*Listening to my girl, Maysa…”Unforgettable…

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The HATERS tried to stop the truth of this blog, but God had another plan, baby.  There aren’t enough trolls to interfere with my flow.

The proud lady is BACK and will be even BLACKER and stronger.


You think I’m going to let this stop me from confronting the enemy and telling him/her to their face what I think of them? And WE ALL SEE WHAT THEY REALLY ARE under that thin, pale, blue-veined skin; thin slits for lips; looking like aliens, no wonder they love movies about beings from another planet; they really don’t belong on this earth and it’s high time to beam their asses up.

I’m not even mad.  Just motivated and geared to bring topics that hit at social issues as well as observations that expose our reality.

Some of you got worried, but let it be known…Truthangel is BACK!!!

I love you all and THANK YOU for your support.

Stay tuned.

As Always,


Re: Please reference the last blog post for updated comments:

15 comments on “Bloggers…I’M BAAACCCKK!

  1. I’m glad you’re back, I could no longer find your site on the search engine! Keep going!


  2. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    Welcome back, sis! I just knew in my heart that you would comeback! HA HA HA TAKE THAT YOU PALE MUTANT HATERS!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      And they tried, girl.

      I swear, I came back after a few days, and the comments were off the chain.

      I’ve allowed some of them so you guys can hand it to them.

      That thread about the white women who have sex with dogs really opened up the garbage can. White folks really are so arrogant; even when it’s in their face; they have to blame US for their deviancy.

      It’s sick!


  3. YouKnowBetter says:

    Did anyone happen to see the picture she posted? No wonder they took her down – practice what you preach honey…..


    • Truthangel07 says:

      That picture was a direct confrontation of the White Goddess myth. I have no regrets and I made my point with it.

      All of the lives of white females have been constructed around a felonious belief of white women being the epitome of femininity, beauty, and desirability. Women of color were always measured by it; however, how does it look now that the bitch that was put on a pedastal, has vaginal, oral, and anal sex with dogs and other animals? I blew that damn myth out of the water–THAT WAS THE POINT!

      Per usual, white people like you, can’t handle the truth of just how pathological your depravity is and your fragmented, mentally sick minds can only see things from your point of view; you don’t understand perception, obviously.

      I practice what I preach alright…bitch!

      Find a church for your sermon.

      We don’t want to hear it!


  4. Chrystal Emma says:

    I heard your blog had been taken down sis, thank God you’re back….. The hypocrisy of white people is off the chain. Over at stormfront they say all manner of shit about black people and does that blog ever get taken down? no it doesn’t…. In the words of my brother Nidotopianwarrior, the truth is to white people what sunlight is to vampires….. keep the faith and fight the good fight


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Chrystal.

      Yes, girl.

      That picture of the dog giving anal sex to that naked white woman shocked the living hell out of their asses.

      White Supremacy is built on a false presumption: We are dominant genetically; white people are recessive. Something recessive can’t create something dominant. When white people came on the scene; half of world history had already been lived. So, who’s premise are they using to even dare assert that Europeans created civilization. It was a lie from the beginning.


  5. folake1979 says:

    Welcome back my sister. Wow, im so glad that you finally made a comeback. I was afraid that we would never hear from you again because the enemy has tried to stop you. Everytime we exercise our right to free speech, especially in terms of race relations and issues, this is what they do. Yet they can say whatever they want and they are not supposed to be held accountable. There is so much hypocrisy out there.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Folake.

      You can wipe the sweat off your brow, baby.

      I was not going to allow WordPress to take my blog away…I would have fought to the bitter end.

      The truth scares the living hell out of white folks.

      The picture of the white woman having anal sex was the issue–not my words. The reaction came from whites who reported my blog. I’ve had this blog for over 2 years without incident.

      Racism and complete denial was the reaction in many of these white folks. They posted links trying to imply that “See. Black people do it to.” It was never stated by me that there aren’t some sick among us; however, what they didn’t over-stand was that bestiality’s origins are European. This stuff is off the chain over there–they have sex houses for people who prefer sex with animals. I’m serious. Also, here in the U.S., this is happening in the suburbs–white women are doing this on the regular.

      If anyone wants to check the rate of how much this is happening, just check with you local police department who arrest people engaged in bestiality–IT’S A CRIME.

      Anyhoot, I will be posting topics and I promise…they will be even BLACKER!


  6. Tyrone says:

    What’s Gooooooooood Sis…Happy To Hear Your Voice Again! They Can’t Hold You Down…Impossible!

    Love & Blessings


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hey, T.


      I’m a regular on BlackTwitter–I even threatened a Twitter war if they tried me.

      They just had issue with the pic of the white woman having anal sex with the dog–it shocked the hell out of these people that a Black person had the audacity to expose just how sick white women, as well as white people are. White men are engaged in this mess too. The white female is just as sick as her white male counterpart and the point of the article was to shoot the image of the White Female Goddess Myth right in the ass.

      The demons howled in many of these white trolls who tried to flame my blog.

      TRUTH won the day!


  7. nidotopianwarrior says:

    I’m literally screaming like a fan girl at a Trey Songz concert, oh m gee, you don’t know how much of a relief it is to have you back sis, I could hug and kiss you right now


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hey, Nido….

      Oh, yes!

      Your girl is back–and as I said: she will be even STRONGER and BLACKER!

      Most def!

      I thank all of you guys for supporting me….love that.

      It humbles me and I feel honored to have your attention.



  8. The Queen is back in full effect! All racists,sell outs,self haters,buffoons and punks better beware! She’s taking no prisoners! 🙂


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hey, Kush-Kush.

      I love you too.

      You know I wasn’t going to let them try to shut me down without a fight.

      Uh-uh, baby.

      It’s gon’ come like a rainstorm, tornado, and hurricane on this site now.

      White folks will try everything to hide their dirt; but I AM EXPOSING every damn thing I find.


      The White Goddess isn’t just walking her dog; she’s walking her boyfriend. And those bastards couldn’t handle that the mother of the white race has anal, vaginal, and oral sex with dogs.


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