Do Women With Big Butts Have More Fun?


Chile, when I saw this photo, the first thing I thought about was…how in the hell does a woman get a butt like this without plastic surgery?  Well, if you are Black–this is normal for sisters.  Kim Who?  Jennifer What?  We own the bottom–and in recent years, it’s been marketed from here to China.

Black men out there who see this bottom are going to flip–I know it.  They love to look at chicks like this one.  I don’t know who she is, but her behind has probably launched a thousand ships.

Remember back in the day when Sir-Mix-A-Lot heralded the big butt? Baby Got Back.  And it became an anthem ever since.

The women who have been blessed “down there” seem to get the star treatment–even at Burger King.  They are hollered at, stared at, desired, worshiped, fantasized about, and often imitated, but there are just some things you can’t fake.  Either you  have it or you don’t.

It just brings out the hate and envy of women who aren’t blessed physically.  Almost like nature taking a swipe at your self-esteem because you just weren’t given the right DNA.

What about the women who aren’t blessed to have the plump derriere?  Does she just crawl in a hole and disappear?

I don’t know what this child has been awarded because of her plump bottom, but I just had to ask the question: Do girls with big butts have more fun?


14 comments on “Do Women With Big Butts Have More Fun?

  1. angelsquak70 says:

    Used to be anal sex was looked down on. An they neer even uderstood the sexyness of a big booty. But now white people have said anal sex is now all the rage but give all the credit to white media people…Oh thats okay yall just ignore when black women paved the way!…once again!


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  3. originalwoman13 says:

    I’m not sure whether women with big butts have more fun, I never asked one. Lol. But one thing is for sure white women and others think so and are now trying to get bigger butts claiming em as their own. It’s sooo sickening and annoying! Whites have stolen black history, culture, inventions, etc, etc.I never thought they would stoop so low to try to steal black women’s booties.What’s next? They will be claiming black men and babies as their own….Wait a minute, they already have tried that too. Not to mention they are in the lab trying to figure out how to get more melenated. smdh


    • truthangel07 says:

      They are sick people. I’ve just determined that for myself–and I want nothing to do with them.

      When you observe people’s behavior over a period of time and just keep seeing certain things; it’s only common sense to keep away from anything that appears to be depraved or bizarre in some way.

      White people are all of those things…just look at the things they do each and every single day.

      Actions do tell the truth…don’t they?


      • originalwoman13 says:

        It sure does, but it seems to continue to miss some blacks, excuse me Negros.


      • truthangel07 says:

        There are just a lot of Black people who are sick in the head and don’t realize what has been done to them–nor what they are allowing to be done to them, by a group of people that even Malcolm X branded as “depraved.”


  4. Zuri says:

    This woman is Blacc Chyna. She is a model and she is with/was with a rapper (Tygga???). While black women have been known for their ample derrières, hers is absolutely fake. Google her to find other picture of how misshapen it is and the complications she has had due to silicone injections. Also although many black women have the donks, many of us are “normal butt” women.

    In the black community, having a big ass is paramount leading black women who aren’t so well endowed to seek dangerous back alley butt shots. Look it up, this is reall…Black women are dying to get these butts. So hmmm while the attention many get some of these black women attention…and they may be having some fun…we have to ask at what cost???


    • truthangel07 says:

      It’s not worth it. I’ve had men admire me for various things, even my butt–however, I don’t have one of those derrieres, and I’m not trying to get one.

      I hear vitamin A and magnesium will help build muscle down there–and certain types of exercise that targets that area.

      You know…I have a cousin who does have a natural butt so big; you could put a coffee table on that…



  5. Tyrone says:

    A well-proportioned backside is a masterpiece in and of itself, or, icing on the cake. Whether a woman is pretty, in-between, or ugly…If she has it going on from behind…The Men Will Follow! Sistas are born with apple bottoms, and now other women seek the same. Truth, blackwomen have beautiful breasts as well. Chocolate Melons are just as delicious, i love both equally. Either Way, your beauty is omnipotent and omnipresent!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      *Throwing water* Ok,..ok…calm down. I can kind of tell you were going into some kind of trance.

      I’ve seen this behavior–even online, among brothers who begin to explain their lustful appreciation for the Black woman’s behind.

      Ok, you’re in the club too…



  6. kitten says:

    Not sure about more fun, but more attention…maybe for the wrong reasons… I grew up in an era when only black women had big butts and black men appreciated us for it. Check out Story of Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman. Europeans have always been obsessed with our attributes.


  7. Moanika says:

    A black woman’s booty been worship through the time of sand. People tries their best to tame,steal or own those beautiful asset. People secretly want it and create an illusion to look like us. Look at Sarah Baartman. Look up the relationship of Bustle and Baartman. Now they trying to get butt lift,anal sex and million style to look like us. Our booty was ugly. Now, it’s popular on them. Look at these clown supporting pretenders and copycats and


  8. callmekinky says:

    Im not sure. Everything you stated is true but I am personally petite and men still fawn over me at the most random places. But I definitely believe having bigger “assets” may attract more attention.


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