Famous Black Celebrities Who Secretly Hate Being Black…


Link: Link: http://deadline.com/2015/03/univision-host-fired-michelle-obama-apes-rodner-figueroa-1201391648/

The latest…Raven Symone endorsing racist comments by fired Univision personality, Rodner Figueroa, who said that the First lady looked like one of the characters on Planet of The Apes.  The irony?  He claims he’s biracial.  As for Miss Raven Symone, she was recently on the view defending him, shocking the View hosts, including Rosie Perez, who said that she’s Latina, but even she found it racist.  Who would dare refer to the timeless class of First Lady Michelle Obama?

michelle-obama-toast-AFP (1)


Link: http://www.vcpost.com/articles/50716/20150320/raven-symone-defends-rodner-figueroa-for-racist-michelle-obama-comment.htm

What’s been happening?

Have many people noticed the number of Black celebrities that seem to be hell bent on expressing to the world just how unhappy they are in their skins?  Lil’ Kim, Tiger Woods, Niecy Nash, Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.  Even being brazen enough or unfortunate enough to be caught red-handed using bleaching cream.  We’ve all used it to even out our skin or make blackheads to disappear, but to continue to use it, hints at something far darker within a person’s soul.

hqdefault (12)

It’s the price Black people and other minorities have paid from being victimized during colonialism, slavery, and Jim Crow.  And to think of how so many white people literally risk death to have what we have: MELANIN.  It really goes to show just how much ignorance is still being passed down in Black families about skin tone.

All I can say is that it’s a parent’s job to esteem their children. When you hate what stares at you in the mirror; it’s like giving the finger to God–YOUR CREATOR!

My mother always told me that I can do whatever I put my mind too. She’s always encouraged and pushed me to achieve. I’ve never once been ashamed of being born Black, and I don’t have tolerance for Black people who have self-esteem issues. When they make stupid comments to white people or the media; it reflects badly on all of us.

Some of them make me so ashamed, I’d love to have a big conference to not only “out them” to the Black community but to also show them the door–find an island somewhere to take their self-hating asses, then pray for a Tsunami.

Does that sound harsh?

Sorry, but I’m just speaking my mind…and I’m fed up with this weakness.

These days, it seems like everyone is taking pot-shots at Black people, but when Black celebrities “ditto” the ignorance of racists, they are not “for us” they are WITH THEM. And it’s time to call them out!

30 comments on “Famous Black Celebrities Who Secretly Hate Being Black…

  1. I love those people who loves their color no matter what. I am always positive with this things. Please check out this very funny stuff called fake sonogram videos from fakeababy. It is the best gift in the world ever. Also best for gags.


  2. Jaaylah says:

    I think that Raven is just doing this for attention.She is not that dumb.She needs to stop cooning.


  3. Tyrone says:

    We have to view the world of showbizness and sports as they really are…Anti-Black! I went cold turkey a number of years ago. Blackmen in Hollywood were the first to show me and others how racists entertainment really is. The skin bleaching that is going on with Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and other women of color can be traced back to the Old School. Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, Lou Rawls, and a boatload of other so-called brothas created an atmosphere of sheer confusion. Breaking their necks to get in bed with the pale ones, and tossing our beautiful sisters to the side to get back at Whitey. Shame on us for giving them a pass all this time. I limit my intake of media in all forms. Cable News I watch a lot, and a few other channels. Satellites are the AK-47s up in the clouds. Beaming negative images of us all over the map. In Africa, bleaching creams are the rage…Thank You Kanye, Tiger Woods, Tyga, Barry Bonds, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and so forth. Blackwomen love their complexions, any amount of self-hatred comes from external forces and self-loathing blackmen…Bottomline! This crap is sick to me in every aspect.


    • truthangel07 says:

      The Almighty is exposing it all.

      I really do feel that everything that has been happening to us lately is part of a divine construct.

      We are a spiritual people and our creator is talking to us and telling us: YOU ARE THE BEGINNING! And it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to bring back order on this earth.

      I don’t dare put words in God’s mouth, but I do feel he is like an eagle, stirring up the nest, and making us go higher in our consciousness in order to stop white people from destroying this planet.


