Left With No Patience!


War is who your government tells you who your enemy is.  Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.”

That through it all, Black men and women who are conscious, know what is really dividing us.

Black women are not the enemy of Black men.  And Black men are not my enemy!  We were made for each other, and our response to each other should be to act as a bridge, not a barrier.

Within the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking.  Often, I look around my community and pose serious questions as to why things are the way they are in the Black community.  How did we get here? Why do we think this way?  Can we change?  When will it get Better?  So many questions…they provoke serious inspection through acute observation, and finally, one day, the answer comes.  Unexpectedly, but right on time.

The forces in America have our attention divided between so many issues: crime, politics, social issues, gender issues, economic, and spiritual.  What messages can be inspired to get the attention of the masses, one thinks.

I don’t worry about this, I just want to be understood.

Black people are being attacked on all fronts, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence–it’s by design.  There are people in this country who really want to destroy us.   They fear our power–and unity, and this has been where the true battle has been.  So, if you are them, how do you achieve such machination?  What weapons do you use?

Mental enslavement and psychological warfare is being employed on the Black community. The inherent psychological weaknesses are allowing our enemy to infiltrate our community and divide and conquer us through the tactic of the illusion of inclusion.  They want us to believe that “We like you now–we want to sleep with you–you can come to work at our prestigious institutions–we’ll even allow you to play golf–just don’t talk about Black issues…and we’ll accept you.

Now, how dehumanizing is that?

But a lot of Black men and women have fallen  for it.

The allure of being accepted by the superior group has jaded the thinking of some of us and we must “out” these people, and destroy them if need be.

Serious times call for serious measures.  During such times, one can’t be a friend, for your actions are deliberate, and your purpose is very clear: The enemy must be destroyed!

Black people must think seriously about our course of action because I, and many, who are ready to fight, simply cannot settle for walking the fence any longer.

This battle WILL BE FOUGHT!  With…or without you.



8 comments on “Left With No Patience!

  1. There is a war coming indeed… And i am ready to fight


  2. OriginalWoman13 says:

    I’m good. I’ve been working on my next few posts. I was just thinking about Tyrone this morning. He could have been just really busy lately, but I hope to hear from him soon.


  3. OriginalWoman13 says:

    This battle WILL BE FOUGHT! With…or without you.

    My sentiments, exactly!


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