Bobbi Kristina…The Signs Were Already There!


You know February 11th will be the 3rd anniversary of Whitney’s death. How strange that this happens at this time–literally, the same manner. I prayed for her this morning. It’s in God’s hands now.

The eeriness of the events in which surround this situation are heartbreaking.

However, like many of you, I pose the same questions: Why in the hell is this child living alone, given her vulnerability?  It’s bad enough to have one parent on drugs, but both, Bobby and Whitney were on drugs.  Steps should have been taken to ensure that proactive measures were implemented to assist Bobbi Kristina.

They knew that this was coming.  I thought Aunt Pat was supposed to be looking out for this child.   She was “supposed” to be looking out for Whitney too.”   This woman only seems to come into the picture after the fact. Bobbi Kristina was 19 when her mother died, but the history of the family made her so vulnerable. She needs to be around family–not left to her own devices. This girl truly was conditioned to be what she is. There were drugs found in the home; and she is using. I usually can be hard on drug/alcohol addicts, but this child doesn’t have a “normal”. Drugs were so constant around her; it’s the only norm she knows. Bobby Brown shouldn’t be made out as the scapegoat, but at the same time, he most certainly is the reason his daughter is like this, and I hold him totally accountable.

From what is being reported now, She has been moved to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, which is the best hospital in the city for neurological conditions.

Friends and I have been talking about this and the only thing most of us can come up with is that this child’s life has been injured for life.  She’s the product of dysfunction.  There is no such thing as innocence, as hers was stolen in having 2 parents who abused drugs.

We can’t judge her.

They named the guy on the local news where I am in Georgia.  His name is Maxwell Byron Lomas and he was recently arrested on drug charges.  He was a friend of Bobbi and Nicks, we can only assume as to why, given his choice of profession.

The latest news is that Tyler Perry has offered his home for Bobbi to recuperate–given she survives this.

Doctors have not been very positive as relates to her general psychical recovery, however, they can only give a prognosis–they’re saying she may not walk or be the same.  Doctors are limited in what they can do, God is not. Bobby Kristina needs to find Jesus–or suffer the consequences. Life is not promised to anyone–and it’s important to make the right choices each and every single day. I don’t know what the outcome will be for this child, but we can only pray that if God delivers her from this; she owes it to him to live better and serve him.

I will continue to pray for her.


8 comments on “Bobbi Kristina…The Signs Were Already There!

  1. OriginalWoman13 says:

    Several people have said this…and the way her body was found; that really spooks people. Almost symbolic, mocking the way Whitney died.

    I have said and thought this from jump myself.


  2. numerology by sirrus says:

    So Tyler offers his house to her….? Her dad can’t do the job? I wouldn’t trust ANY of them with her. I smell sacrifice of energy ready to be stolen.


  3. che says:

    Take a good look at that “female and male friend”


    • truthangel07 says:

      It’s very obvious. I’m not sure what is going to happen at this point. As of yesterday, doctors said there is no more they can do. The family asked for people to pray for her.

      My question is: If the Houston family is in the church and are associated with so many people in gospel and such; shouldn’t prayer be a natural for everyone in the family?

      Whitney was a hypocrite–serving Jesus in church—then going to get high. It’s sad, but so true of many celebrities who think they can do what they want, feeling as though the privilege they live with, extends to disobeying God’s Word and natural laws. It does not.


  4. Amen but just one correction. Whitney died February 11th not 2nd


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