      • Tyrone says:

        We are “The Chosen” people of this planet. No need for us to run away from the truth. But, we’ve been brainwashed to see blackness as bad. Caucasians wanna lay in the sun to get darker? What excuse do we have? I agree with you Truth, all the craziness that’s going on is not accidental by any means. G.O.D is not gonna allow his beloved flock to suffer forever. The struggle will be hard fought, and many will not survive…Sad Reality! The Race War began thousands of years ago when the Aryans invaded North Africa to plunder it’s resources. They’ve hated themselves from day one. Misery loves company, this we must understand. #TheSunPeople is what we love and defend. I don’t care what part of the globe we hail from, hating the blessings we have been given are crazy to me. Failure is not an option…Surrender is not an option…Bless!


      • truthangel07 says:


        The debt must be paid. And this battle must be fought.

        The white man’s blood is the ransom that must be given in com-pence for his evil.


  4. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    I don’t be on twitter much but I can imagine the blow up because coonin’ is at an all time high,sis. A lot of people are disappointed in the rapper common for making statements I believe it was on John Stewart show about “extending a hand to white folks” and then there’s Kerry Washington who was bashing black people at the GLAAD awards for not condoning homosexuality. I have OFFICIALLY NO FAITH in none of these “black” celebrities. They are getting paid to throw us under the bus.

    I am also now 0 tolerant of self-hating black people. If they want to follow white people to the depths of hell and be destroyed with them, they can go right ahead! It’s NO EXCUSE for much of this destructive behavior; whites are telling us every day in every way how they feel about us and many REFUSE to see it.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I agree with you, OBW. I’ve been doing a lot of studying lately of many things in order to bring deeper topics to my blog.

      Much of what Black people react to is subliminal mind control or metaphysics that alter the mind to believe certain things.

      White people have mind-fucked Black people so much; they have truly manipulated OUR REALITY to mesh with theirs.

      We are spiritual people…and we have to stop being played. It’s just that simple.

      Black celebrities have bought into a system that is essentially designed to extend and cement White Supremacy. They are merely perpetrating and perpetuating your enslavement through semantics of the enemy.

      I posted some videos today by Dr. Phil Valentine that will help you understand what I’m saying…


  5. layla Lewis says:

    Black racism is the saddest ever!
    Black women do those things because white supremacy and antiblackness taught them that their natural features are not good enough, that dark skin is ugly, that natural hair is ugly, which is why most black women do some or all of those things.That you would even describe it as ‘fixing’ their noses is proof of what I’m talking about, unless a person’s nose is broken it doesn’t need to be fixed, and black women having their faces carved up to better fit Eurocentric beauty standards is NOT ‘fixing’ anything, it’s mutilating. Behind these insane behaviors there are hands of whites! Because they push the blacks to make these acts of suicide? For me bleaching our skin and destroying our melanin is an act of mutilation! What has fair skin compared to our? Nothing! White skin is subject of premature aging of muscles, predisposed to skin cancer and is aesthetically ugly! Why the sun refuses to kiss their skin? Because they don’t have melanin! The black leather is beautiful with its wonderful many shade! These ignorant insane blacks don’t know the value of the power of our melanin! This power has allowed our ancestors to survive in Africa and to build ancient and glorious civilization!
    Raven has disappointed me a lot especially in an interview with Oprah where she claimed to not be African American but only American!. As say, I was born in America, not in Africa! This shows her ignorance and refusal to recognize her ancestors! To erase this shame many blacks marry whites!


    • truthangel07 says:

      People are now Googling for some type of answer as to what is wrong with Raven Symone. I, along with you, and others, just don’t get it.

      I wasn’t raised with low self-esteem and can’t relate to those who have it.


  6. Look, we got to turning our backs on coons whenever they demonstrate antiBlackness. My patience is thin and getting thinner by the day.


  7. Edee says:

    What that idiot said about the 1st Lady was a damn shame. What Raven Symone said was too. Both of them knew better. They just didn’t give a shit. I don’t know what Niecy Nash said or did. But I can look at her and tell she’s got some self hate issues going on. A lot of blacks actually believe that talking against other blacks makes them look good in the eyes of white folks. So many of them don’t want to be seen as a bad Negro. So they go along and agree with the racist fuckery and hope they get a pat on the head. They want to hear a white person say – “I knew you were one of the good ones.” We all know that black celebrities have to bend over backwards for their white Hollywood masters. Blacks have zero control in Hollywood. Tyler Perry has his own Studio, but you see how he has to clown to keep it. Oprah has OWN … but look at the black shows she has on there. But when it comes to giving advice and talking with some sense, (Super Soul Sunday) all of those guest are WHITE. It’s sad that in 2015 the Step-n-Fetchit form of entertainment is still going on. SMH. Oh well, …Coons & sell-outs are dead to me! I have no time for their BS.


