The Curious Case of Rachel Dolezal: A White Woman Using Deception and Privilege to Steal our Culture!

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Thursday and Friday of last week, this story was all over the internet.

An interesting and peculiar deflection from the last story: The Pool Party shakedown in McKinney, Texas, in which another white officer used excessive force on a young Black teenage girl, drawing his gun on other Black teenagers, and prompting quick response from the media and public of the outrageousness.

Now, we have the case of a white woman, who posed for Black for years, went to predominantly Black Howard University on a full scholarship (Affirmative Action); and taking a position of power, based on the premise of being a “Black Woman” but in truth, was a white woman, acting with the audacity of White Privilege; and not thinking it even mattered.

Rachel Dolezal was unknown until her own parents outed her out as a “race faker” on various news programs.

Like everyone else, I was stumped.  A white woman pretending to be Black?  Really?  Wow…it was bizarre for sure, but what started out being treated as a joke, took more serious analysis, and that is what I’d like to extend intellectually.

First, wouldn’t it be nice to just take off your exterior and pose and you would like in order to “pass” through certain scrutiny that those who have melanin, know all too well. As writer, Darnell L. Moore is a Senior Editor at Mic stated in an article he wrote, “It takes a certain amount of entitlement to claim blackness as an identity category, and even more to move about society falsely representing oneself while gaining access to areas because of the color of one’s skin. That is a privilege black people do not have.”


I totally agree with that.

But oh, of course, you have those who are implying that she must be psychologically disturbed or something to give up White Privilege.  Yeah, I’d say that, if I weren’t intelligent, but what I’m really thinking is that this woman is just yet another arrogant white person who thinks that not only did they invent everything on this planet; but, even being a Black person can be their prerogative; proving yet again, in a strange way, how White Supremacy dictates that race can be used to their advantage with the right scheme.

This truly is a case of playing the cards on both sides of the table.

And here’s the kicker: Rachel Dolezal can pretend to be Black but what does she really know about the Black Experience? Does she know the intimacies Black people share with each other whether by word or through our inner light codes; we can communicate spirit to one another, no matter where we are.  Our higher consciousness is as fine-tuned as a grand piano. We over-stand the subliminal as well as the literal and can break down the rich layers of our universe whether through our speech, dance, thought, or silence. Our energy field can surround the planet. We are the gatekeepers of consciousness. What does she know about that?  What is her experience with our culture? as if Blackness is a coat that can be taken off or put on.  Can she translate our struggle to knit into her own life quilt of knowing what it felt like to see your grandparents still having to work long after retirement because leisure meant poverty to them? Can she remember the screams of a Black mother at a funeral as they casket closed on her Black son?  When was she passed over for a promotion by a lesser qualified white person?

Talk to me, Rachel, dear…

And of course, you will have some Black people who will forgive this child–asking us not to attack her, but have some people ever thought that she may have been used by racist white males to infiltrate a Black organization to attack it from within?  Some may think this is another white person showing love for our culture.  It is not.  What this is really is cultural theft. Just as white historians have tried to claim that the history of Africa is theirs; this is the same thing.  This isn’t about love; it’s white privilege masquerading itself and benefiting from our struggle without sacrifice.


19 comments on “The Curious Case of Rachel Dolezal: A White Woman Using Deception and Privilege to Steal our Culture!

  1. A says:

    This woman is insane and sociopathic, taking a scholarship from an ACTUAL Black student that ACTUALLY needed it.


  2. She doesn’t reserve my “BRAVO!”.White women have always stolen black beauty!They want to be black but they don’t want have black problem!


    • Tyrone says:

      Whitewomen want to be black, but, still want access to white priviledge. Many a black supremacists have fallen for the okey doke. Assuming they will have undying loyalty to black manhood…Not True! Them having a physical attraction to us and liking aspects of black culture is a mirage at best. As to money, power, status, lifestyle…Black Who? They can enjoy this or that element with our people, and still run back to Daddy when they want to…Bull%^&*!


      • White women will never be black women as white men will never be black men!!
        Mulatto children are raised by a white parent will never be black because these kids don’t have black education and they will never be aware of black culture, but the white education one!
        Please the first shit white women teach their mixed kids how to hate blackness!
        Really now white women have become new black mothers?New black women?New black beauty?Really?
        You know why? White people are frustrated with themselves because they do not like how they are, they are free to throw their shit no elsewhere on us, because I’ve had enough of these white women obsessed with black women! Really they are pathetic!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        White people lack cultural grounding. They constantly travel the world looking for something that Black people have innately. We are more spiritual than they are. It’s really very simple: They have a defect in the pineal gland which produces melanin. White skin is a genetic defect. These article explains what white people lack. ,


    • Truthangel07 says:

      That’s a good way of looking at it…


  3. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    Yeah, this isn’t the first time this has happened. *sigh* I just heard today that the Spokane NAACP members are signing a petition against her. That’s right, show her NO MERCY!


  4. Chrystal Emma says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! that vile, sleazy, deceitful, conniving old bitch!!! who knows how many more whites are out there masquerading as blacks..


  5. In the film A Mighty Heart,Angelina Jolie played a biracial woman. Art imitates life right?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Oh, how much so. Let’s set our clocks, Kushite. You know it’s coming. And just what white actress will play Ms. Rachel? Can’t wait for this one.


    • Tyrone says:

      Don’t give them ideas Kushite, Hollywood has been trying to morph Angelina Jolie into a pseudo-blackwoman for a long time. Adopting black children and all, it’s too convenient. Yeah, they’re gonna try to flip this into a sob story about why this country should do away with racial categories and just be American blah blah blah. Basically, the racists in America have switched. Brazil is a case study in how they can be on both sides of this issue. Operate as white-skinned frauds that pretend to be black, yet, keep their boots on the necks of blacks. This is what goes on in latin culture, we need to pay attention. Our enemies are not hiding behind sheets anymore, they’re in bed with us…Literally & Figuratively Speaking!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Ok…there’s a lot of twists and turns coming from this story.

      She’s been estranged from her family for years; perhaps there was a reason.

      However, I can’t give her a pass.

      No matter what her family issues; she lied about who she was and benefited from it.


    • Tyrone says:

      I’m noticing a disturbing pattern developing again…Caucasian women co-opting black beauty and historical contributions. It’s been going on all the while, but, it’s amped up recently. Rachel Dolezal is not alone in her mindset. She went to an HBCU, married an African-American man. etc. She went all in for this scheme. The reality, is that, Caucasian women were lied to by their own men. African women are the standard all women are judged by, the white goddess archetype has been bull@#$% from the jump. Of course, the black anglo-saxons will come to her rescue because they aid and abet her sickness. Thinking they can turn albino women into melinated beings, we know the names. The NAACP is a joke right now, has been for a long time. I think they knew she was a fraud, but, the sellouts saw it as cute. Nobody ever saw a childhood photo from home or school, that’s hard to believe Kushite?


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