Sleeping With White People is Not Equality; It’s Just Cheaper Than Paying Reparations…


The truth is a hard pill to swallow, but there are some naive Black people and arrogant white people, who seem to thing that because Black and white people are openly dating, marrying, or just having sex with each other, is some kind of new social statement.  Well, it’s not.  And there’s nothing new about it.  However, some of US actually feel complimented if a white person is attracted to us; exposing a deep subconscious inferiority complex in a few who think that any type of validation from white folks is just wonderful.

Is it?

As a Black woman, I will admit that I have been approached by men of various nationalities and also white men, however, with exception to dating a couple of Puerto Rican guys in my very young years, I’ve securely made my decision to stick with Black men.  I just am more attracted to them overall and I don’t have any fantasies of being with men of other cultures or races at this time.

Also, what leads me not to date white men mainly is the historical relationship they had with Black women, exploiting their bodies for profit and the disparity of equality, always gave them power over the Black family.  The term used during slavery was, miscegenation.  Basically, I can’t love an oppressor.  My rejection of white men has everything to do with protecting not just my body, but also my integrity, in controlling whom I choose to allow to enter into my personal space.

To borrow a quote from an online article I read: “My Black identity is affirmative and willful, and traces, if not big ass messy footprints of my Black identity can be found in just about everything I say and do.”  

Opposites may attract, but there comes a time when you have to be able to relate to the one you’re with.  Black men get me.  They read me like sonar…and in a mate, it’s very important to have understanding of one another’s issues that may be encountered either, socially, personally, or culturally.

Remember the movie, Disappearing Acts starring Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes, well, to borrow the title’s suggestion; I feel that many people in relationships think that being either in ‘lust’ or ‘love’, one can diminish the most obvious part of who they are and just relate to this person they are interested in romantically at the time.  But why would you want to make someone forget the most valuable part of who you are in order to win their favor?  White people have the luxury, albeit, the convenience of White Privilege to just be casual, but an African American who actually follows this prescript is headed for disaster.  Some do this so they won’t make their white partner uncomfortable, having to be confronted with the obvious racial differences in certain settings, but why would they be uncomfortable if they made the choice to accept you for who you are—or is that a wide uncertainty?

Whenever I see Black people in relationships with white people in particular, they always look somewhat uncomfortable, especially when other Black people are around. It’s hilarious at times…the bucking of the eyes, as you approach them walking hand in hand, looking ever so unsure of the reaction you might get from “your people.”  Really…

Sometimes, I just chuckle to myself at the absurdity of it all, but most of the time, I enjoy the fear that rises in these type of couples because perhaps then, they will really, finally face the real truth of why they are intimate with one another.

Oh, come on…SEX.  That’s the whole carrot, baby.  They need to find out if chocolate is really that good and if vanilla can be exciting to the taste buds.  When they get a taste of each other’s pudding, after the climax, then, I guess, they realize that having respect for who you are with–FIRST, is the beginning of a good relationship.

As relates to sex between white and Black people, as the title boldy states: Yes!  You were a pawn in a bigger game that is being played and fell for the okey-doke.  The snowball got what he/she wanted, and got it for cheap. No need to send them a bill to pay you for your great-great-great-great grandma or grandaddy being owned by his/hers now.

The bill is now settled.


28 comments on “Sleeping With White People is Not Equality; It’s Just Cheaper Than Paying Reparations…

  1. Sabrina says:

    Great article. Worth sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Contanst says:

    I didn’t read the post yet, but I do love the title!


  3. I don’t know how I missed this one. I preach this to negroes almost everyday and still they lust after these people. Yeah, you already know how I do so I’ll just stop right here.


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  5. Kitten says:

    I think Holmes is white and hiding their identity…I had to look up Ghettogaggers…that’s some white folk crap…porn term.


    • truthangel07 says:

      They try all kinds of garbage to get on this blog. White people can’t handle it when you tell the truth about who and what they are.

      I just delete their ignorant comments, given that this blog is not a forum for such people to disrespect Black people or me, simply because they hear the real discussion of their behavior as it relates to people in this world.


  6. Holmes says:

    truthangel07 I bet your going to tell me you do not like Ghettogaggers, where’s your free loving spirit.


  7. Tyrone says:

    Other folk are attracted to us, not a mystery. It may cause us to feel some type of way, but, mixing is not beneficial to us. Many among us cheerlead the dilution of blackness, Why,? Sane sistas and brothas are acutely aware of the blessings that come with being sun-kissed. Sadly, some have been brainwashed to think otherwise. As a blackman, i can’t love another tribe of women. Granted, desirability is not just a sista thang. Can and do appreciate other women. I know the backstory of all women, which is the key to understanding. No need to lust another, my black sisters aee all i need and want in life…Bottomline!!!


