Stop Being Polite To Racists!


Would you invite a Klu Klux Klan member to your house for coffee?  Frankly, you’d think that many of us do, given our awkward responses to white people who say or do racists things, but some Black people would blow it off, smile, and have the attitude of ambivalence, rather than activism to confront the daily psychic violence many of us have to endure.

Currently, I’m in discussions in several places regarding the current state of media and opinion and honestly, I really do feel that there is a direct assault on our people by racists in various parts of the media.

Remember, global white supremacy is real.  It’s not an apparition.  There really are white people who hate Black people and want to destroy us “By Any Means Necessary.”  The latter words of this sentence were first uttered by the late Malcolm X and have taken on a life of their own over time.  We are under constant scrutiny by our enemy and psychological warfare is being directed at us daily.

My concern is how we respond.

Typically, our parents have raised us not to “raise hell” on the job–it’s your sustenance.  You have to pay the rent, bottom line.  People are going to talk–hurt feelings is not enough to risk being unemployed, forget what people say, and just keep your eyes ion the prize and handle your business.  Hey!  They talked about Jesus Christ too.  Suck it up.  Right?  So, what do many of us do, we smile, when back-handed insults are directed at us.  I’ve seen it up close and personal, even on the job.  I’ll never forget the times when I was asked by a white girl, “Do all Black People Know Each Other?”  And another more recently, dared make a statement that her biracial child, didn’t like dark-skinned Black people.  White Privilege allows white people to be racist, then play dumb, when they willfully know the intent of their behavior.

And yet, we smile.  Then pray for our enemies.  Lifting up their names to Jesus, but forgetting, that even in the Bible, God said, if we follow him, “Or enemies, would become his.”  Don’t many of us love to go to church, that means, the creator is waiting for us, to do what needs to be done.

Hatred was not invented by white men but has been used as a weapon by them more than most groups on this planet.

A while back, some white meme got into a confrontation with someone on the definition of niggard, meaning miserly or stingy.  However, arrogantly dismissing their initial comment: “I’m not racist. I have many black friends. But I hate niggers.”  Then furthering with: “there is a difference between a black person and a nigger. Thugs are niggers.”  Really?  As a the difference between a white intellectual vs a Redneck?

The audacity that some white people have to tell us what to think, how to act or react, yet, completely dismiss their own offensive behavior, is beyond enraging.  Just like why they shoot innocent Black people, then try to justify with: “They felt threatened.”

I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood to be civil these days.  My eyes are wide open and I know what I see.

Damn being friendly to those who hate you–I say, it’s high time for Black people to stop being polite and GET REAL with these people.

Become the Negro they fear; and I promise you, they will back off.



17 comments on “Stop Being Polite To Racists!

  1. Nat Turner's Revenge says:

    Yet we still quote HIS scripture. Conundrum & fail.


  2. Tyrone says:

    Sistas & Brothas…Speak Your Damn Mind! Their reign of terror is in the last days. A special and beloved people we are, We Ain’t Ashamed!!!


    • truthangel07 says:

      So Correct.

      I love the looks on their faces when you let them have it!


      • Tyrone says:

        Better to be respected and disliked by our enemy vs. Loved by them for all the wrong reasons and not respected. Nowadays, the thought police cloak themselves in the banner of post-racialism. Meaning, blacks who don’t worship whites are bigots in their minds. Easy to decode the doublespeak they employ among the moles. I deal with them at work, outside of that…No No No!


      • truthangel07 says:

        I don’t play with white folks–never had. They are afraid of us–therefore, I’m more than willing to become that Negro they fear!


