My QUEEN SPIRIT Is Now Awakened!

At times during the day, I have visions of monarchy, of myself, standing boldly, with supreme authority, as I render justice on those who have violated my kingdom.  I show no mercy.  There will be no reprieve.

My people have been abused and violated by a mongrel, genetic mutant, that has somehow, cleverly managed to seduce the world into believing that one, it is human, and two, that it is even more superior than our Creator, God.  This beast dwelled in caves and descended from the Neanderthal man.  He is not Homo-Sapiens, as my people are descended from.  He violates my spirit, and I now must destroy this beast before he does anymore damage to us or the earth.

They dare speak to me.  I never asked for their opinion.  So devious in nature they are, they create reality, imitate what they haven’t constructed or imagined, then have the audacity to claim it as their own invention?

I’m enraged!  My anger and judgement has been stimulated.  I have not pity.

Every move I make is with swift precision, and deliberate intent, to trap this rat, that steals the valuable resources of my kingdom.  I want him badly.  He is not something to be pitied, but to be regarded as a pest, and unwanted thing, that needs to be exterminated.  I am the deliverer of the justice that my people have cried out to God for.  There is no escape for this rodent; it’s life is worth nothing.  I hate it.  There’s a malevolence in it that repels my favor.  I can’t tolerate its existence.  IT MUST GO!

The Laws of the Universe are on our side as a people.  Nature has now declared war on the rodent.  It can no longer be tolerated. For this creature has contravened God and his judgement is now upon it.  Oh, his wrath!  HIS TERRIBLE WRATH upon his enemies.  He mocks their calamity.  He ignores their cries.  HIS JUDGEMENT is terrible!

This beast dared to enslave my people.  He took our culture and language and contaminated the minds of geniuses with his primitive mind, and malevolence.  Its actions were of a bestial race with no true intelligence nor sign of any evidence of the God spirit within.

A separation must be enforced.  We have been unequally yoked.  I am giving the order to remove this smudge from the feet of the people.  For this thing has no business even trying to walk in our shoes.

This beast is evil and must now be destroyed.

The Queen has spoken.


30 comments on “My QUEEN SPIRIT Is Now Awakened!

  1. Tyrone says:

    The Blackwoman is Creation. All that have eyes bear witness. It’s self-evident, impossible to not see the Royal Blood that pulsates thru your veins and arteries. Women represent the best of a people. Our pride and joy is you…Eternally Grateful!


  2. layla Lewis says:

    Nice post! LOLL Sorry, but I laugh because white racist ignorant claim to be the true ancient Egyptians and then insult AFRICA! This is fun! It is their ignorance is amazing! Every time I have always felt this word the “Go back to Africa monkey!”, I laugh because they do not know that Egypt is in Africa!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Ain’t that the pinnacle of stupidity? And yet, they still try to perpetuate the lie of White Supremacy!


      • layla Lewis says:

        Yes they do! The stupid thing that when they insult black people and AFRICA with the word “Go Back to Africa” because they do not realize that the ancient Egyptians lived in Africa not in Europe! They continue to claim that Tutankhamun had European blood ! They are good at claiming something that does not belong them, for this reason I don’t like them for their falsehood! You reclaim something then constantly you insult! They don’t realize how they are ignorants


      • truthangel07 says:

        White people epitomize ignorance. And their arrogance has become their Achilles heel.

        Nature has finally had enough of them and has selected them for extinction.

        Good riddance.


    • Tyrone says:

      Their arrogance is mind-blowing. Still, they try to lay claim to Egypt and the black people that inhabited it’s land. Envy is not a strong enuf word to describe how regressive they really are. Them lying about our history is making us angrier and angrier. But, they assume we don’t notice the contradictions that exist. Sistas, they hate you the most. You’re the mirror they can’t be, and it eats them up inside. Haters gonna hate the rest of their days. Queen is a powerful word!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        I asked this in a blog…but Black women are the only race of women on the planet that even refer to themselves as Queens. I wonder where that comes from.


  3. Tyrone says:

    You never lost your crown…They Stole It! Hundreds of years, they have assaulted your humanity. Been trying to break your spirit…The Lioness Makes Her Own Lane. Their clock is running out, no way in hell this bs should have lasted this long. The Sun People are not gonna be blind forever.


  4. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:



  5. This sentiment you expressed here is a symptom of a sleeping giant beginning to wake up. The anger in Black people is at a boiling point and this summer may be the explosion. I just hope we aren’t falling into a trap of total extermination by a country that sees us as nothing but a problem. But if that be the endgame I’ll go out standing and not marching that’s for damn sure.


  6. Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.


  7. ruthy says:

    The church is one of the biggest things holding Blacks back.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I don’t think that is the case. What is holding many Black people back is the lack of “CORRECT INFORMATION” getting to the community.

      Let us be reminded that the Black church has been the pinnacle of help to our people over time.


  8. folake1979 says:

    Do you notice that every time we make suggestions to fight and destroy the enemy, there are always some people who will tell us to wait, hold our peace, and pray for those who oppress us? Because fighting against the enemy on our own is not the “Christian” thing to do? Therefore we should not seek vengeance against those who have done us wrong?…..this is absolutely crazy. It shows how profoundly brainwashed we have been . Its that time folks. Time to wake up and remove those blinders we have been wearing for so long.


  9. Oh No!! Things are about to get ugly!!! Looks like you’re ready to start chopping some heads off!!


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