The Republicans Will Now Control The Senate…Now What?

Just got back from Twitter and posting in my group, Pandora’s Box on facebook, regarding the recent wins of many Republican candidates.  We are officially a red nation.

Last week, everyone was posting on social media to Black people to get out and vote.  Many felt that the Democrats just have not been doing enough to get this country and economy back on track and would suffer during the mid-term elections.  Well, that’s proven to be true.

This win means that not only will the Republicans control the Senate, but will get total control of the Congress.  This is a punishing blow to President Barack Obama.  Obama’s crisis filled tenure as this nation’s first AA POTUS, made him unwelcome by many Democratic candidates–I live in Georgia…and if I hear “Obamacare” one more time, I’m going to scream bloody murder!

What does this mean for Black people?  Many areas where we live are hurting.

Bill O’Reilly got into some hot water recently for making statements to Tavis Smiley on his O’Reilly Factor program:

‘On Thursday’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly got into some hot water with his guest, PBS radio host Tavis Smiley.

On the topic of white Republicans’ relationship with black Americans, O’Reilly said, “I think they’re more intimidated than uncaring. I think they’re afraid… I think they’re afraid of, uh, black people, yeah.”

“Why? Are black folks scary?” responded Smiley, clearly uncomfortable.

“No, no, the white Republican power structure is afraid of black Americans. They don’t know how to treat them; they don’t know how to speak to them… They don’t know anything about the culture, and they don’t want to be called a racist bigot, so they stay away,” O’Reilly said. “That’s just my opinion.”’

‘When Smiley asked why Republicans wouldn’t want to engage more fully with black Americans to understand their points of view, O’Reilly responded bluntly: “Because they feel it’s not worth the trouble, the few votes they might siphon off, to get involved with it. That’s how they feel. I know that for a fact.”’

This is very blunt, but I feel it’s also an uncomfortable truth about the Republicans–they refuse to interact with Black people.

However, Mia Love, daughter of Haitian immigrants, will be the first African American Republican congresswoman to win for the state of Utah.  And  Will Hurd for the state of Texas–another congressman.

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Republicans vow to work more with Obama, but is that an empty promise?



12 comments on “The Republicans Will Now Control The Senate…Now What?

  1. Tyrone says:

    The American People Came To Their Senses!

    Republicans…The Thinkers

    Democrats…The Liars

    Obama should’ve never been elected from the jump…The Ugly Truth! I see him as a Dictator, no respect for this man…Nada! Shame on black people who support the Dixiecrats. Vote for who you please, don’t vote for the donkeys!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Tell us how you really feel Tyrone.

      However, I found this article about how the Republicans did a Bogart on the US Congress and Senate:–224413361.html

      Malcolm X always said that if you see someone continue to get ahead of you; more than likely, they know something you don’t.


      • Tyrone says:

        The worst decision we ever made as Black-Americans was getting in bed with the democrats aka dixiecrats back in the 1960s. Others can say whatever, but, the results on the ground don’t lie. If others have no guilt about voting for the party of the kkk, jim-crow, church bombings, eugenics/abortion, etc. Don’t expect me to feel likewise about supporting the GOP. Some blacks
        wanna use the same bulls**t excuse. “But Ty, all of them were slaveholders blah blah blah.” Yet, are more than willing to support a party that was and still is the greater evil of the two parties. I see the results of their destructive policies every day. Ty is not middle-class, a blue-collar brotha that gets off his ass and earns his money the right way…Sweat! Black folk are caught up in feelings. As if we’re a bunch of children. I’m a conservative because Ty is not voting for the KKK, Socialists, Marxists, Abortionists, Romans/Gays, Islamists, Sadists, and so forth. Hell No they’re not brainwashing me with the jibberish. Nobody tells me what to believe in, other blackmen in this country gotta put up or shut up…Now You Know!


