Black People Need to Get Back To God!

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Africans worshiped a one-God deity long before Christianity.

As we all know, white slave masters and colonists used Christianity to subjugate Blacks.  It developed into African American culture through much duality: on the one hand, it was used to keep Black people docile and obedient; however, Black people used it for survival and spiritual edification.

Peter Randolph, a slave in Prince George County, Virginia, until he was freed in 1847, described the secret prayer meetings he had attended as a slave. “Not being allowed to hold meetings on the plantation,” he wrote, “the slaves assemble in the swamp, out of reach of the patrols. They have an understanding among themselves as to the time and place. … This is often done by the first one arriving breaking boughs from the trees and bending them in the direction of the selected spot.

“After arriving and greeting one another, men and women sat in groups together. Then there was “preaching … by the brethren, then praying and singing all around until they generally feel quite happy.”

The speaker rises “and talks very slowly, until feeling the spirit, he grows excited, and in a short time there fall to the ground 20 or 30 men and women under its influence.

“The slave forgets all his sufferings,” Randolph summed up, “except to remind others of the trials during the past week, exclaiming, ‘Thank God, I shall not live here always!’ “

God was always the center of everything in the African American community.  I remember so well having my mother do my hair on Saturday evening–then having to put a special hair net or scarf over my hair, in preparation for Sunday School.  On Sunday, the sea of pink, light blue, yellow, lavender and white ribbons adorning the hair of little Black girls, dressed with skilled coordination and love;  white gloves and little tote purses to match cute lace dresses, this was my normal.  They wanted their children to know the Word from an early age–“spare not the rod” was the mantra many Black parents preached, believed, and wouldn’t hate to demonstrate on unruly children.

You don’t see that as much today.

A lot of Black children don’t even get schooled by their parents about God at all.  Images on television are catering to every negative moral choice and being marketed to young people like M &M’s.  The parents should naturally be the moral foundation of their children, but if they aren’t grounded by traditional values, then what happens to the children?

We have got to admit that the condition of our communities is a reflection of the values of the community. And let’s be real, too many of us are not using good judgment and the choices we are making are having devastating impact on or communities.

God is not the problem, he is the solution, people.

Get in his Word and learn the REAL TRUTH!

One comment on “Black People Need to Get Back To God!

  1. Black people really do need to get back to our God and get the hell outta them churches.


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