Never Trust White People Who Quote Statistics About Black People…


Whenever white people talk about Black people, they love to pull the “Black on Black” crime card, as former Republican mayor, Rudolph Guiliani did a couple of weeks ago on Sunday’s Meet The Press.  Apparently, in his mindset, 93% of Black people kill other Black people, and so it goes, white cops are needed to protect Black people from other Black people.  His comments were in rebuttal to the recent grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown decision.

I just happened to be watching that morning and his arrogance was just galling.  He was tired of hearing minorities complaining about the violence of white police officers, thus, justifying his comments.  What he said more or less was a deflection of the real issues: The lack of diversity on the Ferguson police department.

Here’s a few quips from Giuliani that just made one want to go through the television screen:

“The white police officers won’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” Giuliani said during the heated exchange in which the two men spoke over each other.

“Why don’t you cut down your crime so so many white police officers don’t have to be in black areas?” Giuliani asked. “Ninety-three percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. We are talking about the exception here [in Ferguson]… I would like to see the attention paid to that — that you’re paying to this.”

White Supremacy is a mental illness and needs to be treated very seriously.

Giuliani actually took the attitude and stance of many whites who love to preface their statements with negativity about Black people but somehow, casually justify or dismiss their own behavior throughout society and history.

Yet, Black people are inherently violent, thus, they must use violent force against Black males in particular–just to be safe.

Pure hypocrisy.  White people own the most weapons of any group in this country and are the main ones always talking about gun rights, yet, they want to take them away from Black people?


At this point, I’ve reached a very high intolerance for white people and their casuistry.

Anyone who has taken statistics, knows very well that information can be misused and given then naivete’ of most in the general public, does anyone really understand what these people are even saying when they just spew out ridiculous numbers, as Giuliani did.

And I find it rather facetious of this man to dare to insinuate of the violence of Black people, completely ignoring the reputation of his own Italian community.

There seems to be a secret war being directed at Black people, particularly by the Republican party.

White people have committed the most violent atrocities on people of color around this world, yet, feign responsibility, and have the temerity to justify white cops or white people, being justified in killing Black people because of their innate fear of people of color.

This is lunacy and I’m calling Giuliani and people like him out.

White people are in no position to be the moral judges of anyone on this planet–and God knows that.


18 comments on “Never Trust White People Who Quote Statistics About Black People…

  1. Tyrone says:

    The dirty laundry is beyond funky at this point. 2014 has been hella crazy with respect to violence among us and the cops. At some point, brothas gotta realize that other men are cheerleading our downfall. Caucasian men are deathly afraid of us and obsessed with us simultaneously. When we kill each other or done in by rogue officers…They Win! I want us to think clearly. The so-called black leaders that assume they speak for us need to sit down. How can they defend black criminality and rage about cops that pull the trigger? A lot of goons get themselves killed for doing wrong, they made their bed. Innocent ones who die are the issue, let’s be clear about this.
    Why do so many blackmen hate themselves and their people? This is the fundamental question that perplexes me. Other folk may feel this way or another. It’s 2014, we can’t keep using slavery as a crutch. I don’t wake up everyday thinking evil thoughts and whatnot. Mama and Daddy are not an excuse. We know right from wrong, so, the gun has been turned into a sex-toy for men with issues…Bust A Cap! A man has no control over his own mind and body, he turns into a John trolling for hookers on the street searching for a release. Let’s call it what it is. Common Sense is not too common in this day and time.


    • Jaaylah says:

      I agree with a lot of what you said.I have come to a point in my life where I care not about what whites or other races think of me.Im fully aware that most races especially whites hate or have negative views of blacks.Do I think crime statistics are skewed?Of course, how is every race even Asians more violent than whites.Do I believe they display more black criminals in the media? Of course.The suspect is always a black male between 18-25.Do I believe blacks can do better?Of course we can.
      I would love for us to stop caring about what others think and get back to basics.We need to put our children and communities first.We need to stop terrorizing our own communities.We need to understand that I am my brothers keeper.We have moved away from all that’s real.The rich and poor blacks don’t understand that we need to come back together. I want to see us win.As for white people I’m just at a lost for words. I’ve never seen a group of people that think they are perfect.I live in Cali though and when it comes to blacks here,I don’t know I’m slowly starting to see an awakening.


