By Any Means Necessary…

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My mind is working overtime these days.  My eyesight is on the enemy.  I’m watching his every move and he doesn’t even know what I look like.  I smile.  It gives me great pleasure to alarm him.  He who wants to vanquish me and those that look like me, need be very afraid, for we will become invisible, and attack you when you’re not aware.

My Art of War:  1.) The European is my enemy.  2.) We cannot co-exist peacefully with Europeans.  3.) Must have a well thought out plan/vision.  4.) Silence is power-never let them know your plans.  5.) Must have a strategy. 6.) Conceal my intent with humility and dignity.  7.) You must be organized.  8.) You must know your allies and traitors. 9) Camouflage>>>Use intelligence against an arrogant enemy. 10.) Knowledge of Self; know your strengths and weaknesses.

I wish I could take some of you on a journey onto the innermost parts of my soul.  You’d be entertained at times, but also, you’d be changed.  My thoughts are on things that our enemy don’t want us to know; my actions impassioned to learn tactics against my enemy that he will not know how to respond to.

The news has been filled with tragedies.  Community after community, bodies keep turning up.  People were alarmed. They hollered, cried–and RAGED.  “Who did this?  Why?  Why does this keep happening to our people?”  The cries sullen and beyond consolation.

The greatest deception that the white man has over Black people is that “He is god-and their is nothing Black people can do about it.”  What white men have mastered is military science.  It’s strategy that wins wars.  Racism now has become refined–it’s literally invisible.  You take a corporation or individual to court these days accusing them of racism–even when it’s blatant, you have to prove it.  Integration was really about business. It was just a strategy for white folks to capitalize economically off of Black people.  Also the greatest strategy of white racism was that of the illusion of inclusion–make Black people think that white people care about them, then destroy them from within.  We’ve seen this on the job, at school; some of you have experienced it firsthand.  And why?  Because so many Black people want to be validated by the oppressor.  One of the greatest racists ever is the white liberal.  Do you think they are really trying to empower Black people.  Never confuse the white liberal’s fight, with an unconditional equality of the races.  Even the white liberal still considers himself better than you.  They pretend to like you, but god forbid if you move into their gated community.  Deception is the art of war.  You must learn the strategy and tactics of your enemy in order to DESTROY HIM!

Then there’s the subliminal war.  I was on Twitter yesterday, and I saw a tweet from a white man trying to advise Black parents to watch their children.  Implying what?  I thought.  So I tweeted back to him, Why don’t white people try to stop white kids from shooting up schools while on Meth.  His rebuttal tweet to me: “If you are truly African-What tribe are you from? Other US ethnic groups can point to an exact country they come from.”  I haughtily re-tweeted: “Why would you be concerned about what tribe I’m from? When most whites can’t even locate their Euro ancestry, even with GPS.”  I’m still waiting for his response.  He tried to dehuminize me, albeit, trying to “pretend” to care about Black youth.

What arrogance in this man to make a statement like this to someone he doesn’t even know.  The audacity of White Privilege. But I’m not surprised, and frankly, really shouldn’t even get upset, because it just proves what I’ve always said, White people are all racist. We see it every single day, let’s not kid ourselves.

The police are trying to exercise Marshall Law on the Black community.  Case after case, young Black men, and even some Black women, have been killed within the last 2 years.  This is a test run for the government instigating social unrest to justify using military engagement on Black people.  They want to kill us.

And what are we doing?  Praying for our enemies?  Huh?  What?  Praying?  Are you kidding me?

Mass incarceration, economic instability, mis-education, single-parent mothers, add to that, abortion clinics–Planned Parenthood centers are never far away, and Black on Black killings.    These are the 6 things killing our community, and Black people want to pray?  This is how it is for Black people ALL OVER THE WORLD.  And all people want to keep saying is that “racism is not what it used to be–it’s slowly getting better.”  For who?

Obama is not our salvation.  From the looks of it, he’s only a symbol for white people to feel better about not being racist.  He’s a piece of fiction if you look at how we allowed him to ignore our communities, simply because of his insecurity of being perceived as “their (us) president.”  We had to get in the back of the line once again.

Let me tell you something, most of us learned how to fight as kids.  And what was the lesson?  When you allow people to disrespect you, they will obey.  You teach people how to treat you.

It’s high time for the Black community to get its head out of the sand and DEMAND THAT RESPECT without apology.







10 comments on “By Any Means Necessary…

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’m liking what I’m seeing on this blog. This is the kind of thinking we need in our community.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Johnathan.

      I’m just a straight-shooter, tell-it-like-it-is, type.

      People are now waking up, and aren’t tolerating anymore bs.

      I’m glad you’re feeling the blog.

      Hope to hear from you quite a bit…

      It’s cool here.



  2. AMEN SISTAH!!!!!!!! we as a community need to stop playing into white people’s hands, enough with the marching, enough with the protesting and running to social media, what we need to do is hold our peace and plot in secret, make no noise, just keep quiet and put on a public face of humility and then when you’re behind closed doors, you plan and scheme and contrive, that’s how you keep whites on their toes. whenever a tragedy happens to one of our own, don’t react, take notes and bide our time and then when the opportunity presents itself, we return the favour in full


    • truthangel07 says:

      One thing I learned growing up while living in a racially mixed community; white people only go as far as Black people allow them. It’s our fault if they are disrespecting us. In that community, the Blacks there were not like most–they were EMPOWERED–mentally sharp, educated about OUR HISTORY and life, and knew exactly how white folks were–and told them to their face what they thought of them. Many of those whites couldn’t even defend themselves after such confrontations as I witnessed as a child.

      They are afraid of the truth. And that’s how you destroy them.


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