White Women Love to Holler Rape!


Currently, there’s a story about comedian Bill Cosby committing rape against a 47 year old white woman by the name of Barbara Bowman. She claims he raped her in 1985 when he gave her private acting lessons.


Apparently, Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by 13 women, but no charges has ever been brought against him.

Reading the story, I just became irritated.  First of all, who is she? Why is she coming out after all of these years?  And what is her real intent?  One has to ask these questions when white women are involved, because historically, many Black men have been lynched, based on these type off allegations, whether they be true or false.  White women are poison to Black males.


Look at all of those white women in the photo…

As an African American woman, I have to address this, mainly, because it seems like an easy go-to for many white women who get spurned by Black men. Ask Kobe.  They know that accusing a Black man of rape is the ultimate payback. http://uncpress.unc.edu/browse/page/302

There are many Black men sitting in prison accused of rape by white women.  How many are true?  And what about the Black men today who have been killed because of this type of behavior in white women who get some type of racial high in using rape as the ultimate scheme to threaten Black men who spurn their advances, or, those who are afraid of being caught doing something that will bring them shame, thus, accusing a Black man of rape is a the natural go-to.  But who’s life is being impacted?

This is not a game.  Playing with people’s lives is evil.

And yet, Black men still foolishly think white woman are their allies.

Ms. Burress claims she wants to educate people about the signs of abuse.

And yet, I ponder, WHY NOW?


22 comments on “White Women Love to Holler Rape!

  1. brez goodwin says:

    Nothing has changed for black people in this country. White women scream rape than they pile on added a couple of black women now its real. They also try to beat down other blacks who want to keep there jobs. The white never asked any of these unsoiled white women why were you in the company of a man that is married. Whites did the same thing to Michael Jackson. Black men, leave them alone. When you learn. They want to destroy black people.


  2. Robin says:

    Is this a joke? You know Burress is a black man right?


    • Truthangel07 says:


      Thank you for catching this.

      I didn’t even realize that I had input his name; it should have read “Barbara Bowman.”

      For the record…the rest of the article stands, especially in light of recent news of Bill Cosby and the continued saga of this case.


  3. truthangel07 says:

    Black men chase a myth. And white women are desperate for affection.

    This might be your last post here if you continue in this type of redundancy and bias.

    I won’t tolerate it here.

    Disagree and leave.


  4. sherita says:

    What are all of you going to say about BC if the black women come forward with the same allegation’s . ?????


  5. kingtut says:

    and by the way you got a subscriber 😀


  6. kingtut says:

    I somewhat agree with you Tyrone, but we can’t just let many of our black men and women who have media spotlight to be ripped to shreds by these devils, that would really make us have no voice, white people cheer on and support darren wilson who killed an unarmed black teenager in cold blood, even raised over a million dollars for the little scared ****, and yet when Bill Cosby gets in the spotlight; all us black people are like “oh, we gotta get rid of him, oh he is a disgrace, oh”

    That is not the answer, the answer should be, we must support him against these money hungry whites.

    I spent the last 10 minutes on a fact finding mission and all I seen so far is whites and their side of the story, as a black man born in america, this is causing me to lose faith in my country, we don’t know the evidence if its even real, yet these money hungry hoes, including don lemon with his makeup wearin self hatin *ss is putting down bill cosby and talking with the accuser as if it was fact. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUN68HHA4pw

    People must not forget what happened to Herman Cain, there was no evidence at all except the claims of random ugly *** white women.

    take a look at this gathering of the sheeps :

    What does this say about the way america views black men’s creditability when he is accused by some white person out of nowhere, let alone not a single court case where he has been proven guilty of such accusations? why is the media putting such a spin on this!? whos next?Our President Obama!? where is the black panthers, where is louis farrakhan, where is pan-africanist muammar gaddafi(oh wait he got character assassinated and killed by white politicians who turned his country into a terrorist haven who love to kill black folk from tawergha.)

    sorry for the rant. its hard not to rant. when you see as many injustices as I do. hell ferguson police even claim devil wilson will be a police officer on the job in the streets of ferguson again………*inst-a-heart-att-ack*

    -kingtut(look that up on google and you’ll see on the fourth image white people tryin to make it seem like he was white, explains for all the destroyed noses and black features that were carved off the statues sheesh.

    K I’m done, had to let it out.