  3. Love the Gretchen Wieners meme 😂
    Some of what you said I remember reading something similar on Gradient Lair…..


  4. J, R. P. says:

    I am a 75yr old black man, and I was raised in a lily white neighborhood and I have seen RACISM come in many shapes and forms, so I know it when I see it. It’s happening to our PRESIDENT, and BLACK AMERICA has not said damn thing.WHYYYYY. Are we blind and deaf, we must be. I wrote a three page letter to the news departments of CNN, MSNBC, THE HUFFINGTON POST, BET and TV ONE to express my concerns about the total disrespect for the president by the congress of the United States. No response, It didn’t surprise me, because it stepped on a lot of black commentators feet, for not making it a news item. Still scared of the white man, The answer is, WE will not stand together long enough to make a change. Yes King Tut you are right. We do not own anything, WE are only consumers, WHYYYY. Every ethnic group of people in this country have one thing in common they stick together, on the other hand WE DON”T. Until we start sustaining ourselves as a people and coming together as a people, BUILDING and OWNING something and changing the way WE think, Until then the WHITE MAN is going to continue to keep his FOOT on OUR NECK and it’s going to stay that way until WE as a PEOPLE make that CHANGE. Check out the JEW one of the most PERSECUTED PEOPLE in the world, and they CONTROL most of the MONEY and POWER in the United States. There is reason they STICK TOGETHER and they are EDUCATED.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Good Morning, Mr. J.R.P. I’m honored for such a senior mind to be reading my blog. I must have said something wise to catch your attention.

      My mother is 75–and still very spunky.

      You both grew up during the sixties and saw racism up close and personal. My family is from Georgia and fear of the white man–even today in this state, is still real. Why? They are cowards for the most part and I thank God my mother raised me in Chicago, IL where I saw firsthand, how having a strong nationalist community and education, is the best offense to white racists. When you look white people in the eyes and tell them what you really think of them–they can’t handle it…and all of that pseudo white supremacy will deflate like a cheap balloon.


  5. kingtut says:

    the best way to hit em is in the pocket, like how we hit paula deen. But in my opinion even thats not good enough. There must be a more organized approach to this, so when we catch someone being racist against us even with the “but I’m not racist” excuse, they never get back up later on and they STAY down.


  6. Very good and I agree.


  7. […] Source: Stop Being Polite To Racists! […]


  8. meng says:

    Amen for fighting racism. It is still alive in all sorts of ways. No doubt about that. I do think we ought to stand up for the vulnerable. To fight for equity. But some of your strategy saddens me.:

    “Become the negro they fear.” You sure about that? Isn’t that a bit reactionary? Also, doesn’t it fuel the negative attitudes at the root of racially charged thinking? Sure, making people feel threatened can have short term results, but is that really going to help? If racism is something you stamp out like a fire, what do you replace it with?

    While the Macolm X approach has its strengths, its fruitfulness, especially in the long term, pale in comparison to the lasting legacy of MLK. I am chinese, not black, but I am tempted still by malcolm, but challenged on a deeper level by MLK. Personally, I think a study of these two and their approaches to the evils of racism can be fruitful.

    Also, why do you think white men 1) are some sort monolithic historical group and 2) have used hatred as a weapon more than most groups? Does it help to adopt such attitudes? Personally, having lived in Africa for some time, I have a hard time clumping black or white people into one box. They are both incredibly diverse. Many black groups are more similar to many white groups than to other black groups. Maybe you are just taking a North Americo-centric approach?

    Please accept my opinions with understanding – they are placed humbly. I am just starting to

    I think a more fruitful biblical idea would be in Galatians 3:

    “There is neither Jew nor gentiles, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ ”

    Gentiles essentially referred to non-Jews, which would include blacks. The idea of human equality is so core to biblical thinking that it’s shocking how easy christian societies have historically looked the other way. That said, modern international human rights as well as fights again racism I am happy to say have been very positively influenced by christianity inspired individuals.

    Altogether, thank you for the post and the feeling. Someone needs to stand up for justice, all the more in the small things, and there is little worse in our society today than racism. It’s the most hate for the least of reasons.


    • meng says:

      And I agree: we should not prioritize politeness when it comes to racism! I do think in small instances it is helpful to push for understanding and effective communication, which sometimes, but does not always look like a raging anger, which can inspire fear and perpetuate negative attitudes (not that the anger is wrong – the racism is. I do believe there are sometimes more fruitful ways to fight it. Anyhow, this all sounds stupid abstract now. my bad.)


    • truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Meng.

      I thank you for your comments, and I read them with interest. You mentioned that you are tempted by Malcolm, but consider the MLK approach more fruitful. Ok, that’s logical, but I counter with: There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. When someone spits on you, that is violent and one would not be expected to be polite about your response. The same applies if someone attacks your family or friend. Righteous indignation is correct and intelligent. Only when violence becomes the response before the offense; that is of course most ignorant.

      Black people have always smiled, and forgiven their enemies for abusing them.

      I’m only challenging the intelligence of that response.

      I’d love your rebuttal…


  9. Hubris says:

    Since the original man was BLACK(THe Tigris Nigra), whites who express those idears,are ignorant of THEIR ORIGINS!


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