  8. Very true words my sistah. hence why you are truth angel……

    I believe out community is suffering from a colossal case of Stockholm syndrome but I’d like to tell you a little joke

    now there was this bi-racial black girl in a school full of black and white kids. The white kids made up the majority and they always used to torment the black kids and the bi-racial girl used to join in with them she hated herself so much that she was fully convinced she was white, so anyway there was this white boy that she liked and when she approached him about her feelings he said to her “I could never date a nigger” she was devastated after……..


    • Yep. It happens a lot with some Black and biracial girls living in PWA and attending PWIs. The white guys whom they have crushes with have a history of excluding Black/biracial girls. That is why it’s not healthy for Blacks to live in PWAs.



      • that is so true… whites are soul sucking vampires and living around them will drain you significantly and in regards to your point about Predominantly White Institutions, I will use the private schools as an example. There are some black people for instance who attended these institutions and they often tell about the unreal levels of racism they have to contend with like they would near-constantly be bombarded with ignorant racist questions like “Can you teach me how to twerk?” “Where in Africa are you from?” (this question is especially directed toward dark-skinned people) “Can you do Voodoo?” “Can I lick you? I wanna know if you taste like chocolate” “Do Black People Tan?” “Can I touch your hair?” “Can you braid my hair” “Can you tell me the name of Jay-Z’s new song?” “Did you watch the new Nicki Minaj Video?” and the list goes on and on. especially if you’re African it’s even worse, they make fun of your accent ask you questions about Voodoo or whether you lived in the jungle and they may even go far as to insult your intelligence because they feel, because you are from Africa, that you don’t know anything or you’re completely clueless.. It’s just crazy


    • truthangel07 says:

      Having grown up in a very strong mixed community with predominantly middle-class AA’s; I was blessed. Those people were some of the smartest, articulate, strong, courageous, and organized people one could ever be aquainted with. I never knew there were so many screwed up Black people, honestly, until I started meeting many who came from other parts of country.

      Every Black parent that raises their children in PWN’s better make sure their children understand fully that just because they live in a nice neighborhood, white privilege will not be extended by proxy simply because they are “special Negroes.” And that little girl found that out.


      • Every Black parent that raises their children in PWN’s better make sure their children understand fully that just because they live in a nice neighborhood, white privilege will not be extended by proxy simply because they are “special Negroes.” And that little girl found that out.

        So true and indeed this girl indeed learned a hard lesson if only I could see her face afterwards


      • truthangel07 says:

        But you know what, that’s how it is in real life. There are just some people who life will have to kick in the ass.

        A sad truth…


      • Holmes says:

        excuse me truthangel07 special snowflakes, erm sorry negros do exist go ask Glenda Moore, the woman who lost her two kids during Hurricane Sandy, and Constance Briscoe the Black Judge who is sitting in prison for perverting the course of justice at this very moment, the non-black community gave the fullest of help.


  9. […] Source: Sleeping With White People is Not Equality; It’s Just Cheaper Than Paying Reparations… […]


  10. Moanika says:


  11. Udmaster says:

    When a Black Man makes it rich in Life, the (LOVE SEE NO COLOUR brigade) push white woman to him inorder to stop his money and inheritance from going round in the Black community.
    If Love sees no colour, then ask Prince Harry to marry a Black Woman.
    The Black male artiste using white women in their music video BUT how many times have you seen White male artiste using Black Women in their music video?


    • truthangel07 says:

      “If Love sees no colour, then ask Prince Harry to marry a Black Woman.”

      Welcome to my blog.

      You had me from the word GO with this one…

      Love it!


      • Holmes says:

        truthangel07 you are just totally wrong with your thinking check out this comment from kola boof’s page BWE Comment of the century: I will breed out and sleep well’

        Posted on Kola Boof ‘s page by a black woman, if a black man said the same they would be hell to pay.

        JaeJae UppityN’HiFalutin Turner

        I know I will be making biracial babies and I know I will not be reproducing blackness. We can not under any circumstances pretend that this is NOT what we are doing. However, I have no tribe and no male collective that is loyal to me therefore, I will breed out and sleep well. I adore all babies and black ones are my favs, but I’ll damned if I birth them into dysfunction. They don’t deserve. It

        16 October at 05:07
        this comment received 15 likes


  12. Udmaster says:

    I am a new member of your blog and i love the articles i have read.
    Why exactly is interracial marriage being pushed to the Blacks?
    I am a Black Dude but i can never trust a Black Man marrying a White Woman because they will betray the Black Race in an eyelid just to appease their white patners. PEACE


    • truthangel07 says:

      One of my followers put it bluntly and beautifully some time ago: “White women are nothing more than co-conspirators with racist white males and any brotha that sleeps with one is in bed with a wolf with lipstick!”


      But so true…


  13. truthangel07 says:

    Nice try, BITCH! Changed your name but not your game. I sent your I.P. information to the FBI. There is something seriously wrong with you and I hope you will get the attention you so desperately seek. WHITE TRASH!!! You are still banned! And keep posting like some idiot teenager, obsessed with getting the Queen Bee. I AM THE POWER HERE!!! Not you!!!

    In reference to Ms. CitCat who has now changed her name to HoneyBee. Comment deleted!


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