  2. Jaaylah says:

    I’m really disgusted with a lot of whites.They don’t seem to understand much.They are blaming the two cops killed in New York on De blasio,Obama, and Al Sharpton.They are spewing out crime statistics to prove their points that blacks are violent and deserve to be shot down.They love to point the finger while never admitting their flaws.When I asked well who was responsible for the two white people that ambushed the two white cops in Vegas?The response was the shooter of course.They didn’t blame Bill O’ Reily.They are truly lost and believe they are perfect.It is sad and disturbing.I wI’ll just keep to this site from now on.Im done with the clowning.


    • truthangel07 says:

      The hypocrisy of white people always amazes me. They don’t protest white kids who murder their parents or white men who seek out children to rape, but yet, Black people are supposed to be the poster model of decency in their opinion.

      One thing you learn in life: some people look at the world with a microscope, but only see themselves with rose-colored glasses. WHITE FOLKS in a nutshell.


  3. Tyrone says:

    At this juncture in our history, Why are we concerned about the opinions of others? I could care less about the foolishness in politics and journalism. The numbers are upside down, this is the issue. 13% of the population and 36% of the prison population. We may not like hearing statistics about crime in our community, but, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. A clique of violent blackmen are killing us and rogue cops just add to the body count. Meanwhile, the same black democrats that raise a ruckus about crooked cops, remain silent about police unions who don’t want bad cops booted from the force. Democrats love Unions… I Digress! Those that kill us in cold blood are the reason why police have to be in our faces all the time. Boil The Crabs! Michael Brown was suicide by cop… Eric Garner was killed over loose cigarettes…Bulls**t!


    • truthangel07 says:

      God is airing our dirty laundry, Tyrone. And he’s allowing all the funk to get up under our nostrils until we decide to do something about the smell.

      This is our society in a nutshell.

      It’s time to get off the fence and MAKE CHANGE!


  4. john doe says:

    I thank God white people have the highest suicide rate in the world just in the united states alone almost 30,000 white people commit suicide every single year thank god and I pray this number quadruples I hate white people.


    • truthangel07 says:

      They love to kill themselves and take risks with their lives as well. They are the only people in the world who have to be rescued from wild animal attacks, getting trapped on cliffs, having to be rescued from the desert, etc,. Thrill seeking has a high price.


  5. AMEN Sistah!!!!!!! preach it… we are so not digging the vibe these jive turkey suckas are putting down on our soul brothas and sistahs


  6. […] Never Trust White People Who Quote Statistics About Black People… […]


  7. Carley says:

    Ahaa, its fastidious dialogue regarding this piece of writing here at this blog,
    I have read all that, so at this time me also commenting at this


  8. Kitten says:

    If any of the white shepple were as smart as they think they are…they would know that statistical figures are manipulated for the wanted outcome of the presenter. Statistics 101-first thing the professor said and proved it.


  9. originalwoman13 says:

    You’re absolutely correct! They do want a race war, but I don’t think they have assessed all that could go wrong for them. If they start a race war it will be them vs. black people plus other poc. We’re the main targets, but others ain’t stupid and probably thinking “We’re next on they’re list” and will jump in also to protect themselves from these savages. It will be a CATASTROPHIC HOT MESS.


  10. originalwoman13 says:

    Amen! sis, whites are the most immoral, unethical, ungodly race of people on earth ever but have the nerve to point fingers at what other races supposedly do wrong. It’s just absolutely appalling at how they ignore their own behaviors while trying to preach morals to others and you’re not the only one who is tired of it. The whole world is looking at what happened in Ferguson and are saying that the U.S. cannot talk to foreign nations about human and civil rights when there is civil/human rights issues here. In addition, I’m sooo tired of the black-on-black violence card being pulled whenever anyone talks about the the wrongdoing and evil ways of these people. Its just a derailment tactic to detract attention away from the white race’s horrific history of inhumanity towards people of color. It’s just getting very old.


    • truthangel07 says:

      White people want a war–THEY WILL GET ONE! The attitudes and behaviors of these people border beyond insane. Malcolm X referred to them as depraved.

      This is very much the case.

      Just examine their crimes in this current age and their actions throughout history.

      There is something fundamentally wrong with these people–a spiritual deficit if ever I’ve seen one…

      I’m just calling them out.


    • Kitten says:

      I agree…


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