Do You Know The Enemy?

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When people are passive in a war towards their oppressor it’s genocide.”

The first rule of combat: KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

Who is your enemy?  Do you know?

Why are so many Black people confused about who their true enemy is?

Many of us walk around with this naive presumption that if we just appear not to be hostile, white people will like us, but flip that around, white people are not interested in being friends with Black people, they are interested in dominating Black people.

We are their biggest threat, but how are we viewed by the enemy?  Let’s take a look at The Laws of White Supremacy:

The 11 Laws of White Supremacy


  1. Never Let Black People Know What You’re Thinking, even if you must mislead them
  2. Always Try to figure out what they are thinking or planning so you can capitalize on their genius
  3. Always appear to be friendly or humanitarian, never appear to be aware that you belong to, or identify with, the race that rules
  4. Look for Blacks you can use to advance your cause, this is never difficult, as most of them identify with their oppressor
  5. Use religion to gain their confidence, as they are religiously immature people, as historically whenever we embrace their Gods, it opens up an opportunity for exploitation, they tend not to think clearly under the influence of religion and have a natural inclination to care about other people more than themselves
  6. Always remember, no matter what they say or do, to keep your dignity. Never forget that you belong to the white race that rules, but never profess this, as it is the mark of the politically immature white person to let Black people know, that white people are in charge
  7. Never invite them into your home, unless it is absolutely necessary. But always try to gain entry into their living quarters to ascertain if they can be trusted
  8. If you can, during verbal altercations with black leaders, try to provoke emotion or use word trickery to make them look less credible.
  9. Always try to get blacks fighting with each other. Once they start it is difficult to get them to stop. They have a most unique fondness for destroying one another that supersedes all other interests once it gets started.
  10. If you are able to provide some material support to blacks or their organizations, this is certain to triple the awe and reverence they naturally have for whites and you will be able to use them like chess pieces, even against each other, to fulfil the white agenda.
  11. Never reveal the white code to blacks. Without knowledge of this code, they will never see whites as a unified group of exploiters, but will assume that whites are divided by petty differences as they are.

Take it all in.

We’re fighting the wrong strategy!

Many Black folk love to pray for their enemies, but the irony.  Even in the Bible, God gave permission for his people to destroy their enemies.  GET OFF YOUR KNEES and refocus!

These people are planning our demise while you’re keeping your eyes on God, thinking incorrectly, that wars can be one with good will.

It seems to be open season for killing Black men in America right now.

We’ve marched, we’ve stood on podiums and gave speeches, but here’s the kicker: tactics win wars, not ideology.  The Laws of War–Military Science is the art of armed physical combat with your enemy.  If wars are one before they are fought; we must employ the correct strategy to defeat our enemy not only physically, but supremely on all levels.

White people use these tactics against ALL people of color; yet, the reason they continue to dominate the world is that many people of color just don’t understand Military science.

A wise Black person knows that white people are not our friends and don’t get confused by white liberals either.

What is the difference between a white liberal and a racist? Nothing. Both are fighting for dictatorship over Black People.

Wake up, people!

Open your eyes and look at the monster in front of you.

Black people need to stop begging for power–AND TAKE IT! The Bold don’t ask permission–they JUST DO IT!

And that is the only BLACK POWER that makes sense.






19 comments on “Do You Know The Enemy?

  1. Honey Bee says:

    I certainly hope you are not comparing me to someone named Amanda Richter – that is NOT me. I post under Honey Bee – Just wanted you to know – we are not all alike 🙂


  2. Honey Bee says:

    You are the saddest person ever…do you actually know any white people on a personal level? Again, you are wrong and so, so sad.


    • TheAwk says:

      If you are not a racist, this doesn’t concern you. Don’t get it twisted when a black person is trying to make a point to awaken his people. How can you tell she is ‘the saddest person’ just because you don’t agree with the post? Are you trolling? I think you missed what her blog is about…


      • truthangel07 says:

        Awk, apparently some of these people don’t read.

        On the front page of my blog (What Is This blog about?); there is a simple message that says it all: Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it!

        What is this blog about? “It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.”

        It’s very clear…


    • buzz-off bug before I squish you


      • Honey Bee says:

        Ha, ha, ha – you made a “funny” . Just wondering is anyone who comments on this blog has any interaction with white people on a daily level. Yes, just like with any race, there are bad people with bad intentions, but how can you hate an entire race of people and mark them all as evil? It is just so sad to me that she writes this and people actually agree with her…. It is awesome to write and encourage black brotherhood, getting along and making things better, it is the hatred for whites and gays that make her so sad to me.


      • TheAwk says:

        Where does she mention that ALL white are evil!? In a global perspective the white race is evil in trying to dominate the world, given their violence in the past (and present: proxies wars etc.). You’re here trying to twist the point. It’s not about hating ALL white people, it’s about giving knowledge to black people regarding white supremacy. Many black are trying to improve their position in white supremacy (try to associate with white, desperately seeking for white partner and denying anything about blackness). It’s like any change away from blackness is considered progress in this world because white have brainwashed people into believing their supposedly superiority. In reality the white race has committed the worst crimes in history, but tries to convince the world that they are the most civilized race. Posts like this are trying to reverse the effects of white supremacy in the black mind.


