Hidden Colors….The Silver Bullet That Will Kill The Beast!


Purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Colors-Part-Brand-NEW/dp/B00MQI46RW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422821218&sr=8-1&keywords=hidden+colors+1+2+3

A few days ago, someone hooked me onto the DVD Video Series, Hidden Colors.  When I finally got the videos to load up on my computer, I was on Twitter.  As I watched, my GOD!  I was totally entranced.  All of the information and knowledge that was being talked about just blew my mind.  I tweeted and watched.  Tweeted, and watched.  I felt many emotions, but the one emotion that went through my soul was absolute PRIDE.

About an hour later, people started hitting me up on Twitter, completely shocked by the information.

Black people do not realize just how much of their history has been hidden.

There is simply no place on this earth where Africans have not gone.

White scientists keep digging up artifacts; and everywhere they go on this planet, it keeps getting blacker.

What you will learn from this DVD series will not only open up your head; it will and is a lethal weapon against our enemy.  We know know where white people got their knowledge from–they got it from BLACK AFRICANS.  The Moors literally built Europe. Their influence and image is still found throughout that continent.

You’ll learn the hidden knowledge that was kept from our people.

God’s Word is our shield.  We were made in his image.

We were the first man and woman on this earth.   And it is time for us to reclaim our heritage and birthright.


It’s the perfect way to start off Black History Month!

17 comments on “Hidden Colors….The Silver Bullet That Will Kill The Beast!

  1. Honey Bee says:

    Yes, I too, watched all 3 installments of Hidden Colors with my husband last year. We thought it was great and opened up alot of conversation. Many things we knew already and many were eye openers. Thanks for reminding people to get it and watch it.


  2. All three were very educational films. It opened the minds of many black people. Well get ready…part 4 is coming soon!


  3. I must watch for anyone looking for some answers.


  4. nidotopianwarrior says:

    I watched all three last year….. it was Amazing, the most shocking part is that the native Americans were infact black people and that there were blacks here before the slave trade and before the Europeans Arrived


  5. OriginalWoman13 says:

    @ Truthangel07
    I put this series on my wish list. I’m looking to order it ASAP. I sent you an invitation last week to check out my new blog @ originalwoman13.wordpress.com and a email asking you some questions. Did you receive them?


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