman in the world (he is the white, Jewish husband of legend Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund) who understands my unique journey and responsibility as a black woman in America. They married in the 1960s–at a time when black marriage was illegal in the south. She hailed from Mississippi and he worked for RFK in the Justice Department. They are married still. I believe they are soul-mates, in part because he was/is an active participant in her fight for justice, equality, and liberation for poor children in America. Very rare to find a white man who can marry a sister like that and support her 100%.

    ‘But I must say that I have evolved on this issue in a deeply personal way over the past year, so much so that it surprises even me. I have realized that black men and women need to RETURN to one another, UNDERSTAND one another, and HEAL with one another. It is time for us to LOVE one another and BUILD our families. It is a national tragedy that so many beautiful, kind, loyal, and good black women are being left to live alone and die alone. It is the root cause of so much pain, hardship and brokenness for sisters everywhere. Much of it caused by damaging stereotypes and myths about who black women are.’

    Our ancestors paid such a price for us to get to this point. Our black grandmothers and grandfathers endured hate, cruelty, and hardship so that we could have better for our children. Yet, so many of us confuse integration with assimilation. And that is a problem. Sisters don’t be deceived dating a white man is not the silver bullet cure all for what ails you. They are men still. Fraught with challenges, opinions, and all the normal guy stuff. And if you choose to date or marry one, be forewarned that you will spend a lot of time dealing with hair questions (why don’t you wash it everyday, why don’t you swim, etc.), family questions, cultural issues, why this and why that. You will be asked to “get over” the black stuff–and you will be challenged that your view of the world as a black woman is somehow not reality and that you are “making it up”. Interestingly, you will not have many questions because you have to be black in a white world everyday. YOU GET IT! The challenge is he often WILL NOT!

    Or like Halle Berry found out some will have issues with their kids being called “black” when they are 50% white. Like Halle, I believe in the 1 drop rule–I did not invent that rule–America did–white men did. Just saying.

    My point is this–yes, there are 1.8 million more black women than men. Yes, there are more women than men on the planet. So??? People are still happily dating, marrying and thriving in love. I just am a bit concerned that the purported solution to our problems as black women now is said to be “dating a white boy”. I disagree. Black love is still alive and well. How ironic that black women would turn to white men for love and comfort after our journey began here 400 years ago being raped, dishonored, and owned by white men. I know that no-one wants to go there. But we need to go there sisters. We need to take our definition as “woman” back and heal ourselves so we can love our men, and they can love us in return (yes they need to heal too and they have issues too!). This is far more complicated that we want to deal with.

    The key is do we have the courage to work at it–and realize that we have so much to give one another before we all run off and say I need a white man, white woman, brown man, brown woman, red one, yellow one, whatever. Conquer YOU first and the rest will follow.”

    It’s very ironic that mainstream media is pushing IRs on Black women, given our painful history. When we push back against it, we’re being called “racist”, or “bigoted”, blind to their own prejudices. They just project their longstanding racism/ethnocentricism onto us, scapegoating us while they believe in their arrogance and lies with ease.


    p.s. the article is at:


  16. Brilliant post, Truthangel. Halle’s back in the news again, this time it’s about child support to her former boyfriend. Here’s one Brotha’s take on the situation:



    • truthangel07 says:

      And he’s absolutely right.

      On Halle Berry: I’ve written on this blog that I really think Halle Berry needs deep help. She’s an unhappy woman deep down and every man she’s with will pay a price for that.


  17. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Whenever I think of this concept of black women and white men, most times the only response I can think of is “BARF!!!”

    I don’t think I’ve said it here before but I’ll say it again. White men can never truly love black women, because
    1) White men are not black men
    2) White men can never truly understand a black woman
    3) White men can never truly have a connection with black women, whether on a spiritual, emotional and/or physical level.
    4) White men can never truly uplift a black woman.
    5) White men can never truly empower a black woman, and by extension her community.
    6) A white man cannot teach a black child (mixed or full black) about black consciousness or his/her heritage or how to function as a black man or woman in this society. 9.5/10 times that child would be conditioned to deny who he/she is and structure and conform their thinking around the white man’s paradigm.
    8) To return to my first three points: Because of the White man’s arrogant mindset (incessantly propelled by his white privilege) A black woman will never be considered his equal. To him, there will always be this intrinsic Master-Slave relationship between the two of them. He will always see hi.self as her Lord and savior, her white knight in shining armor, her liberator and as such she owes her complete allegiance and fidelity to him so he can use her as he likes to achieve his desire, the complete destruction of the black nation.

    And just to echo hunglikejesus’ point in regards to television shows, yes it is getting out of dodge. Scandal, Haves and the Have-not’s, Degrassi, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, How To Get Away With Murder, and the list goes on and on.


  18. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Whenever I think of this concept of black women and white men, most times the only response I can think of is “BARF!!!”

    I don’t think I’ve said it here before but I’ll say it again. White men can never truly love black women, because
    1) White men are not black men
    2) White men can never truly understand a black woman
    3) White men can never truly have a connection with black women, whether on a spiritual, emotional and/or physical level.
    4) White men can never truly uplift a black woman.
    5) White men can never truly empower a black woman, and by extension her community.
    6) A white man cannot teach a black child (mixed or full black) about black consciousness or his/her heritage or how to function as a black man or woman in this society. 9.5/10 times that child would be conditioned to deny who he/she is and structure and conform their thinking around the white man’s paradigm.
    8) To return to my first three points: Because of the White man’s arrogant mindset (incessantly propelled by his white privilege) A black woman will never be con his equal.


  19. I follow a few shows online and this Black woman and white male coupling is getting outta hand. Its every show now has a woman of color with a white man and Black men standing back thinking it’s cool. We are so fucked.


    • truthangel07 says:

      We’re in a race war, Hung. For real. It’s not by accident, it’s all by design to make us hate ourselves.

      But my question is: Why do we allow it.


      • We allow it for that very same reason “self-hate.” I blog over at tumblr and the self-hate there is thick enough to cut and anything Black (dark skinned) barely recognized. And the programming is in full effect. The younger people are on some “we are the world” nonsense. But, i also think there’s an awakening happening as well. That violence that tore us apart is the same violence that is bring us together.


      • truthangel07 says:

        God is trying to get your attention, Hung.

        Black People are the first people of this earth to be civilized–All European culture stole from our inventions, yet, we allowed a group of Neanderthals to define who we are?

        The line is being drawn in the sand.

        Our enemy’s days are numbered and they are trying to destroy the one people who have the power to destroy them.


  20. A says:

    Not trying to correct you at all Truth but I have to pint out one thing. You stated BM & BW don’t get married but that isn’t the whole story. The & 70% of BW being single stat counts women as young as 15 on one end & on the other blacks have a 60% divorce rate, 10% higher than the national average on the other. Marriage is at its core a financial decision and since white supremacy is hell on the earning potential of blacks we tend to get married a few years later on average. These 3 factors leave us with misleading statistics about us supposedly not getting married that those with an agenda like bashing the opposite sex or white supremacists use to try and scapegoat us. Over 90% of people in America regardless of race will have been married at least once by age 40, the tales about BM not loving or marrying BW are myths.

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  21. Great post Angel! Check out this article! I really liked it. I think you’ll find it interesting. This sista really broke it down. Be sure to subscribe to this blog. They have some great articles.

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