  2. […] Source: The Republicans Will Now Control The Senate…Now What? […]


  3. Black Republicans have a notorious history of being powerless figureheads. No matter how many black faces they put in office, they have no real power to affect any change anymore than Obama does. Remember the white power structure is still in charge and blacks need to remember the republican party does not and will never have their best interest at heart. So yes Republicans are afraid of Black people. And thus whole tangent about They don’t know anything about the culture, and they don’t want to be called a racist bigot, so they stay away,” O’Reilly said. “That’s just my opinion.”’

    The truth is they ARE racist bigots but they difference between them and the Democrat party atleast we know where the Republicans stand we know they are racist so we don’t really need to ask or wonder. As for Mia Love what many people don’t seem to realize is she’s married to a White man and Utah is a predominantly white state so I don’t think she’ll be looking our way anytime soon.

    Ok nuff said


    • truthangel07 says:

      Oh, is she…uh-huh.

      Now that makes it much more clearer.


      • Yes and she is a Mormon. Imagine that, a black woman as a Mormon. And get this, The Mormon pathology is a very racist and white Supremacist one. They teach the erroneous and unsubstantiated doctrine that black skin is a curse and we are the cursed descendants of Cain and that black people can never be part of the priesthood. So you get now why people think she is a Bed Wench and rightly so. Utah is predominantly Mormon and her politics favour them and their “Conservative” ideology. And any smart thinking black person would figure out by now that “Conservative” where American politics is concerned means “White Supremacist”


      • truthangel07 says:

        Oxymoron to say the least. But…she said it. She didn’t get elected because of her race. Whatever. And she won’t be protected by Black people when her ass discovers that being Haitian doesn’t make racists colorblind.

        We’ll see…


    • Tyrone says:

      Your argument is contradictory at best. Our kinfolk are the most loyal of voting blocs. Vote democrat from top to bottom, every election. Are we better off due to this insane example of blind loyalty? What policies does the Congressional Black Caucus support that actually helps us? Basically, black democrats get elected to office to rubberstamp all the crazy ish they support…Abortion, Gay-Marriage, High Taxes, Unions, Criminals. Remember, we’re only 13% of the population. Both parties have blacks in #2 positions. The Figurehead stuff goes on in both parties. Bush nominated Rice and Powell to high posts, Obama chose Holder and now Loretta Lynch. Okay, we got a so-called black president, actually mixed. America put a colored man in charge, so, let’s see if a real blackman or blackwoman get next…We’ll See! Focus on the policies, not emotion—A Clear Mind!


      • Tyrone the post was primarily about the republican party hence why my comment, not to say that the Democrat party doesn’t have their bed wenches, racists and uncle toms, they do but what I’m saying is Republicans can be anti-gay-marriage, anti-abortion, anti-this, anti-that, pro-this, pro-that all they want but the point I’m trying to make is, atleast they’re upfront about the deep seated hatred they have for Blacks, not that that makes it any better, they’re only comfortable when a white man is in charge and us blacks “know our place and stay there” which is playing second fiddle to them and being last class… Democrats do a better job of sugar coating and covering their inherent racism with bright smiles and grand empty promises, and they are another set of snakes I cannot stand either


      • Tyrone says:


        I understand where you’re coming from, but, we can’t get caught up in which party likes us the most. Both parties will never be perfect as to race, Why? It’s about power and influence. We gotta think long-term. Our population being less than what it should be is an obstacle. Right now, black democrats are swing votes. Democrats have no incentive to bring home the bacon so to speak. Thus, we stay in quicksand continually. You’re right about both groups placing us in symbolic positions…I Hear You! Obama is seeking to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants by next week. We get no benefit from this, I don’t hear any black liberals upset about this. And, this is why I can’t and won’t support the donkeys. I could go on and on. This is not a popularity contest, focus on the policies and results. Take emotion and feelings out of the mix. Being free is hard, being a slave is easy. AppreciateTheFeedback! ! !


    • Tyrone says:

      Her laying in bed with a pale one is a personal problem. I don’t support us mixing with those that enslaved us, that goes without saying. Black politicos on both sides of the political spectrum jump ship. It’s an ongoing nuisance in our race, we got a long way to go. Mia Love and I may see eye to eye politically, but, the swirl stuff…No!


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