Deconstructing The White Goddess: A Presumption of Femininity with No Standards!

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Black Goddess vs White Goddess

From the mind of white men and their presumption of superiority; he had to have a counterpart to compliment his vision, thus, he created a set of rules and guidelines as what should be considered feminine, beautiful, and desirable; and from this fantasy in his mind, the image of the White Goddess was constructed.  But who is she really?

Images impact every human being on this planet.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  From the time we are born, every single image of our memory is based on lived pictures that have been branded into our psyche–they literally shape how we define who we are.

The image of the white woman has been forced onto people of color in America as THE STANDARD OF FEMININE BEAUTY. She is the Euro-centric ideal and no matter how beautiful women of color have been; the white female was the perimeter from where they were judged by white people.

White men paid homage to the image of their women; almost convincing the world that white women were of the divine. And many bought into it.  Including many Black men.  What counter-image could they go to?  Before Black people became more prolific in the media, the images of Black women were limited to house maids–or mammies, pickaninnies, badly dressed, unkempt, and made to be a mockery of womanhood.  There weren’t allowed to be put on a pedestal.  It would contradict the presumption of the White Goddess.  The arrogance of white males was such; even when stories about African queens were made in Hollywood: Queen of Sheba, Nefretari, Cleopatra, et al., white actresses played those roles, imposing a false reality of even ancient people who historians knew were Black.

IDENTITY THEFT of the highest order!

White people created lies about who they were because there was no information to counter it, so, Black people couldn’t kick it back.  The truth?  Who would be proud to come from caves?

However, as serendipity would have it, Black scholars would uncover the lies of many white scholars with the precision of forensic scientists; decoding the real archaeological facts of our African ancestors glory.

The image of the white woman is a concoction of racist white males who needed something to propagate White Supremacy.  She became the perfect distraction need to subjugate all people of color from attaining power through the benefit of knowledge of their own history.  Because of this power over the minds of population though the usage and control of media; white men dictated a form of mental enslavement that distorted facts; and white women enjoyed celebrity status at the expense of the Black woman and the inability of Black men to protect and esteem her.

The Black woman was viewed negatively in every way: she was hyper-sexual, loose, loud, sassy difficult.  She was unfeminine, hard, and inclined to outbursts of vulgarity, mischievousness, and deceitful.

The white woman was pure, soft, gentle, loving, kind, caring, beautiful, regal, above reproach and beyond the reach of colored men for sure.

Very unbalance, yes, but never countered, until…the day I created this blog.  Many who have followed it will note the many articles that are negative about white women.  Yes.  That is correct.  Why?  It is by design.  You see…good people, we are at war.  And when you attack an enemy; you attack and destroy their gods.  The white woman is a false deity and I’ve exposed the depravity within her.  Does anyone dare examine the sickness within the mind of this faux-female?

The blog post of the white woman having anal sex with a dog shocked the hell out of many Caucasoid’s.  I laughed. Although I had to take it down, the point was made.  I exposed The White Goddess as a sick female, devoid of loving herself and a man.  What a shock that the mother of the white race has anal, vaginal, and oral sex with dogs. The depravity within the white female is equal to that of the white male.  Exposing just how pathological the deviancy stems in White people as a whole.

Many white trolls tried to inflame by blog and it was temporarily disabled.  The only thing I can summarize relates to cognitive dissonance.  It is evident in the responses from whites to that particular blog post.  When people are confronted with new information,  it can cause a disruption of everything they consider normal about themselves.  New information can confuse them, particularly those who’ve never been educated about something, thus, their reaction to that information can be hostile. You know, when a racist can’t make a point; they quote statistics.  Forever with the presumption, that being a “dumb Negro” you can’t understand mathematics; and statistics is not based on facts, but is subjective, and can be manipulated to reflect a certain bias.

Now, as a fellow…”dumb Negro” of course, when you begin to hit them with questions like: where did the information come from?  What year?  How many people were studied to get this supposed information?  Why are 30,000 white males killing them sales every year? Why are young white women having sex with dogs; they go silent–deflect from the topic or typically, start with the other course of behavior: name calling, reacting with idiocy in the face of real intelligence or just plain lie, with hopes of deceiving.

Typical shit, right?

They have reptilian brains and are reactive.

Right now, I have a take-no-prisoner attitude.  Any one of them that wants to debate me–I’M READY.

Like a lot of Black folks right now; I have ZERO patience with white folks right, and more than willing to show them their depraved realities when they try to tell us who we are.

Never in my life have I felt so on the defensive.  My culture is under constant attack and scrutiny–what crime did we commit?  Did Black people screw up the economy?  Did we provoke the war in the Middle East?  Or are white people mad because nature screwed them (they can’t produce melanin)?

It’s my revenge and counter to the constant attack on the womanhood, humanity, and natural beauty of Black women.