    • truthangel07 says:

      This issue has exploded all over Black Twitter and is now “trending news.” Even the BBC has picked up on it.

      I’ve talked about it a couple of years ago on this blog….I stay ahead of the news.

      However, now that they have white folks attention, it will be interesting to see how they respond.

      Every Black celebrity should ask this one question: “Just what will be the real cost if I lose the respect of Black People?”

      Ya think?


      • Tyrone says:


        Sis, black celebrities have assumed that we were not paying attention all these years. The cooning is a necessary evil in their eyes…Twisted Logic! So, in order for them to make it they must not date/marry black people and they have to make traitorous comments as well. We have to understand that all of them are sellouts in the beginning. Some have a strong back, and others not so much. It’s all part of the same framework:

        Push Interracial
        Push LGBT Agenda
        Push #New Black Mindset

        Basically, any form of black self-hatred is acceptable to the racist execs in the industry. As a people, we have blame just the same. Making excuses fortheir behavior year after tear. Them hating us and our culture is unacceptable…Period! Loyalty is Everything…Everything!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Black people are waking up.

        The response on Black Twitter a couple of weeks ago, for example, gave notice to Black celebrities that the Black community would no longer tolerate nor support them for their cooning. End of story.

        It made national headlines–don’t tell me that we can’t make a difference if we just stick together and take a stand.


  8. mswanda says:

    It’s not just famous folks. Black America has lost its mind. We always taking up for white racists. I try to tell my child to be proud of her Blackness and I always point out racist things to make here more aware. Like today at the Olive Garden they tried to seat a white couple by us and they asked for another table then they tried to seat a bm and ww by us and they asked to move to another table. I knew why they wanted to move but my child didn’t. She is of the mindset of most blacks and she said I’m racist and mean. I try to tell her about white people but she says not all white people are the same. There are some good ones. I gonna keep trying to teach her the truth and maybe when she gets a little older she will see what I’m talking about. I saw how the teachers at her school tried to say she is a thug because she is black and she was always getting written up for something. Tried to put her in special ed. Said she can’t read at grade level. This child came in second place in a spelling bee competing against other homeschoolers. I have to make her go to bed because she is up reading all night. She is writing novels on wattpad. She just showed me a couple awards that she won for her writing. She just turned 13 today and I am so proud of her. But this is the child that needs to be in special ed.

    Truthangel I have little patience for self hating Negros too. It makes me sick. That’s why I told you before I’m gonna cut my loses. I don’t have many friends and that’s ok. I only deal with conscious blacks. The self haters better get the hell out of my way. I don’t have time to have them around defending white people and sucking my energy. I’m fed up with this weakness too.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Wanda, I know that we have to grit our teeth whenever we are out in public–one never knows what encounters we’ll have, but I do say, your child is what is most important, and I pray that you will conquer everything in your path.

      White people are dying as a race–they are imploding. They are the most suicidal group on the planet and nature has simply had enough. They hate Black people because we are everything they wish they could be–that’s why they have always stolen from our culture.

      All civilization began in Africa and I highly recommend that you read The Destruction of Black Civilizations, by Dr. Chancellor Williams and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Both are powerful reads that will uplift, inspire and educate the mind.



  9. june says:

    Many of these celebrities are uneducated. I dont think they necesarily hate the skin theyre in, these people just happen to be very dumb and money hungry.


  10. nidotopianwarrior says:

    I have officially lost all respect for Raven. I remember on her show That’s So Raven, in the third season, the 10th episode True Colours where she went undercover to expose a clothing store manager for her racist hiring practices, it was a black history month episode. Even with all the satire and comedy, the episode brought to light the reality that Racism is still alive in America. But now I just can’t seem to reconcile that person to the pitiful sellout she is today, it’s like two different people


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