The Audacity of Bill O’Reilly!!!

You know, I really don’t pay this racist blowhard much attention.  He says things to get attention, not to bring forth information and truth.  His tactics are that of an ignorant drunk in a bar, making comments, just to stir things up.

Bill O’Reilly apparently has no education beyond what he watches on television regarding Black people.  The comments he’s made over the years have literally been laughable. As if, Black people are responsible for holding a higher moral standard than all others in this country.

He never talks about White American’s sick behavior and actions; only Black people.

The last time I checked, Black people didn’t ruin this economy, but have paid a hell of a price in the high unemployment rate among Black people.

Does he talk about that.

His most recent comments have come once again on a segment with Martin Luther King III, in which advised black Americans to wear t-shirts that say “Don’t Get Pregnant At 14” and “Don’t Abandon Your Children” during a segment with Martin Luther King Jr.’s son on Wednesday night.


And I guess the shows that were aired on MTV, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom spin off about white teen pregnancy on cable, showing all of the dysfunction, yet, being treated as though they were just a random Aaron Spelling program, exposes the hypocrisy in White America.  White girls who get pregnant are treated like Marcia Brady, but heaven help is a Black girl gets pregnant; she’s treated like a criminal.

What O’Reilly’s attitude and comments exposed truly, was the inherent bigotry in white people and ignorance they have about our culture.  Apparently, O’Reilly doesn’t do much research, because if he had, he’d have known about recent statistics regarding teen pregnancy among Black teens: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reports that between 1990 and 2009 pregnancy rates have fallen by 51 percent for Black teens in the U.S.

“The decline has been fueled by three factors: more teens are waiting to have sex; they also report fewer sexual partners and better use of contraception,” said Sarah Brown, campaign CEO.

Since its peak in 1990, teen pregnancy has declined 52 percent among 15-17 year-olds and by 36 percent for 18-19 year-olds among all races.

Most adults are not aware of the progress teens are making.

“The credit for this remarkable national success story goes to teens themselves,” said Brown. “Unfortunately, precious few adults are aware of the good news. In fact, nearly half of Americans incorrectly believe the teen pregnancy rate in the U.S has increased over the past two decades.”
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is a private, non-profit organization.

For more information on the report or the NCHS please visit

White folks!

As a response to my opinion of Mr. O’Reilly in general, I have no respect for him.  I’d never call him a journalist, more appropriately, he’s a bitter white man, and a glaring example of someone who just couldn’t cut it with the big boys in the news business, and will never be regarded in the same light as the now retired Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather.

Basically, he’s a wannabe with an attitude!

11 comments on “The Audacity of Bill O’Reilly!!!

  1. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    Bill O’Reilly is an attention seeker who has deep-seated race issues.


  2. Bill O’Reilly is an attention whore who is also racist.


  3. Tyrone says:

    Any social problem that is at hand in this country is magnified in relation to black folk. Bill O’ Reilly is a social conservative, meaning, he focus is on the breakdown of the family, drug use, teen pregnancy, crime and violence, etc. I watch “The Factor” on a regular basis. Before becoming a journalist, he was a middle or senior high teacher in New York City. Context is a necessity when trying to understand men like Bill O’ Reilly. During the 1970s and 1980s, living in NYC was hell on earth…Literally! As a blackman, I have no beef with him challenging us to do better. Most so-called black leaders could care less if the black community is healed. Democrats and their racist policies have damn near destroyed an entire generation of young black males and pigeonholed lost sistas as well…A Tragedy! Truth, white conservative dudes are not the enemy of black people. Obama has caused untold amounts of harm to us here in the US and Africa. Unemployment, illegal-immigration, abortion, radical islam, Obamacare, and so forth. 95% of us vote for the dixiecrats without fail, and we throw stones at the GOP… Why? I speak for myself and believe in my own philosophy, regardless of political ideology. If we don’t get the crabs out of the fam, all of us are up the creek…Real Talk!


    • Jaaylah says:

      Tyrone, I think you’re blaming Obama for way too much.I think everyone thought Obama was supposed to come and save the black community.But as all presidents before him, he was selected not elected .No matter who the president is things will just continue to get worse.No matter if it’s a republican or democrat.Im sorry I just can’t blame Obama for everything like everyone else.The illegals have been here and Clinton started shipping jobs overseas way back in the 1990’s.Obama’s hands aren’t clean but no one’s hands are.I’m glad you think for yourself though.


      • Tyrone says:

        Appreciate the feedback. As you correctly stated, we can’t blame Obama for all the problems. However, conditions have gotten worse since he became POTUS. He’s a classical Marxist/Socialist in every sense of the word. Black folk are dying out here, yet, his primary focus is on everybody else who don’t look like us. Bill O’ Reilly is right to focus on the black community, Why? America is a nation that was built on the blood and sweat of enslaved Africans. White folk know this deep down. If we ain’t right, this country is not gonna be right…Bottomline! Problems that keep us down and out will eventually infect others as well. All of us are not liberals/progressives. I hate what their policies have done to us, but, sistas and brothas have free will. Vote for who you please, but, know what you’re voting for…Simple as That!!!


      • Tyrone said: “All of us are not liberals/progressives. I hate what their policies have done to us, but, sistas and brothas have free will. Vote for who you please, but, know what you’re voting for…Simple as That!!!”

        If you’re a conservative/libertarian, what exactly are you trying to conserve?
        It’s not like black people in USA HAVE anything (in terms of businesses).

        Black people should vote for those who make it easier for black economic emancipation. Racism is an ECONOMIC problem, if you don’t get emancipated in an economic sense, nothing else will matter. You WILL perish.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m surprised by this one, Tyrone.

      Very interesting….


  4. Bill is a sick deranged racist! Everyone should know that by now. But everyone on Fox News is full of crap anyway. They don’t even try to hide their racist beliefs anymore. To HELL with all of them! Nas said it perfectly in his song Sly Fox!


    • Tyrone says:

      Kushite, 95% of African-Americans vote for Democrats election after election without fail. How can we keep this false narrative alive, knowing it’s a lie? This bs has to stop at some point. Come on blackman, you’re too intelligent for this foolishness! Nas and the rest of them in hip-hop dare not call out the Kazars that control and own them. Forcing them to glorify black genocide for profit, while they sit back and count the money. Hell no i’m not going along with the circus. Too much at stake to be lying to ourselves about the real enemies of our people!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • truthangel07 says:

      Kushite, I’m not even moved by so called white racist. I mean really, they say they hate us, yet, they tan, try to look and act like us, and if it were possible, would replace us with themselves. But God had a higher plan.


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