How Do You Honor Doctor King?


Today is Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

I remember the tough fight that it took to get his birthday recognized as a national holiday.

So much has happened in the span of my life….I’m grateful to have been a witness to so much history.

I’ve been visiting a lot of sites today.  Many people are posting messages and quotes of inspiration, which is to be expected, but in the course of everything that has been happening in this country since Obama was elected president; I can only muster up a little motivational advice.

Don’t talk about it–be about it.

Stop looking to our enemy for validation and become the change you want to see.

Dr. King and others paid a hell of a price for our generation.


It’s time to climb that mountain now and go into the promised land.

The best way to celebrate Dr. King’s life is to prove you yourself that YOU ARE THE DREAM!

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