      • Honey Bee says:

        Thank you for responding without threats, it is refreshing. However, all you have to do is read her back blogs and she states over and over that all whites are evil, all whites are a form the the devil and all whites are out to cause problems for the African American race. Like I have told her over and over – it is possible to be a proud black man and co-exist and yes, even be married to a white woman and not loose your love, essence and love of the black race – my husband does it every day – there is no more prouder black man on this earth. I appreciate you being so nice in your response and yes, I agree with most of what you said, and anyone who thinks there is no such thing as white priviledge is kidding themselves, I just hate to be hated for the color of my skin, just like everyone else…. thanks again…


      • TheAwk says:

        I have white friends and I’m not against IR dating, I don’t encourage it though. IR dating, creating hybrids won’t solve our problems. History has taught us that all other groups that we have mixed with (Greeks, Persians, Europeans) offsprings turned around and slaughtered us, took our land, history and knowledge and gave it to the conquerors… you cannot be free and love your conquerors. Look at Egypt, you would think that it was never black. Our scholars have to be fighting tooth and nail to resuscitate our culture because it has been white washed and stolen by these said people that black have gladly mixed with. This doesn’t mean all people from a particular race are the same, but the black man who is serious about liberation and freedom goes for the black woman to show example to the youth. The problem is that many of the so ‘highly educated’ black men, black celebrities prefer to date white women. It’s like success rimes with white.

        It’ s not necessarily so that dating/marrying a person of another race proves a lack of racial esteem/pride, but it is still a legitimate question to ask when a black person rush into it. Often times when this question is posed, the typical response that will be given is the aforementioned, “love has no color”. But in reality, only a person who is lying or doesn’t want to acknowledge the truth of racial hierarchy/white supremacy knows that a white woman, specifically a blond (real or fake), is given more social value than a black woman.

        I would argue that in many cases, these black men are with these women precisely because they ARE white and blond! So if it is in fact true that it is the “trophy wife” that he wants to “show off”.

        Mixing has never ever solved racism…it will only create a mulatto class that continues to work in the interest of its white counterparts. History has shown us this over and over again… only black unity can solve racism. Integration is a tool to assimilate and pacify the black soul. This “we are the world” BS is only good for whites as it legitimates their dominance while stroking their conscience for all the atrocities they have committed and still are doing.

        A black person can’t be serious today if you are talking about Black liberation and not seeking a Black mate. Let’s be real here. Nothing is more basic and fundamental. One of the most arrogant things that white people do is call Black people who are trying to uplift their communities racist. And one of the most stupid things that Black people do is believe them and repeat it. It is foolish to allow people who have historically oppressed and exploited you to define your strategies for liberation and empowerment.

        I don’t think all white people are evil. Noam chomsky, Albert Einstein etc. are example of white people who spoke for the causes of black liberation. But as I stated earlier, in a global perspective, white supremacy is evil and soldiers of black knowledge, like the owner of this blog, must speak about it.


      • applause applause applause thunderous applause


      • truthangel07 says:

        This one has been long overdue…


      • truthangel07 says:

        You make good points. Well stated.

        Please see this blog link, and comment to miss Amber Richter: Blacks Married or Dating Whites: DO NOT Represent US!


    • Chrystal Emma says:

      Oh boo boo, look honey if you think for one second that anyone is going to stroke and pet your fragile white ego all because you’re screwing a black guy then you’re delusional. And just because you have a black bedfellow don’t think that that somehow diminishes the reality that your race is the most vile and degenerate to walk the earth. Also, truthangel has stated many times that she will not be pandering to any white person. This site is all about black community and your tired kumbaya malarkey that you and just about every other white stalker like to sprout so much is simply not going to fly here. With that said I will end by quoting brother nidotopianwarrior “buzz off bug”


      • truthangel07 says:

        Thanks, Crystal.

        It’s such a sad reality to think that any Black person affirming themselves (not exalting white supremacy) is looked upon by whites as a threat.

        Of course…we know why, but the comments that I’ve seen from whites trying to infiltrate my blog, expose some type of pathology in white people, that quite frankly, needs to be studied by a team of psychologists.


      • Honey Bee says:

        Why is it that when a black man is married to a white woman – I am “screwing him” or his “bedfellow” – excuse me, I am MARRIED to this man and it means just as much to us as if both of us were black or both were white. You (and many others on this blog) automatically discredit my marriage just because it is IR. If I did that to you, you would have a fit and call me a racist. I am just trying to get everyone to realize (and I have been posting on this blogs for 15 months now) is that IR marriage can work without the person who is African-American loosing a part of themselves and giving themselves over to the white race. They can be proud, speak out, be involved, participate – it only takes two people willing to give and take to make it work – that is all I have ever said. Somehow though, it always comes back to me needing psychological help…..Again, so very sad…….


    • truthangel07 says:

      This is not your stage, bitch!

      I’m THE VIP here, and I’m pushing you off!


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