White America! Your Jig is Up!


All praises to the most high God. He has been dealing with my soul for a long time.  He gave me the spirit, power, and gift of words to be able to talk to people on an emotional level, all the while, educating, empowering, and enlightening their mind.  I thank him and I’m humble for the creator to have such trust in me to be able to talk to other human beings on this level.

For those of you who are new to my blog; it would be advised to read the opening statements:

Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it!

What is this blog about? It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.”

And I mean every word.

I am not your friendly Negro.  I am not the nice Black lady that always smiles, call you suga or sweetie when I talk to you, and tell you to have a blessed day.  No. I’m that Black chick who walks like a proud lioness, observing her surroundings, alert, agile, and prepared to respond to any and all challenges that I’m confronted with.

The confrontation of today is that of race, racism, and what in the hell are Black people to do now, that we are being given a preview of the plans of White America once Obama leaves office.  He’s not a strong leader–and the Republican left is not going to allow him to be strong.  Some Black people are mad at him because he won’t stand up for us, but really…he can’t fight.  Also, he’s a Black man that is nothing but a pawn in a system run by racist white males; they’re not going to allow him to be the Shaft we want.  He’s a coward.  And I have long since stopped expecting him to show any kind of back bone to our true enemy.  A Black man in a white man’s house; can’t be a master of it!

Why are Black people still preaching unity when what we need is to sever this cord from White America?  Some Black people are praying for this demon, all the while, kneeling to a white-face Jesus on the wall.  Jesus wasn’t European.  Furthermore, white supremacy is one big lie.  Yet, they pray, and cry to God, to save him, and just be nicer to us, and let us drive our BMW’s in peace.

Now that is some weak bulls….(channeling the late Bernie Mac).

This enemy has been trying to find way to kill us since our untimely release from slavery.  Like Pharaoh in the Bible; he decided to kill us if he could no longer control us.  Then came Jim Crow.  He took away our freedom once again.  Denying our people the dignity to live in freedom with any kind of dignity, rights, and wealth building.  If he couldn’t enslave us; he damn sure wouldn’t allow the smart among us to rule over him, and thus, the plot was hatched.

I don’t want to bring up all of that–we all know the story, but what I want to inject is that it is foolish to keep wanting a relationship with a sick race of people not capable of humanity and are descended from caves.

It’s stupid.

Our ancestors built the pyramids, invented mathematics, gave birth to geniuses, that inspired white men who concocted lies about the true authors and builders of civilizations; stealing their identities through conquest; imposing their alleged accomplishments; what has been forged onto the psyche of the world, as European HIStory.

No white man is my savior. And I don’t want a relationship with a low, reptilian-brain, reactive, fragmented thinking, psychologically impaired, Caucasoid.

Your whole story is one big piece of fiction and God is exposing it.  He’d tearing the secret veils, allowing the world to see the true monster that is behind the curtain.

White America!  Your eviction notice has been notarized!  Nature has already served it on your asses!  And Karma is delivering it first class. Your jig is up!

Black America will depose you and take your land!


16 comments on “White America! Your Jig is Up!

  1. True and Europe isn’t even their homes. Every country was connected to Africa. America was actually called Amurica. I think that’s right but like they do all else, They colonize and change names to suit them. Caucasians cannot co-exist with us. Their 5,000 or 6,000 record proves that. They like to go on a killing spree to make sure they control land and maintain power. The rest keeps silent about it and some know what’s going on but refuse to do something about it. They wiped the majority of the Australian indigenous people out who were from Tasmania. They did the same to the black Hawaiians and the 50 million indigenous Americans. Caucasians will have to pay to live, not us. I remember what a black indian woman said in some article. She said, “White people need to get up off our land or pay some rent or taxes.” She was saying that the Indians we see in Hollywood were minorities and were mixed with the blood of Chinese invaders.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      The truth is coming out! Every single day. They can’t run from their past. And God is not going to allow them to escape judgement. I wonder what he’s going to do to them. We’ll just have to wait and see. They’re already at negative birthrate. The process of their elimination has already begun. Yet. They continue in their arrogance.


  2. What I don’t get is how white people got on top from the beginning.


  3. wes says:

    And after you have deposed us, then what?


  4. TheAwk says:

    Applause!!! Applause!!! Applause!!!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      My frequencies are way up. Which would explain my most recent entries on the blog.

      There is a lot that Black people need to understand in order to raise our consciousness; and break free of this racist demon and his evil system of oppression.


  5. RayMore says:

    When the enemy knows that his time is almost up, he will flip the fuck out because he knows that his existence is coming to an end. Have you heard about a white guy who walked into a Charleston church and started shooting up people, right in the middle of service. Can you believe that? The enemy is sick. He can never let go of his hatred of Yahwehs children


  6. Chrystal Emma says:

    Another thing I’d like to add sis, Jesus means Earth Pig in Latin… Sus = pig, swine, hog etc… you can type pig into google translate and see for your self…. It was a name invented by William Tyndall in 1630. Yahshuah ha Messiach is his real name and he was/is an Israelite. OUR people are the Israelites of the bible. Whites are the Edomites, children of Esau…..


  7. I love it!! You’re on a roll sis!


  8. I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I can dig it. I agree 100%.


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