African Goddess of Wellness

It’s my FUCK YOU to White America and to the white man to look at his bitch now: She’s not only walking her dog; she’s walking her man.  Giving the finger to white males, and contributing even further to the negative birthrate of white people in this country.

This is what happens when you disrespect the FIRST KING and QUEEN of civilization and with that, I am most proud to make you over-stand by any means necessary the consequences when you disrespect God’s creation.

48 comments on “Deconstructing The White Goddess: A Presumption of Femininity with No Standards!

  1. Sabrina says:

    The sucky part about their status is that they benefit the most from affirmative action. They use our movements as of use for them and black women who join this fight for them are doormats to white supremacy. I pondered on this for an hour or so a day or two ago. The next time we get a bill passed that was meant for us, we should put a lock on that stuff and I know for sure that when we do get our reparations, we will have to seriously put a lock on that. It’s been said time and time again Caucasoid women get with rich black men when their status is close to their race of men. Just look at the football players and actors. Caucasians love money more than they love animals. They don’t care about justice until you hit their pockets, caucasoids will find a way to get to that money and honestly the only way to keep Caucasians hands off of it will be to not give it to African-Americans who are with them. their “feminity” will not matter then.

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  2. Blackonyx says:

    Hello sister all praise to u my sister queen u keep doing what u doing I’m in the war with u to return the true queens and kings to our throne and to expose the filthy white rat dogs for who they truly are thieving criminals who should be destroyed I’m all for revolution our beautiful black queens are taking back what belongs to us true beauty why would beautiful queens be jealous of these white crunchy rat blonde hair their hair feels like rat hair boy shape crunchy crusty skin pale like a white rat devil blue eyes no rhythm when they dance thieving whores stealing a black beauty body and style the white pigs are so jealous of us they had to manipulate the masses to believe their so called beauty is the most beautiful and the sick black people brought it now we tear each other down while the white demon whore steady risking their health to look like us but yet black people hate theirselves and the black man is so destroyed he brought this lie ruining his own woman and running to the white dogs who fucks dogs so his black ruin her hair her skin she is angry and depressed and destroyed but every black man is not destroyed their are a lot of black men standing up for their women and rejecting this disgusting demonic whore and evil white male bastard white think u are ugly that’s why during slavery they left it white ugly ass home while they went to the slave quarters to get a taste of the sweet fruit of a chocolate queen black people wake up u are the original chosen people by God and to y’all sick white rats and dumb confused negros who want to defend their oppressor fat fuck u this is war to return us to our throne there is no love in war I want to destroy the enemy sister I salute u and to all the black king and queen warriors I salute u too God bless


    • Truthangel07 says:

      When you disconnect from something that is contaminated; only then, can you begin to heal.

      Many Black people bought into white supremacy and are paying the price for it.

      I never did. And the headlines currently, have already proven my discernment correct.


  3. Mandisi says:

    Im enjoying this blog and I understand why people like Kanye West act a fool and marry white trashes-broke da number one rule, making a whoa a wife- he sees da goddess in them. This guy couldnt even see da fakeness in her ass, what a bloody shame. Wakeup black america cause here in Africa dat homosexuallity and bestiality is a Big No No.


  4. Willis says:

    Truthangel07 is full of hatred and obviously jealous of white women. Good god, can it be any more obvious?

    Truly a coward of the highest order. Black people hate your ignorance and white people laugh at you.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’m not jealous of white women, Willis. I’m just not impressed with trash, hun.

      And I call it as I see it on this blog.

      I speak to Black people every single day, Suga; and I can assure you, none of them insult me or hate me–they THANK me for telling it like it is.

      My life or actions are not inspired by the likes or concerns of a race of people (whites) who are in a collision course with nature; your populations are at negative and that is called; NATURAL SELECTION. Your karma as a race has condemned you to extinction.

      As I will tell you: GET YOUR RACIST ASS OFF OF MY BLOG!


  5. wes says:

    Why the hostility towards white women? You obviously know white men want black women, so why insult white people when you know you have already won?


  6. I’d like you speak to this very important issue of mass killing of blacks and disappearances of blacks in Americas!Because the black community must pay attention to their children and to people who are dear to them!
    I read an article on the internet that these two cases are connected with a plot against black people!Behind these crimes there is the hand of the black market of organs of people of color!
    It is alleged that many black people killed by the police, their organs have disappeared in morgues!The same thing happened with the disappearance of black people, where the police found their bodies in Nevada and other remote areas of America, without organs!
    You will understand that behind this,there is the hand of whites, because some white doctors were indicted for these crimes!The black market is a matter of business is not only in the United States but also in the rest of the Americas!Black Brazilians are also the victims of this plot!
    White people are obsessed with us! This obsession is a psychological illness! They will never admit that they love our bodies!So this love is perverse use our organs! If it were possible for them would have ripped our skin from our bodies!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      And there is a reason for this. It’s true. Our organs are in high demand for some reason. Many Black leaders, such as Dick Gregory, Dr. Umar Johnson, et al., have talked about this. Here is a video that explains some of it:


      • It this is true, I believe in what they say because these things felt even when I was in Brazil!
        The blacks have the highest probability of being killed or being kidnapped! When white people are kidnapped there is the highest probability that are found alive after 30 years, but for black people is not so! According to them the body of blacks have genetic characteristics that other people of other races don’t have! They are fascinated and obsessed with us! They are trying in every way to get rid of us and if this is not called Satanism not know what it is!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I have already declared war on White America! Seriously. I’ll be posting my response to the Charleston Shooting as well.


