What Am I Going to Say?

17-who-am-i (1)


Listening to Tical by Method man. It was released in 1996.  “I come to bring the pain.”

Sometimes, I listen to music when I write.The beats literally go through my body, acting as drums, when I’m typing, and thinking, feet tapping, head bobbin’, yeah, I’m deep in thought.  Spitting out sentences, my verbs and adjectives, act as bullets, being shot with high powered intellect, with intent to penetrate the brain.

Images in my mind match the rhythms, right now, I envision myself a drum major leading a regiment of cadets, “March!  March!  March!”  With absolute precision, legions of dedicated warriors obey my command, stone-faced, serious, and with purpose.  They have a job to do, and have no fear.

I ain’t no joke.  I’m real, and so motivated to provoke the rage of the THINKERS, cultural antagonists, and verbal instigators, who know how to use words like weapons that provoke creative rage.

The machine is real.  It’s programmed to destroy those that look a certain way.  The mind that programmed that machine is in the head of our enemy, who lives to kill anything good that can come from those whose ancestors once ruled this earth.

Am I talking in code?  Is my riddle too puzzling?  Do the metaphors I choose, and allegories I tell, misconstrue public opinion?  I really don’t care.  I enjoy being the iconoclast.

Yeah, that’s me. Ms. Goody-goody, who’s too cool to care why people don’t like people that look like me, but all too eager to tell them what they can do with it.  I laugh my laugh, each time one of my zingers hits like an unexpected gab in the guts of my enemy.  Love seein’ ’em sqirm, trying to run for cover, screaming, and fearing for their lives.

The bully never has a proper response when the one he violated turns the tables, and thus, unleashes karma, and holy terror on his ass.

Words hurt.  This I know.  And I use mine like a Japanese Katana sword.  I hope they cut deep and the wound becomes infected.  Because I’ll keep swinging that blade with absolute purpose until my enemy gets the message: I WILL NOT BECOME YOUR FRIEND.  YOU WILL NEVER BE MINE!

*Music fades out*


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