    • Tyrone says:

      I feel you, but, brothas keep playing with us. They gotta choose a side. Cosby is supposed to be an iconic figure in our race, and he’s allegedly drugging and raping whitewomen from way back. Man, leave them women the hell alone. Sistas are finer anyway, but, It’s a sexual hangup with these dudes…Makes No Sense!!!


  7. Tyrone says:

    Cosby and others like him have no business jumping in the pit to begin with. We all know the ugly truth. Countless numbers of blackmen were lynched in The South because of them crying rape. Their fathers and brothers raped our foremothers, so, they seek to avenge being ignored during slavery by sleeping with us… Pity Them! I don’t see any benefit for us interacting with them on a personal level. Caucasian women will never be happy, let other men deal with their baggage…Not Us! Cosby and those in his peer group obsessed over them…Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, James Brown, Richard Pryor, Lou Rawls, etc. One of the worst traits about us is stubbornness. No matter how much crap we deal with, keep going back time after time. OJ Simpson is a prime example, and now he rots in a jail cell. Cosby is rich and connected, so, he has no worries. But, what about the blue-collar brotha in the hood who is accused? Again, negros will never learn!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’ll tell you what, Tyrone.

      It’s time for the Black community to clean house. We have to let these people go–and move our race forward.

      The extra baggage is what is holding us down.


      • Tyrone says:

        Sis, i agree with you wholeheartedly. The traitors among us have no love for our people, no sense in trying to keep them in the loop. Cosby and other blackmen in hollywood wanna be honorary whitemen. Well, if that’s what they aspire to, be upfront about it. Don’t come around us saying all the pc jibberish, knowing they could care less. Now all of a sudden, he’s cancelled a few talk-show appearances on David Letterman and Queen Latifah’s shows. His accuser wants money, and white media will see to it that she gets paid. Blackmen in sports and entertainment are too eazy for whitewomen and other non-black women to rob. I have no more respect to give to any of them. We effed up putting them on glass pedestals…Glass Shattering All Over The Place!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        What goes around…comes around, Tyrone.

        Bill Cosby shouldn’t expect any help from US. Many have not forgotten his rant back in 2004 at the NAACP award dinner, in which he lambasted poor Black people for their behavior.

        Now look who’s in the spotlight.



  8. Hey sis, I think you have the names twisted. Hannibal Buress is the comedian who said Bill Cosby is accused of raping some women.

    As for the white women and the rape thing well, I try really hard not to be in a situation where this rape bs would come up. I was taught at a very early age that the most high put Black women here for me so there’s is no need to go else where. And I can never understand how a people with the history that we have here can even get involved sexually with people that have shown they have nothing but hatred for us. I know that doesn’t stop them from calling rape, but we can cut our loses by not even getting in the position.


  9. […] Source: White Women Love to Holler Rape! […]


  10. TruthinGeorgia says:

    Hello – Just wanted to let you know that today is the one year anniversary of our first encounter. You have entertained me with your “take” on things for the entire year and have given me topics to discuss with my diverse group of friends. I do not always agree with you (mostly never) but will always agree that we ALL have the right to an opinion. As I told you with my first post, I just want to prove to you that a black man, married to a white woman can work without him loosing any of his history and pride. I wish you everything good and blessed in this great world – CitCat


  11. A says:

    When feminists say women don’t falsely accuse men of rape I simply point to pre-civil rights movement America where a black man could be strung up from a tree at the mere allegation of sexual impropriety by a white women

    Though I understand the example, I would have to ultimately disagree with the use of Cosby as one. Considering just how many women accused him & how they all have similar stories his seems like a case of where there’s smoke there’s fire. I would also disagree with the thought that BM look at WW as allies. Some of the most outspoken men against the lie of radical feminism are BM & contrary to the consistent media propaganda showing BM with them the vast majority of us are happily with BW. In many cases we’re simply minding our business & its actually them who throw themselves at us, but if you used media as a guide you would believe otherwise.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I know that white women throw themselves at BM. And that’s why I questioned this article, giving historical parallels, to shed some light on the possibility of a malevolent intent.

      And when it comes to entertainers, they’re fair game. Women want them to give them something for nothing…but they find out that there’s a price for their generosity. Hell, it’s easy to holler rape–and most of those women accusing Cosby of rape, WHERE WHITE!!!


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