  7. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    You all are right, look at all the white women who are trying to be black women like Kim K., Iggy Azeala, that fool Rachal Dolozel….MAJOR EPIC FAIL!!!


  8. How perfect is this story right now in light of Bruce “the science project” Jenner and this NAACP clown? We can see what white women have to offer in those two alone.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      White people are nothing. They know it…and we know it. It’s just a more severe case of cultural theft; as they have tried to steal our rich African history; take our artifacts, which exposed to the fullest at the genius that came from Africa.


  9. We as Black Women are beautiful, powerful, and the full strength of a community. White women are a weak and helplessly inferior female. They play the role of the White Goddess well but it is just that. A role. I may be wrong but I thoroughly enjoy any and all confrontations with white women. Because I love to take control and dominate. i am good at intimidating white women. I thrive at showing them their rightful place. A place that is undeserving of a pedestal, but worthy of kneeling at the feet of the true Queen. The ultimate woman is black. Not white. People need to learn that fast and sometimes the only way is to show them directly.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      That knowledge is known to White women which is why they go to such lengths to try and infuse their faux feminine superiority into the imagery of our men–knowing the power of that sexual myth; and it’s hold on weaker-minded men in our culture. White men don’t want white women. Examine European history to get the full understanding there. Who is the greatest target of white male serial killers?

      Their revenge is to get OUR MEN to validate their femininity–at our expense.

      But here’s the kicker; they get plastic surgery to look like us. Because innately, Black men desire the physicality of the Black woman. We are the original woman; from the womb of a Black woman, all life came.

      They can’t compete with that.

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  10. Some white people I have literally grown tired with the use of black husbands, wives, boyfriends, relatives and friends to avoid being charged with “I’m not racist.” This arrogance to take refuge in “people of color” to avoid being labeled “I’m not racist,” they literally have me tired!
    At least be aware of what you are and your true nature! You are racists and depraved! The blacks don’t use your credit card famous “American Express”, for your privileges!
    The truth who is jealous of black women are white women, because white women want to have all that black women have for nature! I see every day of my life the arrogance of their behavior!These caves have put the poison into the hearts of some black women, black women have become racist with each other because of these whores!
    I have notice the white women with mulatto children are disturbed when they see black women on their way, it seems that their presence bothers particularly their guilty conscience!
    Is funny because they think black women are jealous of them,look the irony of history now these trash want to pass as black women, look at the case of this idiot Rachel Dolazel,she got up one morning decided to become a black woman!
    They are claiming that the Ethiopians are Caucasian blacks, just to find a hole in their history of inventing everything!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      There is just a time in nature when something has run its course and nature selects it for extinction. And I honestly do feel that time is up for white people. They are desperate.

      How in the hell are the going to claim African history as a European invention when half of the world’s history had already ended when Neanderthal whites crawled from caves in Europe. The dark ages in Europe was not a dark age for Africa, quite frankly, the continent was going through its 3rd golden period.

      As you, I too am tired of the Caucasoid and it’s just high time to show it the >>>>EXIT!

      Nature is already holding the door.


  11. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Truth, Did you hear about Rachel Dolazel? a white woman who pretended to be black for many years, her parents came forward and exposed her


  12. TheAwk says:

    “Who would be proud to come from caves?” ahahahaha. This line almost killed me ahahah


  13. subse7en says:

    Hey sister, WHO made you REMOVE your blog post about the white women and them having sex with animal’s :(?

    If it’s WordPress, then why don’t you just Pay the HOSTING fee and whatnot so that you can Totally OWN (and control) your blog without being FORCED to remove ANY of your post’s, family?


    After all, with CONTENT that goes as HARD as THIS, it makes NO sense, whatsoever, to have it NOT Hosted on your own hosting server/account…otherwise, the “authorities” can take it down since it IS on Their FREE platform, ya’ know?

    Just looking out, kinfolk ;).


    • Truthangel07 says:

      You know, Subse7en, I’ve been thinking about doing just that.

      Stay tuned…there will be some upcoming changes to the blog.

      I had to take it down because of TOS terms.

      I hear what you’re saying, though…

      Thanks for having my back.


  14. Beautiful post! And so truthful! 🙂


  15. YouKnowBetter says:

    I have been posting for almost 2 years and you curse me, threaten me, call me names, etc. As I have told you before, your blog is open to the public and the space I am typing in right now says “leave a reply” – so I am……I am not white trash, I argue with you and disagree with you because, like you, I too AM educated and I do know what I am talking about. You know a lot of what you post is right on target and totally true. I have always agreed with you about White Privilege. You hate me because I am married to a black man and we are entirely and blissfully happy together and it eats you up. I never curse you, I never call you satan, the devil, evil, etc. I am always calm, state my case and move on. I wish you and yours a beautiful and happy weekend. No need to threaten me, I will stop posting for a while since it bothers you so much….


    • Truthangel07 says:

      “You hate me because I am married to a black man and we are entirely and blissfully happy together and it eats you up.”

      No, sweetie, I don’t like you because you are a racist white woman married to a Black man who has the temerity to come to this blog and dare impose your white privilege as to how you expect a Black woman should respond to you. In a nutshell, no one is giving you the validation you think you deserve because of having white skin. What you are in truth is just another white woman who found it convenient to marry a Black man because white men no longer want you.

      If you were blissfully happy in your marriage to this black man; you sure as hell wouldn’t be trying for 2 years to convince a total stranger of it.

      And THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You’re finally leaving.

      It took you 2 years to finally over-stand that!

      You will not be missed because you never made a point in the first place.

      Good riddance.


    • MsLj says:

      If u don’t like her blog don’t follow it. Why are you trolling her posts anyway? Start your own blog and get over yourself. Why are you so obsessed with black women and what we have to say about you? Let me guess…you are married to black man? Your children are mixed up kids. They aren’t black…WE don’t want them…they are yours sweetheart. Well, whatever your curosities are with black females…understand…keep your mouth shut. THIS BLOG is not meant to appease you. If you don’t like this blog….say goodbye. Like me…Goodbye.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. YouKnowBetter says:

    If I had a dime for every time you mentioned melanin in your blog, I would be one rich white woman. No one else talks about it but you, do you not realize how you sound saying the same thing over and over?? Do you even read what you write before you post it…..Like I have said before, some white woman did you wrong in some manner and you hate all of us. Do you actually know anyone white? (except for people you see in your weekly jaunt to Walmart). Just like you do not want to be judged as a group, we do not want to be judged as a group. Get over yourself……


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Obviously you’re not educated. This is your last post on my blog, you ignorant piece of white trash.

      Get a fucking life and take a journey to the library, a book store, or better yet, talk to your mama and daddy and ask them about White Supremacy.

      I will not allow you to contaminate this blog any further.

      I have your contact information and if you try to post one more time; I promise you, someone will be knocking on your door.


    • MsLj says:

      I absolutely love this post and every other you have. Why should yoh havd to remove it? The KKK still exist. Every other post I read about Michelle Obama posted by a white male/female makes me cringe and pray for her safety. So, you exposed the truth about a trash white female? My response is and has always been that, “We hung in trees for less.”


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Hi, I think you posted to the wrong person, but I thank you for your words.

        It means a lot.

        White people are seriously deranged people and once again; their sick pathological behavior and psychotic tendencies are being exposed to the fullest.

        African Americans are being woken up for a reason.

        This is spiritual warfare and it’s high time to destroy this race of people.


    • Tyrone says:

      Whitemen created this lie to cover their tracks of what was done and still is to Blackwomen. I could care less if you’re black or white, ignorant of history just the same. Our foremothers are the reason why Whitey is living high on the hog in the Americas and in Europe. Raping Africa in terms of her human capital and natural resources. A simple question I asked myself in middle school, Why are whitemen pushing a bold face lie on us? As if, they’ve really cared about Becky anyway. Started to look around the globe at all the women who used to be black, that’s when the lightbulb clicked on in my head. Understand, we know the truth. Lying is just digging a deeper hole for your side. Coward asses, too afraid to attack blackmen. So, instead you take the punk route and s@#t on a race of women that have done nothing to anybody. Simply being born dark-skinned and majestic makes you and others hate her. Caucasian women wanna keep the bs rolling along, consequences for that…So You Know!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Tyrone, when I posted that picture of that dog ass-fucking that naked white bitch; I confronted that lie and smashed to bits the lie of the White Goddess. That’s why all of those craKKKas got angry. Really…trying to shut down my blog? OMG! And even trying to imply that “Black women do it to” posting crazy-ass, probably photo-shopped pics or poses to imply their depravity. It’s very clear where bestiality originated. Google the damn ish if you refuse to read the links I provided.

        I’m sorry, I have absolutely NO GUILT–NO REGRETS–AND will not apologize for what I did.

        They deserved it.

        It was my way of giving Black women back their honor.


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